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Game Thread: Reds vs. Pirates (2012.09.10)

Remember when the Pirates thought they were contenders for the NL Central championship? That was so cute. It was a simpler time, wasn’t it?

Anyway, the Reds and Pirates are getting together for their final series in Cincinnati of the 2012 season. Good opportunity to put the final nail in that coffin, I say.

Discuss the game here. Go Redlegs.

409 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds vs. Pirates (2012.09.10)

  1. I’ll take that win all day long. An awesome grind out win for the Reds. Go Reds!! Adios Amigos.

  2. I really wish that Mesoraco drive would have gone out, for his confidence. But this will work too.

    • I really wish that Mesoraco drive would have gone out, for his confidence.But this will work too.

      My thoughts as well. I remember when he was sent down his confidence was cited as an issue by Dusty. I don’t see how a guy can have confidence when he’s sent down to AAA then brought back up and can’t get a start or even a PH opportunity to save his life. Glad he got a hit tonight and hope it’s a precursor to a good September for him.

  3. That’s why this team won’t cough up an 8.5 game, no, make that 9 game lead. Because if it takes 14 innings, this team just doesn’t give it up and say “let’s get them tomorrow.”

    Nail. Coffin. Just as Chad said.

  4. I have no thumb nails left, I gave up watching 2 football games for this and Ryan Ludwick made it worth it.

  5. Wow. Was ready to give up after Simon loaded the bases with none out. What a bullpen.

    Hooray for Mes and Ludwick.

  6. @Hank Aarons Teammate: @SirRibShack: I third the thought about Mesoraco. A walk off HR would have been great of course, but this was pretty damn good. Had the good sense not to go for a double on his hit, then showed off his speed. I forgot he was that fast.

    • stay for the whole game?

      Nope. I left after the tenth inning and was home in time to watch the last two innings in warmth on my couch. It got chilly at the game and I was a bit underdressed.

  7. @Larry1980: You sir gave up watching an expected shelling of the Bengals and a monotonous AFC West tilt to witness the best franchise of all time play their most exciting game of the year. You didn’t really lose anything.

    I lost my mind after the bases-loaded-no-outs-recovery.

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