The 10th year of fan voting for the Ford C. Frick Award is underway. Actually, the first round voting is almost over. You have until tomorrow at 5pm ET to submit your nomination for Joe Nuxhall via the Hall of Fame Facebook page.

For the first time, the Hall of Fame is conducting two rounds of fan voting. The first round consists of all 222 eligible broadcasters (those with 10 or more consecutive years of experience for a team or network.) Voting will narrow that down to a field of 40. The second and final round will reduce the 40 broadcasters to 3 fan nominees.

Like each of the previous nine years, there will be 10 finalists for the award, 3 fan nominees and 7 candidates from the Hall of Fame committee. Qualifications are as follows:

A minimum of 10 years of continuous major league service with a club, network, or combination thereof is required to appear on the ballot. Electors are asked to base their selections on four criteria: (1) longevity; (2) continuity with a club; (3) honors, including awards and national assignments, such as the World Series and All Star-Games; and (4) popularity with the fans.

As you know, Nuxhall spent 38 years in the broadcast booth for the Cincinnati Reds. He’s one of only 3 broadcasters to be fan-nominated for this award five times. (Tom Cheek and Jacques Doucet are the other two.) Joe was also one of the original three fan nominees in the inaugural 2004 fan voting, and he’s the only one of those three to not yet win the award.

Let’s get Joe into the finals and onto the ballot. Vote today!

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  1. Apparently you have to do facebook to play. I don’t do facebook, sorry. Why did they name this award after a Horse’s Patoot?

  2. You are correct. You have to both be a facebooker and like the NBHOF page in order to vote.

    Kinda backhanded IMO.

    Anyway, once you get in, all the broadcasters are in alphabetical order and Nuxy is on page 5. Here’s a direct link to the voting app.

  3. @belgariontheking: Thanks for the help. Without I couldn’t figure out how to vote !

    I wish they didn’t do this thru Facebook. I finally reluctantly joined Facebook (resistance is futile) and go to and still can’t vote !

  4. @belgariontheking: Finally manged to vote. On the voting page, I didn’t even know what: “Like Us to Vote !” meant. Well I don’t like that facebook page but I lied for Joe.
    Talk about coercion.

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