On blogging and baseball

Our friend Joe Posnanski has some thoughts about baseball blogs, spurred by the passing of one of the best in the baseball blogging community, Mac Thomason of Braves Journal.

Posnanski hits the nail on the head here:

You know what I think is an adventure now? Baseball blogs. Every team’s fans have them, of course, there are hundreds and hundreds of them out there, lurking in between error pages, waiting to be found in the midst of the spam and the politics and the family photos and the naked pictures. The blogs are all passionate, every one of them, because who else but a passionate fan would start a baseball blog? But passion is where the similarities end. Some are hopeful and some are angry, some are vicious and some are playful, some are shrewd and some get every detail wrong. Some are astonishingly well-written and some use a lot of exclamation points so that you get the point!!!

But the real difference between them is the commitment. Few last.

Go read the entire post. It made me consider the reason we write our dumb little blog, and why we have stuck with it every single day for the last eight seasons. I’m not sure I have an articulate answer for that, but Posnanski is right about one thing: all of us here are passionate about the Cincinnati Reds.

I don’t know how much longer RN will be around, but it has certainly been a fun ride.

22 thoughts on “On blogging and baseball

  1. Chad: I hope RN is around for a long time, but either way, it is one of the best sites on the net: never vicious, always shrewd, and without an excess of exclamation point. (except for well deserved ones, like after BRUUUUUUUUCE!!!!!!!!!)

  2. This is my baseball home.

    As someone who did the grind for 5 years for the NFL, I know what it takes to make a great site. And I never take RN for granted even for a moment.

    Thanks for being my favorite stop each day.

  3. I can relate. Baseball just makes me wanna holler. It’s the community of fans that makes it special. Recently, a blogger for the Minnesota Timberwolves took his own life. I felt very much like an interloper as I read the many tributes to a young man I’d never heard of by a community of people who for the most part, only knew him through his writing and his shared love of that NBA team.

    The shared experience of sports is a powerful thing. This place does it better than most. I feel privileged to be a part of it.

    Well said, Chad.

  4. I know this is a labor of love for you all. Thank you for sharing your love of baseball in general and my Reds in particular. I know I can be cranky, monomaniacal, and obscure, you make welcome. Thnks and huzzahs to you all.

  5. This is the only blog I read. It is so well organized and written, every time I try to read any other blog, I just get frustrated with the lack of professionalism accompanied by a lack of organization in the website set up. If anyone know of a Bengals blog that comes close to living up to the almighty please steer me in that direction. I just want to say thank you very much redlegnation staff, for making my Reds experience all the more enjoyable. At times, I thought I was an obsessed Reds fan, until I came across this site, where I feel normal. Thanks!

  6. Amen to everything said above! This is one of my most visited sites. And I take it for granted, certainly. Thank you to everyone who puts in the time and work to make it possible.

  7. I have followed Redleg Nation for several years but I felt compelled to respond today after reading your last sentence. My enjoyment of baseball will be diminished without this site. The very best way to watch OUR Redlegs is with one eye on the T V and one eye on Redleg Nation game thread. This site is so good I suspect Todd Fraiser is the writer.

  8. I echo the sentiments above. It is the best website, let alone blog, for any Reds fan. I certainly don’t take it for granted and I know most of us here at Redleg Nation don’t take it for granted. Keep up the hard work, it does not go unnoticed. One quick question though:

    When’s Joey coming back?!(insert 12 more exclamation points here)

    • When’s Joey coming back?!(insert 12 more exclamation points here)

      Off the DL (good news) but not in tonight’s lineup (disappointing news). Shouldn’t be much longer. Maybe a pinch hit role tonight. I’ll be there to see.

      • Off the DL (good news) but not in tonight’s lineup (disappointing news). Shouldn’t be much longer. Maybe a pinch hit role tonight. I’ll be there to see.

        If you do go Steve I’d really appreciate any personal observations about his movements. It’s so hard to find any real data or footage that gives you any idea of his current condition. I know it would be entirely speculation on your part but your opinion is one worth hearing if you do happen to see him tonight.

  9. Chad (and team) – I really have enjoyed the blog since coming back to baseball this magical season. Your work is very much appreciated. I hope RN stays around for a long time.

  10. My love for Reds baseball will not end with the (one day likely soon) closing of this site. But it won’t be as enjoyable. While I will be sad, not all will be lost. I still follow the editors on Twitter and several of them write for other blogs now too. What I’ll miss is many of the people who comment here daily. Several, too many to name, will be missed. But I have a feeling someone will pick up the mantel. Maybe guys like Steve Mancuso, Jason Linden, or Richard Fitch (all of whom are likely destined for greater things). Maybe it’s a few guys we read every day in the comments.

    If the doors close here and someone from here opens something new, count on hundreds of us being there.

  11. I like to visit other blogs from pretty much every team in MLB, NFL, and NBA. Its a hobby of mine(to the dismay of my wife), and Redlegnation is easily my favorite and the only one that i visit 20 billion times a day. Thanks to Chad for starting it, and to all you guys who keep it going. The writing here is top notch, and as you all know…theres no greater fans, than those of the Cincinnati Reds.

  12. I’m really hoping that this site stays around for a long time, it’s my favorite midday excursion from the other random things that I choose to do all day! From the moderators to the commentors, everyone that I’ve talked to or read on here has been respectful and intelligent. It’s so much more fun to interact with actual fans as opposed to the political drivel on Yahoo sports or the sheer stupidity of many of the people on Hopefully, the community here will step up in the event of a shutdown (hopefully a long way off!) of the site. I love you Redlegnation, and in the words of a certain super geeky spiky eared dude, “Live long, and prosper.”

  13. What’s with this “Toddfather” thing? I’d be okay with it so long as they change it to “Super Toddfather”.

    • What’s with this “Toddfather” thing?I’d be okay with it so long as they change it to “Super Toddfather”.

      I dunno, I thought that one was used by Helton from the Rockies so I don’t use it. I much prefer Super Todd Frazier.

  14. “I don’t know how much longer RN will be around, but it has certainly been a fun ride.” The day after I die, you are welcome to take it down. Until then, don’t change a thing! (Please):!:

  15. Great site one of the few that backs up statements with facts. Please don’t close up shop.

    “I don’t know how much longer RN will be around, but it has certainly been a fun ride.” Is a very scary statement for those of us who love Reds baseball.

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