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Joey Votto has a setback; return not as imminent as hoped

Oh great:

According to Tom Groeschen of the Cincinnati Enquirer, returned to Cincinnati last night and had a “minor procedure” to have a piece of floating cartilage removed from his knee. He’ll need another 7-10 days of recovery time, which could put him at risk for missing all of August.

Votto experienced some soreness in the knee during sliding drills as recently as Thursday and told John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer that he wasn’t “ready to play yet.” The floating cartilage was found after he was sent for an MRI.

The Reds really need to sign Lyle Overbay now. I’m not sure I can deal with another month of Miguel Cairo playing first base.

11 thoughts on “Joey Votto has a setback; return not as imminent as hoped

  1. A low cost signing really doesn’t seem like a bad idea at this point. With Votto out probably through August, and Rolen being Rolen, we’re going to see a lot of Cairo and Valdez, both of whom are significantly below replacement level.

    We also have a couple guys at AAA that are better than those two. Gregorious and Rodriguez would be good, but I can’t see them going with more youth, when we’re already sending out 3 rookies regularly.

    Wins in the offseason can cost you about $4 – $5 mil. If they get Overbay for a few hundred K, I think they’ll probably win an extra game over the next few weeks, if Cairo and Valdez are pushed into service. That seems very worth it to me.

  2. They go back home, they were playing fine before this little hiccup, they got the mets and cubs at GAB hell probably be back for the phillies, they’ll be fine.

  3. I’m not sure what 7 to 10 “extra days” means. Extra as in starting from when ?

    The Cardinals are in time on August 24.

    • The Cardinals are in time on August 24.

      The Cardinals are in town on August 24.

      • The Cardinals are in town on August 24.

        And after that Cardinals series in Cincy, the Reds go to Arizona for 3. Overbay might have a reason to really want to do well against the D-backs, especially against right-handed starters…

  4. Votto was set to return in about a week. That timetable has now been extended for about a week. Today is August 11th. Two weeks from now is August 25th, less than a week from the extended rosters on September 1st. Rolen is ailing again. Frazier is being stretched because he has the flexibility to fill in for anybody, anywhere. Cairo is the backup for 1B & 3B. When Votto does come back, someone has to go down anyway and XP has been everything the Reds have been looking for in a LH bat off the bench. Why not bring in Overbay for another needed good LH bat off the bench who can also help fill in at 1B until Votto returns? Keep Valdez to backup 2B, 3B & SS. With XP & Overbay as LH pinch hitters to face all the RHP taking the mound against the Reds, the bench becomes much stronger and the cost would be minimal.

  5. WJ’s statement was that the Reds aren’t interested in Overbay because he can only play first base and they prefer Xavier Paul. I don’t follow that. The comparison in value shouldn’t be with Paul, it should be with Cairo. Overbay hits RHed pitching well. He provides a LHed power bat off the bench and can be a backup first baseman. Cairo is not needed, given that he can’t hit and the versatility of Frazer and Valdez.

    Cairo could be kept on the 40 man roster (elbow, whatever) and brought back in September.

  6. @pinson343: I pretty much agree.

    I would think the Reds would be looking to build a pool of playoff eligible guys by creative use of the DL in the next not quite 3 weeks. You wouldn’t think a team would carry over 11 pitchers and maybe even as few as 10 for the playoffs. At the rate the Reds are going now, they aren’t going to have much of a pool of position players to choose from to augment their playoff bench.

    If they don’t bring somebody in and use Cairo’s spot for that guy, despite his recent defensive woes with the MLB team, Navarro would be a good guy to have playoff eligible.

    I’d also like to see them get Hoover playoff eligible. The way Ondrusek has been pitching it certainly wouldn’t be a loss to DL him in favor of Hoover. Of course they figure to have those old reliables Bray and Massett to choose from on the pitching side. 😆


  7. Why hasn’t anyone mentioned that the great surgeon Doc Hollywood apparently missed some debris in Votto’s knee when he did the surgery?

    Again, questions should be being asked of the Reds medical staff…

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