2012 Reds / Titanic Struggle Recap

Titanic Struggle Recap: Reds buzz the Rox and Marty

Let’s recap today’s titanic struggle… 


Cincinnati Reds 7
Colorado Rockies 2
WP: Latos (9-3, 4.17 ERA)
LP: Sanchez (0-2, 8.32 ERA)



• The Reds won their tenth game in a row, their longest winning streak since 1999. If the Harpers lose, and they’re now winning in the 11th inning, the Reds will have the best record (61-40) in the National League. Then, pending the results of the Yankees game against the Red Sox tonight (which, surprisingly, is on national TV), the Reds may end the day with the best record in all of baseball.

The Reds stretched their division lead over the Pittsburgh Pirates, who lost to the Houston Astros, to three games. To top that off, the stupid Cubs beat the Cardinals, so the Reds lead over St. Louis is 7.5 games. The Reds return home to play a four-game series against the San Diego Padres. Edinson Volquez faces Mike Leake tomorrow night.

After giving up a two-run homer to the second batter he faced, Mat Latos shut down the Rockies over eight full, giving up only four hits and three walks while striking out eight.

The bats stayed hot in the absence of JoeyMVP. Drew Stubbs homered (12), drove in three runs, scored two runs, stole a base (21), walked and hit a sacrifice fly. Jay Bruce homered (20). Zack Cozart showed signs of breaking out of his slump, with two hits and two runs scored. Chris Heisey also had two hits and two runs. Miguel Cairo chipped in with two RBI, including a sacrifice fly. Ryan Hanigan doubled twice.


 Brandon Phillips left the game with what was described as a cramp. It looked like he might have tweaked his knee on a strong swing. They’ll have to ask Joey Votto how to treat it.


One day after celebrating his 70th birthday, Reds radio broadcaster Marty “Baldy” Brennaman found himself in the place of having to back up his promise to shave his head if the Reds ever won ten games in a row this year. “This one belongs to the Reds and I’m going to shave my head absolutely bald.”

• Welcome to first-time commenter Abel.

The Brewers bullpen is terrible, they should pitch for Houston.


• eric nyc: If Latos can settle down we should be able to score plenty off of Sanchez. 

• Ithedaug: We get on the team for Ludwick being out of the lineup while a slumping Bruce plays … let’s all recall for just a second the same complaints about running a needs-to-retire Rolen, a will-never-hit-better Stubbs, and a he’s-not-what-he-was Ludwick over the past few months. They’ve all contributed lately, and there’s hope they will continue to do so. Bruce has to have to chance to do the same ahead of the pennant race. It all isn’t working at once, and it never will, but it is working.

• AbelThe way everyone from Stubbs to Ludwick and now Heisey has been hitting on this road trip, it really makes it seem like trading for extra an extra bat is unnecessary. Have to keep in mind that we’ve faced some pretty bottom of the barrel pitching lately though.

• zippy: Don’t want to get ahead of things here, but if the Reds win and the Pirates lose, this has got to be rather demoralizing for them. Reds have been playing without Votto, mostly on the road, and Pirates will have lost ground while playing the Cubs and Astros.

84 thoughts on “Titanic Struggle Recap: Reds buzz the Rox and Marty

  1. BTW, if anyone thinks we are being hard on Stubbs for his lack of production at the top-of-the-order, you should sample how the Texas fans are treating Josh Hamilton.

  2. I was there for all three games (live in Colorado) and it was great seeing so many Reds fans around downtown. Some quick thoughts:

    -Arroyo and Latos pitched great…this is Coors Field remember
    -Drew Stubbs hit really well – but this is Coors Field remember. He’s hot, good time to trade him in my opinion.
    -I love seeing players on the front step of the dugout into the game and rooting the team on. Especially Cueto on Sunday after his un-Cueto like outing on Saturday.
    -I like the Rockies also having lived here almost four years now, but it’s not fun to see the local team doing so poorly. Their pitching is a complete mess.
    -Discussing during the game yesterday how it stunk that two of the best players in MLB were not playing.
    -Too bad Leake didn’t get to bat at Coors Field 😎
    -Jay Bruce had a HUGE smile after his homer on Sunday….I think he was trying to hit one into the upper deck every at bat all weekend.

    All together a fun weekend with some people from Cincinnati that made the trip. I always love going to a game at Coors Field and hitting some breweries pre/post game.

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