This is not going to end well

I have a bad feeling about this:

Major League Baseball’s all-time hit leader is hoping for one more — in the form of a TV show. EW has learned that TLC has begun production on a reality series starring Pete Rose, the polarizing 17-time All-Star who was banned from his beloved sport for gambling on games while he was a manager for the Cincinnati Reds.

With a working title of Pete Rose and Kiana Kim Family Project, the show will follow the 71-year-old Rose and his thirtysomething model fiancée Kiana Kim (who has posed for Playboy) through their daily lives as they try to blend their families. There are some challenges along the way.

Oh. No.

17 thoughts on “This is not going to end well

  1. This is sad news. They are really can exploit the poor guy in a negative way. Very few people should have a reality show and Pete Rose is one of them.

    The one thing that Pete needed in his life, that he didn’t have, is a good handler that was looking out for his interest.

  2. Most people in Cincinnati love Pete Rose. I dunno, man. His act is just becoming a bit trite.

    • Most people in Cincinnati love Pete Rose. I dunno, man. His act is just becominga bit trite.

      As a player? You betcha. As a human being? Not so much. Most folks know how to discern the difference.

  3. Yeah, it’s gonna be a little depressing and voyeuristic, but don’t forget Pete is a very interesting guy too. I’ll be tuning in.

    That said, I get the sentiment completely. I was in Vegas last year and saw Pete at the mall where he signs stuff. Couldn’t bring myself to go over and meet the guy because the scene was too depressing–him sitting there bored silly. Definitely not the way you want to meet your childhood hero.

  4. I was in Vegas last year as well. I wanted to go meet him and have him sign something. When I went into the store they told me I had to buy one of the Pete Rose items to get him to sign it and then I could meet him and get my pic taken with him. The cheapest thing to buy was photo of him and it was $75. I walked out and didn’t do it out of principle. I love the guy as a Reds player. But as a person? Not at all. Rose has done just about everything possible to hurt his case getting into the Hall of Fame. This probably won’t help.

  5. Outside of the Yankess, has any team had more people who made on outsized impact on the game because of individual deeds or the totality of their impact?

    George/Harry Wright
    Johnny Vander Meer
    Joe Nuxhall
    Ted Kluszewski
    Sparky Anderson
    …and now
    Aroldis Chapman
    Billy Hamilton

  6. Pete’s probably going to get paid a nice chunk of change doing this series, probably more money then he has made in awhile. Pete has bills to pay just like everybody else, who knows, it could turn out to be if not a hit show a fairly successful show, allowing Pete to put a little money in the Bank. I wish Pete the best of luck in this new endeavor. I’m not a reality show fan, but I’ll definitely give it a look-see.

  7. Oh Hell Yeah! This would be a great show. Pete is funny and too the point kind of guy, which will make him a reality show STAR! I for one don’t feel sorry for someone who earns a nice living off HIS accomplishments AND at the age of 71 is still doing Playboy models. Dare to dream BABY! 😆

    • the age of 71 is still doing Playboy models. Dare to dream BABY! 😆

      Yeah, I’m not feeling sorry for him either. Rascal!

  8. I’ve never been a big fan of Pete Rose the person, an obvious pathological liar, etc. But I don’t dislike him, and for the first time believed he was truly contrite when he gave his tearful speech at a dinner attended by Bench, Morgan, and some others.

    He is spontaneous and a good, direct communicator, I don’t watch much reality tv but this doesn’t seem worse than the usual.

    She seems to be ethnically Korean and looks good wearing a Reds cap. Or not wearing a Reds cap.

  9. @Sultan of Swaff: I won’t list them, but the St. Louis Cardinals have had a long history of outsized characters, going back at least to the Gashouse Gang. A lot of them from the Ozarks. Well I will name a few.

    Dizzy and Daffy Dean
    Pepper Martin (Wild Horse of the Ossage)
    Stan the Man
    Bob Gibson
    Curt Flood (challenged the Reserve Clause)
    Tim McCarver (outsized mouth)
    Ozzie Smith

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