Games Played on 07/17/12

Minor League Player of the Day: 8th round draft pick, Billings 3B, Seth Mejian-Brean had a pretty good doubleheader, going 4-7 with a double and homer, scoring 3 runs and driving 3 in. Thus far in the Billings season, he’s hitting at a .333/.436/636 clip in 10 games.


Columbus 5 – Louisville 4 10 innings

Xavier Paul (LH hitting OF) continued his hot streak since coming to the Bats. His OPS at Syracuse was .888, and he’s moved that up to 1.180 at Louisville. He was 4-5 last night. Corky Miller was 2-3 with a homer, Nefi Soto was 1-4 with a homer.

Tim Gustafson had a good start for the Bats, going 5.1 shutout innings, allowing 2 hits and 3 walks while striking out 3. But the bullpen faltered…Nick Christiani .2 IP 3 H 3 R 3 ER 1 BB 1 HR (and to show how stupid the hold stat was, he was credited with his 7th hold), Travis Webb and Jordan Smith both threw scoreless innings, but Donnie Joseph got a blown save with an inning where he gave up 2 hits and a walk, while giving up a run. Kanekoa Texeira took the loss, going .2, giving up the winning run on 2 hits and a walk.


Jacksonville 5 – Pensacola 4 10 innings

Ryan LaMarre was 2-3 with a double, Miguel Rojas was 2-5, and Donald Lutz, in his first game as a Blue Wahoo, went 1-5 with a homer.

Wirfin Obispo started and went 4 innings, allowing 3 runs on 3 hits. Brian Pearl threw a scoreless inning, Curtis Partch threw 1.2 scoreless innings, and Justin Freeman threw a scoreless frame.

The loss went to Mark Serrano, who gave up an unearned run in the 10th.

High A

High Desert 4- Bakersfield 2

The Blaze struggled offensively, collecting only 4 hits. The highlight was Travis Mattair’s 1-4 with a homer.

Tanner Robles started and threw 6.2, allowing 3 runs on 8 hits, walking 1, and striking out 6. He did give up two homers. Jamie Walczak threw 1.1 innings of relief. He had a strange line…0 hits, but 1 unearned run, a walk, and 2 strikeouts.

Low A

No game scheduled for the Dragons.


2 7 inning games for the Mustangs, to make up for yesterday’s postponed game and they couldn’t have been more opposite.

Billings 15 – Grand Junction 2

Grand Junction committed 6 errors in the game. Yikes.

Wagner Gomez was 2-4 with a homer and a double and 4 RBI, Seth Mejias-Brean was 2-4 with a homer and 3 RBI, Brandon Dailey was 2-4 with 2 doubles, Jesse Winker was 2-5.

Ismael Guillon started and threw 5 innings, allowing 2 runs on 2 hits, walking 2 and striking out 7. Carlos Ramos threw 2 scoreless innings of relief.

Grand Junction 6 – Billings 0

Billings returned the favor in the nightcap, committing 3 errors themselves.

Seth Mejias-Brean was 2-3 with a double.

Dan Langfield threw 2 hitless innings of relief, striking out 4.

AZL Angels 4 – AZL Reds 2

Tanner Rahier was 2-4 with a double.

Robert McCaffrey threw 3.1 innings of relief, giving up 2 hits and an unearned run, striking out 2. Robert Lewis-Walker threw a scoreless inning, striking out 2.

20 Responses

  1. rfay00

    Billy Hamilton has only been going 1 for 4 in the past few games…I know it’s not a big sample but maybe this is where he will struggle?

  2. seat101

    I don’t know if he’s pressing or strugglind. I know that every pitcher/manager/team wants every opponent out…..but I think teams might be trying harder in BHamilton’s case. I doubt they are pitching around him at any rate so he should probably be seeing a lot of strikes, while getting on base less often through BB’s.

    I guess I am saying yes, he is struggling.

  3. Cincinnati Dave

    Xavier Paul > Juan Pierre? Discuss.

  4. Greg Dafler

    Xavier Paul is getting called up tonight. Let’s hope some of that offense in AAA converts to MLB hitting. He’s been killing AAA pitching since 2008. He’s hit just .246/.288/.341 (.629 OPS) in 411 MLB plate appearances.

  5. John Osberger

    I live in Jacksonville, and had the chance to listen to the AA game on the radio for a few minutes. Batting struggles or not, during his 3rd at-bat he basically worked the Suns into a tizzy. His speed got him an infield single and then stole second on a pitchout. Had 3rd stolen on the next play, but LaMarre stepped out of the box and the ump called it a no pitch. On the next pitch, the pitcher threw a pickoff attempt to second, after which the manager visited the mound and they moved the shortsop closer to second and the third baseman closer to third for a possible future pickoff/stolen base attempt. And on the next pitch LaMarre poked a grounder right where the shortstop would have been for an RBI single. During the entire sequence the Suns radio crew couldn’t hide their excitement for watching him on the basepaths, and you could really hear the crowd in the background as well.

  6. BloodyHo

    Billy Hamilton is hitting .240 since his promotion to AA, but he has a .345 OBP and a .480 SLG. He is working the count in virtually every plate appearance. He is actually doing better than I anticipated during his first 10 games at AA. I think the real test will come during August when he makes the necessary adjustments or doesn’t make the necessary adjustments. He is facing pitchers in AA with control and sliders with the quality he has not seen before. Goodness sakes, give the kid a chance to breathe.

    • rfay00

      @BloodyHo: I don’t expect him to hit .300+…you would think with his speed he could easily be 2-4 versus 1-4. A casual ground ball seems to be not as automatic with him on the base paths.

  7. BloodyHo

    @Greg Dafler: Greg, I take your post as fact and not wishfull thinking, yes? If so, this is good news and helps explain the promotion of Lutz to AA with an already crowded OF situation. The Reds have now pretty much reassembled the roster from A+ to AA. I have to think that LaMarre will be moving to AAA if Paul goes from AAA to the 25 man roster. That will also fill the last available slot on the 40 man roster when Paul is added.

    • Greg Dafler

      Greg, I take your post as fact and not wishfull thinking, yes?

      If you trust Willie Harris’s twitter account. Harris tweeted this morning that Paul got the promotion.

      • rfay00

        If you trust Willie Harris’s twitter account. Harris tweeted this morning that Paul got the promotion.

        That’s an odd source…I guess Redmond is back to AAA?

        Maybe Bray!!!!!

  8. BloodyHo

    Spring training 2014 is shaping up to be VERY interesting. If Ludwick has really turned the corner back to his 2008 form, then he will be a fixture in LF through 2013, but will probably be gone after 2013. Hamilton, Lutz, LaMarre, Rodriguez, Vidal, & Smith are all going to be not-so-politely pounding on the door for a starting position in the show, with Fellhauer, Soto, Phipps & Gregorius also in that crowd or wanting to be in that crowd. Throw in Frazier & Cozart to the discussion and that’s a lot of players for very few positions.

  9. BloodyHo

    @rfay00: I think your assessment is spot on and I think that will be the future trend as it was the past trend. Remember we are looking at just 7 games so far. What I find VERY encouraging is 4 BB & 4 SO in 29 PA. That’s a BB rate of >13% and a SO rate <14%. His walk rate is almost Joey Votto good and his SO rate is almost Ryan Hanigan good, but again this is only for his first 7 games in AA. I wanted him in AA after memorial day. If he was approaching 2 months in AA, we would have a much better picture of his progress and potential. As is, we will have to wait untill the end of this season to start to make that evaluation, but everything looks good to me so far.

  10. bird2431

    Sounds like a great problem to have to me! Competition breeds success, makes you excited about the future that’s for sure. You have to wonder, out of those who gets packaged in a deal over the next year and a half though…

  11. BloodyHo

    @Cincinnati Dave: Dave, Paul is a Cincinnati Red. Pierre is a Philadephia Philly. That makes him better by default!!!

  12. BloodyHo

    @Greg Dafler: Greg, thanks for the info regarding the minot league options on Rodriguez you posted yesterday. I was not aware of the impact placement on the 40 man roster had on minor league options. Of the 3 real possibilities (Rodriguez, Navarro or Paul) to fill Votto’s roster spot, it looks like Paul hit the Votto Lotto. I really hate 3rd party twitter posts though.

  13. L.A.Red

    I think Billy struggling is a good thing. Every great hitter has had to overcome adversity and pitchers making adjustments to get them out. Better he learns now how to make adjustments and find his way than having an easy ride to the majors then losing confidence when he gets to the Show and struggles in the majors. Because everyone struggles at the MLB level its just a matter of time.

  14. CaptainTonyKW

    One minute a poster thinks Billy Hamilton is ready for the playoff roster, the next someone thinks he is “struggling” at AA. He has only been in Pensacola for 7 games folks.