So much for the Votto Window.

Mark Sheldon is citing a report that the Cincinnati Reds have reached an agreement that will keep Joey Votto in Cincinnati for ten years in addition to the remaining two years on his current contract. The reported contract terms are 10 years for $225 million, running through the 2023 season.  Bob Nightengale with USA Today wrote the story that is cited by Sheldon. The Reds have not yet confirmed the details.

If these reports are accurate, Reds’ CEO Bob Castellini has given Reds fans the Votto Vista.

Check here at Redleg Nation over the next few days for in-depth analysis of what the deal means for the Reds and their first baseman.

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  1. al

    the size of the contract scares me a little bit, but if you’re going to go all in on a guy, i’m glad they picked votto.

    the really nice thing about this is that it means that votto will be with the reds for his whole career. it’s so rare that you see that anymore, and as someone who grew up with barry larkin, i think it does make a big difference for young fans to have that consistent force on the team.

    i’m happy that there will be a whole generation of reds fans that get to see votto on their team for the next 12 years.

  2. Drew Mac

    It is nice to know that Votto will likely be a Red for a long time. It is a bit sad to know that BP will be on his way after this year. However, it is a business and I believe BP will be motivated now more than ever to excel. Folks, the core looks solid for the next four to five years. This could be a tectonic shift in the NL Central’s power structure.

  3. Jason1972

    I don’t know how they plan on making this work, but I hope it does. I would love to see Votto retire as a Red.

  4. Sultan of Swaff

    Because of the budget implications from this huge deal, two issues will determine our ability to compete over the life of this deal.* 1. Getting a substantially better TV deal. 2. Continue drafting well and lock up the elite prospects (i.e. Bruce, Cueto) to team friendly deals. Failure on either of these fronts will mean a return to the Griffey/Dunn Years.

    *I’m assuming we’ll never draw more than 2.5 million in attendance.

  5. PeterNincompoop

    Did the Nation go offline for chunks of time yesterday? I was having issues opening the site from two separate internet connections.

    • RedLegHustle


      I think it did. I was having trouble accessing it myself late last night.

      Regarding the contract, I like it. I’m happy we have locked up one of the best in the game. There seems to be some concern down the road as age rears its ugly head. I did read a piece that indicated that by the time this happens we may be looking at the DH position in the NL. Not a fan of the DH myself, but hey, if it comes down to it, it’s not a bad option.

      I would really like to see the club increase their payroll and offer BP something worthwhile. He is the premiere 2B in the league. Looking for some more pre opening day good news.

      Go redlegs

  6. per14

    I love Votto. I love having him around.

    But signing him for 10 additional years to his current contract is an unbelievable gamble. Ignoring the pre-free agency period, has any team, ever, had control of a player for the next 12 years?

  7. PeterNincompoop


    From what I’ve read, no–it is the longest contract in the game’s history.

  8. RedinTenn

    Did you catch Joey in the video at, discussing 2012?

    It was on the site before his new contract, and he says he doesn’t want to “play with a bunch of jerks” and that he appreciates the value the Reds place on clubhouse relationships, etc…

    Wowzers. 8)

  9. myers2042

    What can be done about attendance? How can the problem be fixed? I’m hoping that having a solid core, and a successful team in the years to come, will increase our attendance to something that is comparable to St. Louis. I know that is very very optimistic, but I’m that type of guy, and this deal with Votto can only help that theory. I think………. 😯

    • Jared

      this deal with Votto can only help that theory.

      A good breakfast is the key to a good day.

  10. laus Deo

    I am happy with this deal. $25mil, one way or the other, over 10yrs is peanuts in a teams finances.

    I am happy to see the ownership taking things seriously! This is a exciting first week for the Reds in a long time! 🙂

  11. laus Deo

    As to my last post I was simply saying whether it is $225mil or $200mil over 10yrs, isn’t something to get frustrated about. It is the cost of business. We all know the Reds would’ve had to pony up near 200mil just to be at the bidding table in 2 years(if it came to that).

    So lock him up now as a career Red for $25mil more. Sounds fine to me. It is a exciting day/week/year/decade to be a Reds fan!

  12. Jared

    I, for one, am shocked to see this deal happened. The price was right in line with what we could have expected 2 years from now and just makes it that much more unbelievable. This along with signing Chapman are moves I can’t believe this team could commit itself to make.

    What’s most exciting isn’t that team has 3 big name players, it’s Castellini’s obvious commitment to winning. I don’t remember bold and risky moves like this in the past.

    • pinson343

      Jared: What’s most exciting isn’t that team has 3 big name players, it’s Castellini’s obvious commitment to winning. I don’t remember bold and risky moves like this in the past.

      I’m with you on that. And I agree with the optimism that Jason expresses on the “new era” thread.

  13. preach

    @pinson343: Agreed. We certainly have seen some ‘line drawn in the sand moves’ lately. This is cool: we seem to be all in now and all in for several seasons to come.

  14. Travis G.

    I literally got chills when I saw MLB Trade Rumors post this on Twitter on Monday (I checked my phone while waiting in a line at the zoo).

    Of course it’s a gamble; any mulityear deal is going to be. Of course it’s an insane amount of money; any long-term deal with a premier player in his prime is going to be. But I have to wonder whether the Reds know something about their revenue stream that the rest of us don’t. I believe Fay wrote that he’d heard Fox Sports Ohio might be willing to renegotiate the terms of their TV deal before it expires in 2016. Which makes sense for them, because the Reds could have a lot more leverage by that point, because they look to be competitive or better for that entire window of time, with their best players locked up and more good ones on the way.

    This investment signals to fans and the team’s corporate base (which buys tickets, advertises and otherwise supports the franchise) that the Reds are making the transition from small-market team to midmarket team. It reminds me a bit of the expenditures Northern Kentucky University made in recent years before making the leap to Division I.