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Chapman as fifth starter?

Rob Neyer has a couple of posts up today that are notable to Reds fans.

First, he says Chapman is looking like the number 5 starter. We’ll see, but it’s nice to hear. He adds a bit of speculation at the end:

Speculation: Chapman pitches well enough in his next start to earn that starting job, while Bailey winds up on the Disabled List for the fourth time in three seasons. Poor kid just can’t seem to get his shoulder right.

Second, it seems ultra-nice guy Chris Carpenter is going to be out for a while with a shoulder injury. I never root for players to get hurt because that would be wrong and I don’t know how I would explain it to my son, but that doesn’t hurt the Reds’ odds of winning the NL Central. From Neyer:

This could obviously be a lot worse, but it’s still a blow to the Cardinals, who were obviously looking forward to having Carpenter and Adam Wainwright in their rotation for the first time since 2010. But Carpenter’s struggled with this injury a number of times before, and he did throw 273 innings last season, including the postseason. So maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that he’s hurt one again.

6 thoughts on “Chapman as fifth starter?

  1. I bet Madson never pitches an inning for the Reds this year. Elbow problems = probable Tommy John surgery and Chapman still needs to start no matter what. But they’ll consider him for the pen. Very disappointing.

  2. I am an Aroldis Chapman fan. I think he should be a starter. I think there is just about nothing someone can say to convince me he should be in the rotation for Cincinnati (sans injury) in April.

    He has gone past 6 innings one time in his entire career. He has poor control. He hasn’t even reached 3 innings in a game this spring. I don’t recall reading that he has even thrown a third pitch against hitters in a game yet this spring.

  3. What’s the deal about Bailey and the DL with shoulder problems? I’ve not read anywhere he is having shoulder issues this spring. Is the writer suggesting they will invent shoulder issues for Bailey just to get Chapman into the rotation and try to prep Bailey to bring him on when somebody is hurt?

    I agree there is no way Chapman should be in the Cincy rotation unless he goes to AAA and proves himself as a starter over a stretch of at least a couple of months.

  4. @George Culver: TJ surgery for Madson can’t help but be in the back of everyone’s minds I suppose. However I would think with him being a fastball/ change up guy and not really throwing that many breaking balls that there should be a good possibility of bringing him along without TJ surgery unless something has actually ripped in there.

    His injury and contract situation does pose an interesting ethical question for the Reds and their medical/ training staff. As long as Madson can throw strikes and get outs, the best interest of the club would seem to be to keep running him out to the mound and to try to find a way for him to pitch through the pain seeing as how he will likely never be a Red again after this season.

    On the other hand, he might be more interested in getting what he sees as eventual surgery behind sooner rather than later. Should be interesting to see how this unfolds.

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