This should be a really fun event; it’s the 2012 Reds vs. Futures game:

Join us to kick off a new season of Reds baseball like never before! In this special exhibition game, Reds fans will have the chance to see their favorite Reds of today match up against the future Reds stars of tomorrow. How will Minor League Player of the Year Billy Hamilton stack up against Mat Latos? What about top pitching prospect Daniel Corcino taking the mound to face Joey Votto? It’s going to be a matchup all Reds fans will want to see.

PLUS, fans will have the opportunity to enjoy plenty of fun activities throughout the evening, including many features you won’t see during regular season games!

I’m kind of a sucker for stuff like this. It should be a pretty laid back, fun evening of baseball. There are different prices for different seats but, heck, you can get a bleacher seat for five bucks. You can’t beat that.

Plus, Redleg Nation Spotlight Player Tucker Barnhart will be playing in the game. If nothing else, we need to come out to support Tucker.

Anyone planning to go?

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  1. Bill Lack

    Do we KNOW Tucker is going to be involved?

    Plus, my expectations aren’t real high…IF Votto, Bruce, Phillips play, I’d bet it’s only a couple innings, one AB or so.

    That being said, if the weather is good, I might go.

  2. Greg Dafler

    Tucker’s name has been on the “futures” list ever since the Reds made their first advertisement of this event. The caveat has always read “players subject to change”, but given that he was invited to the big league camp, actually played in a few spring games, etc, that the plan is he will see some playing time, barring injury, etc.

    I think it sounds fun, and I would like to go, but can’t make it. Doesn’t sound like it will be televised or anything either. I’m really disappointed in FSO game coverage this spring.

  3. Doug Gray

    I will be there. I bought my tickets within the first few minutes that they went on sale. Prime real estate right behind the “visitors” dugout on the third base line. I actually need to buy some more batteries for my camera for this event, two might not be enough with pre-game batting practice and the game.

    I can’t wait (though I have to). These events are great. The one in Dayton was a blast a few years ago, though I “worked” that one. This time I decided to take the game in as a fan. Not sure how well my request to be credentialed would have even worked out given the Reds stance on non-print media, but since my game is more from the scouting/analysis side anyways I don’t need to ask guys questions after the games.

  4. Bill Lack

    Doug, don’t even get me started with the Reds PR/Media department’s hostility to the blogger world. I understand that there have to be limits and that there are bloggers that aren’t responsible or credible.

    But the Reds don’t even abide by their own rules. When I inquired, I was told they didn’t work with bloggers that weren’t associated with newspapers. I said, “Well, we’re associated with the Cincinnati Enquirer and ESPN’s Sweet Spot”. And then was told, they still wouldn’t work with us.

    And I wasn’t looking for press passes, access, or anything like that. I was asking them to forward letters/emails to former Reds to see if they’d be willing to do interviews with our podcasts.

    But I digress…

  5. RiverCity Redleg

    @Bill Lack: Don’t they realize that there are more people reading blogs thanthere are reading the printed newspaper? Why is Cincinnati always 10 years behind the rest of the nation?

  6. Greg Dafler

    @RiverCity Redleg: Gannett realizes it. That’s why most of their papers, including the Cincinnati Enquirer, are planning to move to a pay-model for their online newspaper content by the end of the year.