Redleg Nation Spotlight Player Matt Klinker announced his retirement recently.

He talked about his decision with a local reporter.

I have made no bones about admitting my prejudice for Matt over the years here on Redleg Nation. He’s a great guy, he has a great family (I’ve had the pleasure of meeting his parents and his sister, all who are wonderful folks) and he’s become a good friend. Read the article and you’ll see what a bright, funny guy he is. I always knew he wasn’t going to be a great player in the bigs, but I hoped that he’d get a chance…a cup of coffee…an opportunity for him, and his friends and family to celebrate all the hard work he’d put in.

I really believe he would have gotten the call at some point last year, but due to the rib injury and ineffectiveness from it, that didn’t happen. He went to Venezuela over the winter and threw well, even pitching in their championship series (after being picked up by 2 playoff teams). But, he then decided it was time to move on with his life.

Matt, thanks for everything you did for and gave to Redleg Nation over your career. We enjoyed your reports, the pictures, your insight, and your friendship.

I’ll miss checking the box scores or listening/watching online on the nights Matt threw, pulling hard for him on every pitch. He’s a true class act, something I believe there are much too few of in professional sports.

But most of all, I wish him success in his future endeavors. I’m sure the rest of the Nation feels the same way.

5 Responses

  1. BenL

    Best of luck to Matt! I sure did enjoy reading his posts.

  2. Fisch

    Had the pleasure of watching Matt pitch a couple of times when he was with the Bats. He was a class act. Good luck in everything that you do and thank you.

  3. LWBlogger

    Since you are his friend, please send along our best wishes for a fruitful and happy life after baseball.

    • pinson343

      Since you are his friend, please send along our best wishes for a fruitful and happy life after baseball.

      Ditto. It was a real pleasure to have Matt on board. He gave me something a pro baseball player never did: some idea of what it’s like to be one.

  4. prjeter

    Just saw Matt’s name over on the left column of the main page. I went to HS with Matt at LW and knew him pretty well! Had no idea he was drafted by the Reds after Furman. Sad to see he never got his chance to pitch in the bigs, he’s a great guy!