The Reds recorded their first win of the pre-season yesterday 8-6 over the Cleveland Indians. If you followed the game on radio or twitter yesterday, then you heard the bad news that Ryan Madson has been held out of Spring games with “a minor elbow injury”

“He has a little irritation in his arm,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said following the Reds’ 8-6 win over the Indians on Sunday. “The doctor looked at him today. Hopefully, he will be all right in the next couple of days.”

Left-hander Bill Bray has been out with a groin injury and is expected to return soon

“Very close,” Bray said Sunday morning. “I threw in the bullpen [Saturday]. It went well.”

Obviously, two very important parts of the bullpen for 2012. Bray’s injury in particular worries me, given his long injury history.

–Jamie Ramsey provided the complete Reds Spring Training radio/audio schedule on his blog. Every game of the preseason with exception of two split-squad games will be carried on either the Reds Radio Network or The games can also be heard on the MLB at-bat phone app.

–Homer Bailey and Aroldis Chapman each threw 2 innings yesterday. Bailey surrendered a 3-run homerun in the first inning, walked 1 batter and struck out 2. Chapman allowed a run, walked a batter, and struck out 3 Indians.

–The Reds will face the Indians for the third straight day today. Respective opening day starters will be facing off: Johnny Cueto against Justin Masterson. The game will be televised locally on Fox Sports Ohio at 3pm ET. (Out of market fans can catch a rerun on MLB Network at 6am Tuesday morning.)

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  1. Any idea on the amount of changeups Chappy threw?

  2. don’t forget the games carried on XM. Channel 178 for today’s game.

  3. Man, I’m so scarred from the prior regime’s medical staff that when I hear ‘elbow irritation’ my mind immediately jumps to ‘needs Tommy John surgery’. Let’s hope it’s not serious…….and that Frazier hits his way onto the team.

  4. @rightsaidred: I read somewhere yesterday (Enquirer?) that he only threw sliders and fastballs and said something along the lines of, “the changeup is coming along” (although probably in Spanish unless his English is also “coming along”).

  5. @shadow32: Yep, it was the Enquirer. Chapman said: “The change-up is OK now,” he said. “I just didn’t use it today.”

  6. According to Mark Sheldon, they’ve added a “B game” this morning vs. the Mariners. It appears it is mostly minor leaguers (at least from the Reds lineup) and the stats don’t accumulate with the other spring training stats.

    B game lineup
    Gregorius 4
    Cozart 6
    Jones 7
    Phipps 8
    Soto 3
    Lutz 9
    Rodriguez 5
    Esposito 2
    Corcino RHP

  7. @shadow32: I think if Chappy pushes hard to make the rotation (remember two springs ago?) he needs to showcase that changeup.

  8. I need to take the bar in Arizona for an excuse to go there in the springs . . .

  9. Drew Stubbs dropped a lead-off bunt in the game just now. Marty nearly peed himself with delight. “If he can do that every now and then, it’s going to be a comeback season for him, you know what.”

  10. Is there anything more useless than a pitcher’s spring training stats? As for the injury I’m not to overly concerned. If it is anything significant, that’s why there’s Marshall. We’ve got a lot of depth.

  11. Chapman’s ST stats aren’t a big deal, but how well he commands his 3 pitches this spring is significant. As of Opening Day, he’s either starting for the Reds or at AAA, depending in large part (obviously) on how well he pitches in ST.

  12. @David: Dave Cameron of Fangraphs had a peice on this the other day, but I can’t link to it because it’s one of the articles you have to pay for.

    He talks about Brian Matusz and Jeremy Hellickson, which are two young pitchers who have considerable red flags coming from last year. Hellickson won the RoY award last year, but did so with a really low BABIP and a low K/9. Matusz got up there in April and threw the ball all over the place and never really stopped doing so.

    We all know the issues with spring ball: Inferior competition, small parks, rust, tiny tiny samples, etc, etc.

    Cameron talked about certain stats, such as K/9, and strike percentages being more indicative of a change of approach then the other factors in spring ball, and therefore more sustainable from spring training into the season.

    So, in short, there could maybe perhaps be something to take from pitcher’s stats in spring training. Or maybe just more than we thought 😀

  13. @lookatthathat: By the way, that’s a long version of what Pinson just posted.

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