The Seven Year Itch

It’s hard to believe, but seven years ago today, we started this dumb little blog. Seven years. Insane.

Thanks to all you guys and gals. There is no chance we’d still be around if it weren’t for all of you out there in the Nation. I can’t say how much longer we’ll keep doing this, but it has definitely been a blast.

25 thoughts on “The Seven Year Itch

  1. Thanks a bunch for all your hard work. Blogging isn’t nearly as easy as it seems before you’ve done it yourself, and I know I really value this place.

  2. Congrats Chad. That’s a tremendous accomplishment. The blog provides a lot of enjoyment for those of us who participate, including the many, many people who read along and never comment.

  3. I can’t believe you still do all this yourself. You could outsource this to India for pennies on the dollar. Or better yet, get an intern. Worked for Kramerica on Seinfeld.

  4. This place sucks and you guys are horrible at doing this. 😉

    Actually, it is a special place. Don’t even think about closing it down.

  5. I can’t tell you how much this blog means to me (but I’ll try anyway) Lol…

    As you might have guessed from my handle I live in Los Angeles CA(born and raised). My father (born in 1958) grew up in a small town near Dallas TX in the sixties before the Rangers came in 1972. And there was no way he was rooting for a Houston Franchise. Plus, as he tells it little league baseball teams in his town would use the names of pro teams and each player would get drafted to a particular team. Well my dad was picked to play for the REDS and wouldn’t you know he played catcher. So, of course there was no turning back. Thanks to a series of fortuitous events and the play of Johnny Bench and the entire “Big Red Machine” this L.A. native is a Die Hard Reds fan. My dad told me tall tales (that turned out to be true) about the Greatness of the Reds and how they should have won more Championships in the 70’s with their collection of talent.

    Every year my dad and I still go to at least 1 Reds away game at Dodger Stadium. He wears a faded reds t-shirt and I sport the all red wishbone C hat (backwards of course) and cheer for the Reds until I’m horse. While there is usually a really good showing of Reds fans that show up to Dodger Stadium for Reds games. I personally am disconnected (aside from my father) from the joy of watching games and discussing the Reds with other Die Hard Reds fans.

    Hopefully my story hasn’t bored you guys to sleep. But I just learned about Redleg Nation at the beginning of last season and I Love it. I don’t have time to comment on every post but I read a lot of the comments and enjoy getting everyone’s take on the Reds. Especially the in game threads and minor league updates.

    So Chad thanks a million times over for keeping this thing long enough for a die hard, disconnected, Eric Davis lovin’ Reds fan to share in the Joy of being apart of Reds nation. And if my old man could work a computer he’d probably say thanks too!

  6. You rock, Chad! This site is fun. And smart. The level of discourse here is SO much better than almost anywhere on the wide wide world of webs.

    Congrats, and here’s to (at least) 7 more years!

    • Chad, I hope that title doesn’t mean you’ve contemplated cheating with a Cubs blog.

      eeewwwwww. That would be like changing species.

  7. I just joined this blog the other day so I wouldn’t be one of those fans who just read and don’t participate. Been a sports fan for over 40 years (Reds all that time) and truly enjoy the analysis your blog provides. Thank you for putting this out there.

  8. A lot of us argue and disagree and such, but there’s a reason we come back time after time.(besides the competitive banter) this is as well-run and well-maintained as any sports blog on the web, congratulations.

  9. Thanks for all the kind words. It’s been a fun seven years, even if the team wasn’t always very good.

    Now I can announce the news: I’m changing the blog to “Bengals Nation.” Should be less frustrating, right? Right?

    • @Chad Dotson:

      Thanks for all the kind words. It’s been a fun seven years, even if the team wasn’t always very good.

      Now I can announce the news: I’m changing the blog to “Bengals Nation.” Should be less frustrating, right? Right?

      Combined the two teams have put their fans through, what, about 34 seasons without a playoff game victory? Something like that.
      I wonder what the longest such spells are for a city’s combined sports efforts.

  10. The blog rocks, and I thank you guys for all of your time and hard work!!! I hope you keep it going for many seasons to come.

    Or, to put it in baseball-speak, let’s give it 110 percent and take it one game at a time!!

  11. Summer has gone a passed, seven years has gone so fast….

    Funny, I’ve been lurking on this blog for most of those 7 years but only saw fit to post just a few weeks ago.

    But seriously, 7 years? Did you start this blog when our rotation was made up of the legendary Jimmy Haynes, Paul Wilson, Jimmy Anderson et. al? Wow, talk about a gluten for punishment.

    Kudos to you for sticking through it through thick and thin. Cheers!

  12. The best sports blog I’ve ever seen by far. Actually, the best blog I’ve seen.

    Meaningful observations, civility, humor, a nice range of commenters (and bloggers) coming from different perspectives, etc.

    All of this of course reflects on those who run the blog. Thanks to Chad and the whole group.

    As a Reds fan who lives in New York, this blog is my life line to the Reds.
    “You complete me, Redleg Nation.” 😀

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