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3 thoughts on “Jay Bruce’s Finger Mechanics

  1. Let me preface this by saying, “awesome for Jay Bruce.” But what the heck was he doing there? I mean, Verlander, Price and Wilson are all Cy Young caliber pitchers. And Jay is…well, a super nice, young, outfielder. I would think that anyone asked to do that endorsement would jump at the chance, right? So it seems like they should have gotten another pitcher? At first I thought it was because they are all lefties, and maybe the lady was a lefty, but then there was Verlander…anyway.

  2. Women tell me that Jay Bruce is handsome and seems nice. I can vouch for the “nice”. That along with being a good player is enough for him to endorse whatever, with whomever.

    I thought this was pretty good, as teases go.

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