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Gotta Love It

Mark Sheldon just posted details of the recent contracts signed by the Reds.  In Ryan Madson’s contract you’ll find a performance bonus of $100,000 if he becomes the WORLD SERIES MVP.

One year, $8.252 million, $11 million mutual option for 2013. ($2.5 million buyout) $6 million in 2012, with $2 million deferred without interest.
Performance bonuses: $25,000 for All Star game; $50,000 for LCS MVP; $100,000 for World Series MVP; $100,000 for Rolaids relief winner ($75,000-2nd; $50,000-3rd)

How great is that.

A player on the Reds who reasonably contemplates being the MVP of the World Series.

Is it April 5 yet?

9 thoughts on “Gotta Love It

  1. I love it. Have a question though: Who actually determines if you are the World Series MVP? I thought that was the network. Seems to me with all sorts of endorsements and contract incentives on the line it should be some sort of ‘real’ criteria.

  2. Madson said he chose the Reds because he feels they have a strong chance to make it to the WS. He said another reason is that he doesn’t want to pitch against Votto, Bruce, etc, any more.

    • contracts signed by the Red

      Well, who would. I’m mean, come on. lol

      I’m sure his agent told him Reds fans are suckers for that kind of stuff.

  3. Regarding who picks the World Series MVP, I believe the media members covering the World Series do the voting. In fact, the media had to do a re-vote in 1986. They had already voted to give Bruce Hurst of the Red Sox the award. (And, I’m reminded, it briefly flashed on the scoreboard that he had won when the Red Sox had the late lead in Game 6.) Then it all changed, culminating with the Buckner error in Game 6, and the Mets’ win in Game 7. Ray Knight won it that year.

    … April 5?? Bring it.

  4. Wilson Valdez makes 930K (why?), but the hilarious part is that he gets a 25K bonus if he wins the Silver Slugger. That’s right, folks, Wilson Valdez, who will be a utility infielder and has a career 67 OPS+, has an incentive clause for winning silver slugger.

    He couldn’t win one at pitcher!

  5. Not really sure what happened there. I was quoting Pinson343 when he said, “He said another reason is that he doesn’t want to pitch against Votto, Bruce, etc, any more.”

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