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Reds Acquire SS/IF Wilson Valdez

The Reds have traded LH pitcher Jeremy Horst to the Philadelphia Phillies for SS/Utility infielder, Wilson Valdez.  Mark Sheldon provides the essentials on Valdez at the plate:

Valdez spent the last two seasons in Philadelphia and batted .249 with a .294 on-base percentage, one home run and 30 RBIs over 99 games in 2011. A lifetime .243 hitter, the 33-year-old Valdez has also spent time with the White Sox, Mariners, Padres, Dodgers and Mets.

To summarize: Valdez is a poor hitter, has a low walk rate, hit one home run last year, is not a base-stealing threat, and is 33-years-old.  And his fielding numbers are all over the place, with some evidence of serious deterioration last year.

Maybe Dusty Baker will be tempted to play him in only 50 games or so.

Seriously, is this really adding “depth” to the organization?

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  1. @per14: Yeah but that’s kinda the point, right? Reds don’t feel they even have a replacement level SS in AAA right now. And all the young SSs they have could be actually be hurt by rushing to the big leagues if something happened.

  2. I don’t understand the heartache over this move. His BA/OBP of .249/.294 in makes him a poor hitting SS? Is he not an upgrade on the bench over .214/.259 Paul Janish?

  3. Walt might not be done shopping yet. We could still get Theriot!

    I don’t think Valdez is an upgrade over Janish. Slightly better stick, maybe, but at his age, I’d bet his defense is worse. But we needed depth at SS.

    I think the people in mourning are those who were still hoping Frazier would make the roster. This move makes it pretty clear that both Frazier and Janish will start the year in Louisville.

    Valdez is already listed on the Reds roster. Ludwick isn’t. I wonder what the holdup there is?

    They’re going to have to boot someone off the roster to add Ludwick. My guess is Negron.

    • Valdez is already listed on the Reds roster. Ludwick isn’t. I wonder what the holdup there is?

      @BubbaFan: It’s b/c Ludwick hasn’t passed the physical yet. He was on vacation when they signed him and is going to come in after he gets back.

  4. Don’t have any heartburn, but I am a little curious what he has that the Reds couldn’t have picked up in FA for the same price without having to give up Horst.

    Riddle me, please?

    He has post season experience? Is that it?

  5. @TC:

    The Reds obviously didn’t value Horst much. They DFA’d him in December. He cleared waivers and was outrighted to Louisville. So, the Reds gave up a player any team could have gotten for free last month.

  6. We traded a bat (Horst a career 1.000 hitter) for a lights out relief pitcher (0.00 career ERA and WHIP). You’ve got to give up something to get something !

    • We traded a bat (Horst a career 1.000 hitter) for a lights out relief pitcher (0.00 career ERA and WHIP). You’ve got to give up something to get something !

      😆 That’s great. Five gold stars to you, my friend.

  7. Valdez not only was the winning pitcher in that 19 inning 2012 heartbreaker, he also played a key role in a wrenching 2011 loss at Philadelphia. In the opening game of a 4 game series, the Reds had a 6 run lead (7-1) going into the 9th inning, with Mike Leake on the mound. Dusty leaves Leake in until a 3 run HR makes it 7-5. CoCo comes in and allows a walk and then, with 2 out, gives up a game tying 2 run HR to Wilson Valdez.

    The above led to an extra inning defeat (HR by Ryan Howard to end that game) and a 4 game sweep just before the AS break.

  8. @BubbaFan: Right. Definitely looks like Janish will be at AAA in any case. Janish first joined the Rice baseball team as a pitcher.

  9. Seriously, I don’t have an issue with this trade. We traded relief pitching depth for depth at SS. The Reds had a whole lot more depth in the bullpen than at SS.
    And one thing about Valdez: he still has an arm.

  10. Over on the CoCo thread, the comments about the Valdez trade are also mostly positive, only more so. As Dan pointed out, FWIW, Philly fans liked Valdez. And they don’t always like their own players (understatement).

  11. This looks to be switching out Frazier for Valdez on the 25-man. Unless Frazier kills the ball in Spring Training, and Cozart has a flawless spring. In that case, Valdez can be stored in Louisville in case of emergency. Because he and Cairo are the same except Cairo can hit and not play SS.

    Frazier can hit a bit and play everything except SS. He can handle the OF better than Cairo. And he hits better than Valdez.

    If Valdez opens the season in Louisville, then it would figure Costanzo is moved off third.

    If he doesn’t take up space on the roster when not needed, this is ok, because he can play anywhere on the field, in a pinch. He can’t hit enough to trump Janish’s glove.

    Wouldn’t have made the move. Go with Cairo as your fill in for everything but SS. Janish, and Negron if necessary for SS. And Frazier for everything in between.

  12. How much depth at SS do you need? Cozart is your starter, Janish is your backup, Frazier can do it, and Cairo can play there in a pinch. Essentially they traded a reliever they didn’t value very much and got a player who might squeeze in between Frazier and Cairo on the SS depth chart. Why? That’s five guys who can play SS — two guys who are clear SS by trade followed by three utility guys. Are we expecting lineup decimation on par with 1989? Someone get Todd Benzinger on the phone.

  13. He forgot the amazing pitching he did against the reds in their 19 inning game.

  14. @John: Frazier played 3 innings of SS for the Reds in 2011. Prior to that he hadn’t played SS since 2008. I hope they’d give him a good look at SS in ST, but they may have already made their minds up that he’s not a SS.

    Cairo has played 1 inning of SS in his two seasons with the Reds. SInce 2007, he’s played a total of 16 innings at SS. I don’t really want to see him there, and I’m glad the Reds don’t either.

  15. @RedLeg75: You assume that (without Valedez) Cairo, Janish and Frazier can all be on the 25 man. That doesn’t add up, unless the Reds go with only 11 pitchers.

  16. It’s put up or shut up time for Frazier. He still controls his destiny. ‘No one hands you anything in life’ says Dusty, who got it from Hank.

  17. @John: How much good is a good defensive SS that can’t hit to save his life doing on your bench? I think it’s pretty well accepted Valdez is an upgrade over Janish.

  18. I don’t accept that. Neither Valdez nor Janish can hit but Janish is much better with the glove.

    • I don’t accept that. Neither Valdez nor Janish can hit but Janish is much better with the glove.

      I agree with this for the most part. I’m not sure about “much better with the glove” if you look at last year, but last year was a bad year for Janish defensively. Janish is clearly the better SS.

      Based on what Walt is saying, I really think it is the fact that he’d prefer a veteran in that role to Janish. I don’t think I’d make the same call but I’m assuming that Walt knows MLB players better than I do and that his baseball people have a clue. Well, Bill Bavasi doesn’t but the rest seem to.

  19. On Valdez: “We like his versatility. He’s a guy who can play good defense at second, short or third. His offensive numbers aren’t that good. But he’s a guy who has hit well in tough situations, come up with big hits. And he’s been part of a winning program.”

    That was Jocketty. What a stupid statement. Well, he’s going to be part of a winning program again, and just like with Philly, he’ll have had nothing to do with it. I love how he basically admits he can’t hit water if he fell out of a boat.

  20. Difficult to know exactly what the plan is for Valdez, and for Janish as well. Perhaps this indicates that the club has run out of patience w/ Janish’s poor offense. Or maybe they value Valdez’s experience over Janish’s relative lack thereof? Maybe, as suggested, they are indeed preparing for potential injuries be adding more depth. We can only hope that Valdez doesn’t become one of Dusty’s favorites, and takes away valuable playing time from Cozart. Playing underperforming veterans is one of Dusty’s favorite pastimes(Corey Patterson, Willie Taveras, Fred Lewis, Jonny Gomes).

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