Where Are They Now?

Wanna hear something hard to believe?

Wily Mo Pena turned 30 today.

Happy birthday, big fella.

I would have guessed he was older…just something that I found surprising.

Talk about a guy whose agent didn’t do him any favors on his first contract…WOW!

10 thoughts on “Wanna hear something hard to believe?

  1. Well, there’s that extra outfielder everyone wants. Does he still have a job? Dusty would love him. He has tons of pop, you know. Big time.

  2. @Sam Jackson: Dusty loves him some Willie Harris. He told the Fay that the Reds signed him. How scary is that? Not the signing, which is reasonable, but that Dusty has his prints all over this and will misuse his fully marinated veteran. Or, better put, WHY DOES EVERYONE HATE TODD FRAZIER?!?


      Agreed. If Harris is put in Louisville until an emergency strikes, then fine. However, this smells like Dusty getting his way and Walt saying, “Then Dusty announces the signing, because I’m not good with it, Bob.”

      Career .286 BABIP. .324 last year, leading to a .351 OBP. He was terrible in ’10. In ’09, he put up a .364 OBP. Great. It was supported by a BB/K rate of .92 (.55 in ’10, .58 in ’11) and a contact rate of .81 ( .73 in ’10, and .74 in ’11). In other words, his strike zone and contact skills have diminished from age 31 to 33 and there is no reason to believe he will put up a .364 OBP again. That was his only viable attribute.

      Other than being veterany.

  3. Or, put another way, he reminds me of Willy Tavares, Corey Patterson, Orlando Cabrera, Edgar Renteria.

  4. Willie Harris = Nefi Perez. This is a Dusty thing, it looks like a minor league move right now that will turn into Harris starting a bunch of games he shouldn’t at the expense of the young guys.

  5. Come on…how can you put a true value on veteran creaminess that someone like Harris brings to the team that Frazier doesn’t… 8)

  6. My favorite memory of WMP was the result of a suprise game my wife took me to, actually the very first game I attended at GABP. It was the day they honored Jr for his 500th HR. Pena launched a SCREAMER into the upper deck to win the game in the bottom of the ninth. Even my wife was excited about the drama.

    When he got hold of one, no one could hit it farther. Only problem is…..

  7. @CP: Frankie is dead. Or might as well be. I refuse to relax about the Harris signing.

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