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Reds sign Lenny Harris!

Yeah! Best pinch-hitter ever!


Ooohhhh…the Reds signed Willie Harris. That makes more sense, I suppose:

The Reds agreed to terms with utility player Willie Harris on a minor league contract, two sources confirmed to MLB.com on Monday.

Harris, who will be invited to camp as a non-roster player, can earn an $800,000 base salary if he makes the club and his overall salary can reach $1 million with incentives.

Not sure where (or whether) he fits on the roster, but Harris certainly plays a lot of positions. He has some on-base skills, too. Not a terrible choice for the 25th guy on the roster, as far as I’m concerned.

Of course, he doesn’t do anything that Todd Frazier can’t do better. Much better.

67 thoughts on “Reds sign Lenny Harris!

  1. @Dave Lowenthal: No doubt that the Reds original offer to Cordero was a whole lot better than what he got. I read that the original offer was for 2 years, as closer, for about $14M. I bet that even the Reds later offer was better than this. So happy that Cordero turned the Reds down.

    CoCo can’t just blame his agent, his own ego was part of his folly. And closers overvalue themselves.

  2. Oswalt would certainly be a better option for the rotation but I can’t imagine that the Reds have the $$$ to get him.

    That would push Leake or Bailey into the pen, I would guess.

  3. Baker may have put a bug in Walt’s ear about Harris but the final say about who makes the roster will be Walt’s. I think that Harris was mostly signed as as some insurance down in L’ville. He was brought in on a minor-league deal remember. Also, the off-season isn’t quite over with. Walt may still have some stuff in the works. Maybe Frazier is being looked at as part of a deal? We don’t know what all is going on.

    As for Oswalt, I’d love to have him but don’t see how the Reds could do it unless his price-tag really drops.

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