2012 Reds / Spring Training

I can’t wait

Pitchers and catchers report to spring training in four weeks. I’m not sure I can make it that long. It has been a long time since I was more excited about an upcoming Reds season. Anyone else feel that way?

Just needed to say that….

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  1. Me too. Should be interesting right out of the chute, facing the Marlins, then the Cards, then the Nationals and then the Cards again…….But even spring training should prove interesting, seeing how the bench and/or left field and other 10 other things shake out……….If this is something of an open thread, I also find it interesting that nobody has picked up CoCo yet.

  2. Heck yeah.

    I spent $133 that I really didn’t have to spend, but I got the Votto bobblehead 4-pack deal and couldn’t pass that up. Not this year.

  3. @vegastypo: Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s now been proven that Bean Stringfellow, or whatever his name is, was completely bluffing that they had two other offers. I am betting he’s got zero offers at this point, or at least zero offers he considers viable.

    I’m betting he eventually signs for 1 year, 3 million. If his name were Joe Schmoe, he would be worth 1 year, 1 million, with the way the current market is. Before you guys start lambasting me saying that I just hate Cordero (not true), keep in mind that he’s about the same age as Kerry Wood, not nearly as good (projecting), and Wood got 1 year, 3 million, and probably left a million or so on the table to sign with the Cubs.

    Anyways, we need Cordero to sign somewhere so the Reds can get the draft pick.

  4. I have a spreadsheet at work which I call PACR, for “Pitchers And Catchers Report”. As soon as I find out the date I plug it in and the sheet counts down the number of days of days remaining till PACR. Of course it also has an opening day countdown and several other days of the year; plus given my current stage of life, the most important one, my estimated retirement date. However as the name infers, it started with PACR!

  5. I thank you for the reminder, especially since I spent so much time chipping ice off the car windows this morning. Makes me feel good to think about green grass and dirt infields.

    My son and I are going to sit down tomorrow and plan our annual Reds outing. We may go twice this season. I always like to work in a promotion (Civil Rights game, fireworks, etc.)for his memory’s sake. Because of life and perhaps just getting older and more crotchety (you, preach?), I don’t seem to have the same time or passion for some of the old hobbies; but because of these life memories being created with my son, baseball still holds all its magic for me.

    Let’s play two.

  6. I don’t know why, but this year feels different. It felt different before all the winter transactions.

    • I don’t know why, but this year feels different.It felt different before all the winter transactions.

      Maybe like a rebirth because instead of standing pat like last year when most of us realized they needed to be making changes, this year they have gone out and done stuff. Hopefully it is the right stuff and will turn out well.

  7. My wife and I are doing a drive down the PCH during late June/early July. Of course, I worked in one game each at SF, LA, and SD so we can check out the Reds. The last time I was this pumped was January of 2000. That spring, my (then girlfriend) wife and I watched five games during spring training. Of course, Griffey strained his hammy on the eve of our first game (we had a blast anyway).

    Here’s to a great 2012, beginning with those always welcome words in February.

  8. Last year was incredibly disappointing. I even drifted away from baseball the last few weeks of the season. It just wasn’t fun…
    …But now, as happens every year at this time, I can’t wait for Spring Training. I get excited about the return of baseball even when I know the Reds are not going to be very good, but after this off season I’m especially excited.

    A few question – ( if anyone cares to enlighten me with their opinion)

    What to expect from Rolen this year?

    Is this the year Jay Bruce breaks out?

    And, what to expect from Stubbs? Can he up his OBP and put his speed to use or is he what he is/has been?

    One more – Phillips ended the season batting lead off, can we expect to see that again this year?

  9. @Furniture City Redleg:

    Rolen says he’s feeling great after surgery, and the last time he came back from surgery after a lost season, 2006 happened (.296/.369/.518).  That’s definitely an unreasonable target line now that he’ll be 37, but if he’s relatively healthy, I think it’s fair to expect something like a .280/.360/.400 line from Rolen.

    As far as Bruce is concerned, I don’t think that we’ll ever see him truly “break out” in the way that some still expect.  I think he can be counted on for an OPS around .850 and 30+ homers.  Those are some very good numbers for a solid defensive RF.

    I continue to like what Stubbs brings to the table even though he is certainly an imperfect player in more than a few respects.  I don’t think that he makes enough contact to ever push his OBP much over the.330-.340 range.   Hopefully some of his power resurfaces in 2012 and he can post an OPS close to .750.  If he can do that while playing excellent defense in CF and swiping 40 bags, then he’s a valuable commodity.  Stubbs is a pretty big question mark at this point though, and I’m not really sure what to expect from him at all.

    Finally, I think Phillips will probably continue to bat lead off due to the way that the roster is currently constructed.  I don’t think Phillips will be as good as he was in 2011, but he’ll still be pretty steady.  I’d expect numbers more in line with what Phillips posted in 2010 (.275/.332/.430) in 2012.

    In general, I’d say that I’m pretty optimistic about all four of these guys.

  10. – Really excited about this season.

    – Rolen is so good defensively that I think he adds value to the team if he can just hit decently. The .280/.360/.400 line would be fine with me although I think he can have a little more than that. I’d like to see Dusty bat him in the 2 hole.

    – I am cautious about BP. Not because I don’t think he’ll be good, just because I think he is set for a noticeable drop off from last year’s offensive production. Last year was his best year by far. But his walk rate, strike out rate, and ISO numbers were all exactly in line with prior years. His increased value, in other words, came entirely from his increased batting average which came from a BAPIP 30 points higher than his career mark. His line drive percentage was up so maybe that increased BAPIP is sustainable, but I doubt it. Anyway, this is all to say that while BP will still bat leadoff, I don’t think we can expect a .353 OBP from him; .320 is probably more like it.

  11. I for one (of what I believe are many fans) want to step up and applaud the job WJ has done over the past two years, including the inactivity last off season and the moves made this offseason. I think the potential and depth of the starting pitching last year justified giving the starting pitching a chance to prove itself before making any major moves. That potential did not pan out and the necessary moves were made this offseason and they were simply outstanding! While questions still exist regarding a few potential problems, I’m ALL IN this year along with the Reds’ management and counting down the days to spring training. I would sure like to see Valaika given a chance as the utility infielder rather than aquiring another over-the-hill infielder. He has performed well at every infield position and hit well when given the cnance at the major league level. The combination of Cairo and Valaika would provide excellent flexibility and a good combination of youth and experience in a reserve infield role. I just don’t have any confidence now in Janish’s ability to hit and his reputation as a defensive stalwart was severely dampened last year. PLAY BALL!!!

  12. I am very excited for this year! Usually, Reds fans talk about the potential of prospects and have statements like, “Just wait in a couple of years…” We actually have action in the front office and can actually talk about this year. My hope is that the fans come out for this team. The only thing that separates us from the Cardinals is attendance (no, I do not have stock in the Reds or any Castellini-owned companies) and if the fans come out to average 30,000/game, that will put extra pressure on the front office and ownership to put a winner on the field every year. Bring on the 2012 season!

  13. I am also very excited about the year. Imagine the Reds if Stubbs and Bailey take major steps forward this year. The depth of pitching could be awesome with Latos, Cueto, Bailey, Leake,. I would really like to see Arroyo on another team as he is driftwood now. It is a what have you done for me lately business. It will be great fun to watch the boys this year.

  14. I too am excited about the Reds already this year, and will be attending a couple games anyhow. I also think I’ll splurge for the MLB Extra Innings for the first time ever. I hope Vin Scully has at least one more year at the mike. He’s not retired, correct?
    Anyhow, up here in Northern Ohio, Bean Stringfellow is busy helping Roberto Hernandez Heredia try to piece it together. How many players over the years, do you think, have played under aliases? Very strange, but truly understandable as I see it.

  15. I too am more excited for this season than any in recent memory. I didn’t miss an Opening Day from ’79 to the Strike (ages 1 through 16)

    I have not been back for an Opening Day since, that will change this year.

  16. I’m out in California so I went ahead and got tickets for their annual west coast trip… 4 games in SF, and then also going to a game in LA and a game in San Diego… What can I say, I’m pumped! love the moves this winter and I can’t wait either. Just hope the arms stay healthy!

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