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Some Monday news….

The Enquirer reports that the Reds have signed former All-Star catcher Dioner Navarro to a minor league contract with an invitation to the big league camp.

Jon Heyman is reporting that he signed for $800,000, plus $200,000 in incentives.

Comment: I am floored at this signing. They’ve already signed Corky Miller and Brian Esposito for minor league depth. This seems like a huge amount for a guy that’s put up an OPS+ of 54, 49, and 67 the last three seasons. According to our salary chart here at Redleg Nation, the $800,000 is more than Ryan Hanigan made last year while playing for the Reds. I don’t get this signing at all.

– Also, Seth Smith was traded from Arizona to Oakland, so the field of potential left fielders shrinks even further.

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  1. Moving Hanigan for another bat? I had a similar thought when I read the rumors about Jocketty going after Kerry Wood. Overstocking to set up another trade rather than signing Ludwick/Ankiel/Fukudome? I’m probably wrong, but who knows.

  2. Yeah, it’s weird. They’ve gotta be setting up a trade or just really worried about catching depth. I suppose there is always a chance Meso falls flat on his face.

  3. I sure hate the potential idea of moving Hanigan and keeping a guy who’s putting up miserable offensive numbers in his peak offensive seasons. Jeez, that would be stupid. The Reds could end up getting a LF that doesn’t even improve over Heisey at the cost of taking a good chunk of their catching and flushing it down the toilet.

  4. The Reds typically need a 3rd catcher over the course of a season. Not a bad choice here. I don’t see a trade on the horizon, and I think Esposito is playing in AA.

  5. Mlbtraderumors.com is also running with Heyman’s tweet…that Arrendondo & Reds have agreed to a 2-yr deal.

    Arredondo posted a 3.23 ERA with 8.2 K/9, 5.3 BB/9 and a 42.1% ground ball rate in 53 innings last year. A two-year deal would cover the first two of his four arbitration seasons (he’s a super two player). Arredondo, who missed the 2010 season with Tommy John surgery, broke onto the scene in 2008 with an impressive debut season in Anaheim (1.62 ERA, 8.1 K/9, 3.3 BB/9 and a 51.2% ground ball rate in 61 innings).

  6. The Navarro deal is a minor league deal, so I think the $800,000 is only *IF* he’s in the majors. My guess is that this is just a depth signing – he’s the #3 catcher (but if all goes well, he stays in the minors).

    Corky Miller, I would guess, is more like a glorified coach than a guy they want to be one injury away from getting 250 AB’s on the big club.

    Seems smart to me. (And surprisingly, Navarro is still only 27!)

  7. I didn’t realize this was a split deal, didn’t read that anywhere, I may have over-reacted. I guess he gives some veteran depth and has more upside than Miller or Esposito, but he’s still pretty awful…at almost a million. I sure don’t want him getting 250 ABs on the major league team any more than I would Corky.

    I’d hope that Fleury is the AA catcher and you think Esposito would be the AA backup?

  8. This was a great signing. No complaints. Not sure how anyone could have any complaints about this. Meso did not prove anything in is short major league stint. I’m not even sure why people are crediting him with the majority of starts over Hanny. He has not earned it. Personally, I think Meso will be very successful and will be the starting catcher very quickly, but if not and they have to move him back to AAA for some work, this is the guy I want calling games for a pitching staff that has costed so dearly this offseason.

    The guy has hit in the past. The drop off is very odd. Regardless, he is a top notch game caller and there really isn’t anyone else at AAA other than Miller. Miller and Navarro teaching at AAA makes this a win-win slam dunk. Show me another All-Star catcher in the Reds organization.

    BTW – I like Miller (AAA) and Esposito (AA) as extra coaches for both pitchers and catchers. I hope they pay them both well (better than minor league salaries).

  9. @Bill Lack: Yes, I’d expect Esposito to be the AA backup to Mark Fleury. He’s played 114 games the past two seasons combined in AA & AAA, and last year spent more time at AA than AAA.

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