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16 thoughts on “In case you aren’t excited enough about Ryan Madson…

  1. I thought I was excited as I could be about the signing.

    But I was wrong.

    This article is a great find. I may spend the afternoon reading it over and over again.

    Is it April 5 yet?

  2. The guys on Hot Stove on the MLB channel the other night were really talking him up as well. I mean, c’mon, when Mitch Williams sings your praises………

  3. @Sultan of Swaff: I know your comment is tongue in cheek, but Mitch Williams may be the dumbest man ever. He drives me insane every time he speaks.

    I am, however, very excited about Madson and all of the 2012 Reds.

  4. Of the 3 moves so far I am getting the feeling that most feel this was the best for the Reds and a flat out steal. Now lets see how it pans out.

  5. My question is can Bryan Price make the players better? How much talent is in the rotation and the pen? When have the Reds of the last 20 years have this much pitching? How will the season play and how will Price make them better or worse. With good coaching Bailey takes a step forward as does Cueto becoming the Reds second ace. What will Chapman give us? Think about 2013!!!

  6. Just saw that Wood signed with the Cubs for 3M for 1 year. Sheesh, that is a good deal. The bottom has really dropped out of the reliever market.

    And the starter market—Kuroda signed for 1 year, 10M.

    If the Reds make the playoffs, they will be better off with Madson, I suspect. I wonder, though, just conceptually, I bet they’d have been better off with someone like a Kuroda replacing an Arroyo instead of Madson in terms of *getting* to the playoffs. Obviously, they’re never going to do that because that would be essentially releasing 12M of dead money. Just saying. None of that is to say Madson at 1 year, 8.5M isn’t a good deal. Just that he’s still a reliever, and relievers aren’t as valuable as starters.

  7. The bullpen really could be quite interesting this year. I mean that from an ability standpoint—it’s really good—and a Baker standpoint—I don’t like how he manages bullpens.

    For example, Madson obviously will be allowed to face righties and lefties, but will Marshall? Bray? Arredondo? Masset?

    It will be interesting to see.

    As for Ondrusek, responding from another thread to TC, no, I don’t always just look at stats. For example, Arredondo’s numbers are bad from last year, but he was off TJ, and it seems to me there’s something there if he can control his pitches. An “if”, but it’s possible.

    With Ondrusek, it’s not like it’s one year of peripherals. His entire minor league career is very consistent with his major league career, and observationally, he looks like a below average relief pitcher to me. To say stats are not important for relief pitchers though—why did the Reds pick Marshall then? It definitely was because of his stats. Madson too, I’d be pretty sure.

  8. @Dave Lowenthal: I’m just saying that stats for relievers can be a little misleading. One bad outing, or you strike out 5 guys in a row but leave that last guy on and they guy behind you gives up a HR. So much is out of the control of a reliever.

    Take Cordero. At first blush his stats are of the chart. I’m mean a WHIP near 1.0. That’s insane. Cordero was not as dominate as his stats would indicate. At most a relief pitcher will face 225 PAs. That is too small a number to base accurate stats in my mind.

  9. Ha! The Reds signed LHRP Ron Mahay today. He’s perfect (especially if he could have last year’s numbers again) but mostly because of Madson, Marshall, Masset, and now Mahay… That has to be on purpose. 😆

  10. @TC: Yes, a year’s worth of reliever stats are volatile—which is why I don’t like spending money on the bullpen.

    But for Ondrusek, his minor league stats: 409 IP, 4.09 ERA (kind of strange, those two numbers really are the same), 6.8 K/9, 3.3 BB/9. That just isn’t that good.

    Major league: 120 IP, 3.45 ERA, 6 K/9, 3.6 BB/9.

    That’s a lot of total innings, and the numbers really just aren’t that good. They are below average major league numbers.

    I really like the pickup of Josh Judy, and honestly, I really think he is likely to be a better option than Ondrusek this year. I strongly think Lecure will be a better option. I also think Baker will slot Ondrusek into more high leverage innings, which I’m not crazy about.

  11. Oh! And don’t forget Andy Brackman. If the bullpen is 7 (I hope it is 7, not 6 which is a possibility) it should be Madson, Marshall, Bray, Arrendondo, LeCure, Masset, Judy. In that order. Followed by Mahay, Ondrusek, Zavada, 20 other guys, then Brackman and Chapman.

    I’d prefer they treat Brackman as one of their own prospects and do what will help him be the dominant starting pitcher he could be for the organization.

    I can’t find the rules, but I think Brackman can walk at the end of the year. I don’t think then the Reds control him after this year regardless of whether he is on the 40-man or not. He signed a one year contract and only the drafting I’m not certain that is correct so don’t quote me. I’ve asked John Fay. We’ll see. Regardless, I’d still do what’s in the best interest of his career.

  12. Got distracted, sorry… only the original signing team can control a player for their first 6 years unless they are traded or acquired through rule 5. I don’t think the rules apply to minor league free agents. Brackman was released from the Yankees making him a free agent with all the rights and privileges of any other free agent.

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