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Did the Reds just sign Ryan Madson? (UPDATE: Yes, they did.)

That’s the rumor. Keep in mind, the rumor was initially tweeted by SI’s Jon Heyman, and he’s a complete numbskull.

If this is true, however, it’s excellent news. He’s good.

More details, as they emerge….

UPDATE: A few more details (not really) over at CBS Sports.

UPDATE 2: Now Heyman is saying it’s a one-year deal. Again, it’s Heyman, so I’m waiting for confirmation from a reputable source, but IF the Reds have signed Madson, and IF it’s a one-year deal…this is a very good move.

Sean Marshall and Madson make the bullpen much, much better in 2012…plus, it’s a virtual lock that the Reds will keep Aroldis Chapman on the track to be a starting pitcher. Lots of good news here.

UPDATE 3: Sounds like it’s a one-year deal, in excess of $10 million. I’m going to bed happy tonight. The Reds are serious about winning now.

UPDATE 4: Okay, looks like this thing is a done deal, but we won’t be getting any actual confirmation from the organization until tomorrow. Good night, all.

UPDATE 5: One last update, after all. It is confirmed. Sleep well, my friends. We have a new closer.

210 thoughts on “Did the Reds just sign Ryan Madson? (UPDATE: Yes, they did.)

  1. @secondguessingfanbase: There was no name calling in my post? Providing evidence that your analysis is flawed and inaccurate is neither name calling nor petulant.

    And Adam Dunn (or the lack thereof), who you brought up previously, was explicitly addressed in the post. If you can’t replace a single player’s stats, you replace him with multiple sources of production. Or in the 2010/2011 Reds’ case, you actually increase production. You see, the LF stats are actually included in the “team” stats. 😯

  2. @dn4192: Wilton Lopez had a significantly better season than Ondrusek in 2011 for Houston.

    To say that you’d rather have Ondrusek than Marmol, you would not find a single GM in MLB that would take Logan Ondrusek over Marmol. Even if Marmol implodes this year, they have other pitchers better, starting with Kerry Wood as soon as he signs, and Smardja (sp) is at least as good, though he’s wilder.

    Again, I don’t dislike Ondrusek, he’s an ok low-end bullpen pitcher. But I don’t know when he became some kind of superstar. I’d venture, without looking, to say that every team has at least one pitcher that is significantly better than him, most teams have two, and many teams have 3 or 4. Guys like Ondrusek, who put up ERAs in the mid 3’s to 4, strike out 6 guys per 9, and walk between 3 and 4 guys per game, they do not last in the major leagues.

  3. @al: I didn’t want to pile on Walt that much b/c of those moves you just mentioned, but maybe I should have wrote down Arroyo and Rolen contracts instead of Cordero’s. Still don’t believe it’s all that farfetched to think that Krivsky and the Reds ran the idea of trading Hamilton for Volquez by Walt at some point before the deal happened.

    There was word floating around well before January that Jocketty could join the Reds, even as GM, deposing Krivsky immediately. Of course there are some that feel Jocketty dethroned Krivsky the day he was fired in St. Louis, and I’m not completely disagreeing with them. Walt had a relationship with Castellini obviously, he was unemployed, and there’s no stipulation against advice from a friend.

    Regardless whether or not you believe any of that speculation on my behalf, we agree that Walt has had a pretty nice offseason on paper. I’m more excited about Cueto-Latos-Leake than I am Masset-Marshall-Madsen. I can see the nicknames now…3M taping down the 9th…giftwrapping a win…

  4. @secondguessingfanbase: CP criticized your analytical approach, not you personally. Like when parents tell kids “I love you, but hitting your sister was rude.” The kid isn’t rude, the action was. Disagreeing with an idea is not the same thing as disregarding the person.

  5. @dn4192: Part of the Reds’ poor attendance is a lack of a winning product. I remember when the Cardinals used to play in front of 20,000 just as the Reds have for the longest. That was in the 90’s. The fact that St. Louis fans are an unwavering breed is a myth.

    Being better businessmen and a)fielding a winning product to make your brand attractive or b) hiring better lawyers to negotiate the leverage you do have as the only MLB team, a pretty damn historic one at that, within 200 miles, and three of the four fastest growing metros in that part of the country just an hour away in Indianapolis, Columbus and Louisville. Growing cities means more people with expendable income and free time, which the Reds should be trying to get folks to spend on them. Indianapolis was Reds country before, and even a nice chunk of the market helps the Reds brand tremendously.

  6. I meant to say Cinti is two hours or less from those cities mentioned, sorry.

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