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Bullpen news: Cordero and Wood

Two news reports were published today related to the Reds bullpen:

First, a report by Alden Gonzalez that the Angels are talking to Francisco Cordero.  It says there may be up to four teams who are talking to Cordero, although later in the report it says the Reds are the presumptive leader.

The Angels have recently had dialogue with the representative for veteran closer Francisco Cordero — though they may only be in the periphery right now — an industry source familiar with the discussions told MLB.com.  The source pinned the market for Cordero as down to three or four teams, with the Angels and Reds being two of them.

Second, the Reds were listed by CSNChicago’s David Kaplan as one of at least four teams – other than the Cubs – with interest in Kerry Wood, and Wood’s decision is expected some time within the next six days.  The bulk of the report says the Cubs are unlikely to reach agreement with Wood.

If Wood’s career with the Cubs is indeed over he leaves as one of the most popular players in team history and also one of the classiest. He is very deserving of playing for a team that has a legitimate chance to win a championship and with the Tigers, the Phillies, the Reds, the Angels and others all interested, Wood’s options are many. It appears he will make a decision on his next home by Saturday.

25 thoughts on “Bullpen news: Cordero and Wood

  1. What on earth do we need Kerry Wood for? Unless we’re assuming Coco will cost too much so we actually are considering using Sean Marshall as the closer and using Wood as a setup man? I’d prefer that to giving Coco a 2-3 year deal for way too much money, I guess, but I really don’t see how our middle bullpen has become such a priority for Jockety. They were better than their stats last year because our starters couldn’t put up enough innings so they all got worn down by August.

  2. Sign Wood! . . . Let Marshall close (after you extend him two years), get Wood for the money saved from not paying Volquez, and use the extra money to take on salary after trading for a LFer (either before or during the season). It is entirely likely that Chapman will end up in the bullpen anyway. So, Chapman/Bray as LHers, Wood/Massett as RHers (throw in a long man as well), and Marshall as closer seems like quite a formidable bullpen.

  3. I’d rather have Wood for (reportedly) $4 million and get the draft pick from “losing” Cordero to free agency. The Angels were turned down by Madson, so let them get Cordero.

    And the optimal thing to do would be let Wood and Marshall close based on who’s coming up to bat in the 9th inning, not limit 9th inning roles to one player.

    • And the optimal thing to do would be let Wood and Marshall close based on who’s coming up to bat in the 9th inning, not limit 9th inning roles to one player.

      I’m not sure if you’re familiar with a gentleman by the name of Dusty Baker. He has some kind of managerial role with the club.

  4. I’d rather have Wood as closer than Cordero, especially if he’s cheaper. I think Coco was doing it with mirrors last year and will become more and more hittable by the minute, as reflected by a sharply declining K/9. You might as well have Arroyo close as him.

    Marshall is a better pitcher than Wood, but I think that the closer role is silly and that a team is better off using its best reliever in the role that they will place Marshall in, and another reliever in the closer role.

    The Reds also need Gas-it Massett to return to his 2009 form. His OPS-against has gone from .584 to .643 to .729 the last 3 seasons, and his body language toward the end of the year showed complete exasperation. I think he should be re-tooled as a starter, because he has several pitches, but that isn’t going to happen.

  5. My guess is that the Reds are interested in Wood if Cordero signs elsewhere. My hunch is that both the Angels and Rangers will end up competing for Ryan Madson. Chad Qualls and Brad Lidge are guys I can see the Reds going after if the Reds miss on Cordero and Wood.

  6. @David: You just named 5 guys. That’s precisely the point, more supply than demand. Ride it out, get someone at a discount, and make Coco the last option from the guys you named.

  7. @Sultan of Swaff: i’m with you. coco has to know that he messed up by turning down the reds initial offer, because that eliminated any reason for the reds to be sentimental.

    we liked you, we made you an offer, you turned it down, now it’s practical.

    if there are guys like wood out there ready to sign on to a contender for $4mil, there’s no way you give coco any more than that. if he goes elsewhere, great. if we sign him for $3-$4mil, i can deal with that.

  8. Fay: “Jocketty hopes to have things resolved with Cordero this week “one way or another.”

    That sounds like a threat to me. 😯

  9. What is the “magic” number for the Reds with Co-Co? A one year deal with an option at what cost?

  10. @David:

    You’re right. Fay talked to Walt. Wood is the backup plan if they can’t sign Coco. He says they “probably” won’t sign both.

    But I wonder if Wood is available. There was a report this morning that the Cubs had greatly increased their offer. He clearly would prefer to stay there if possible.

  11. If you think you’re getting Wood on the cheap you will be disappointed. He’s only cheaper with regards to draft choices. Otherwise it is 6 one, half dozen another.

  12. On an unrelated pitching/Cubs note: the Cubs signed Paul Maholm to a one year $4.25 million deal. That seems like a bargain to me. I think Maholm could easily have been a 3/4 starter on our staff.

  13. @CaptainTonyKW:

    Yeah. I think the Reds could use another starter. The problem is the roster. Cueto, Arroyo, Bailey, Latos, Leake, maybe Chapman. Adding another starter would be a headache. Leake has options, but belongs on the roster. Chapman could be sent down, but will probably go to the pen if he can’t start. Arroyo and Bailey are out of options. There’s really no room for another starter.

  14. @CaptainTonyKW: the only starter that maholm is likely to to be a significant upgrade over is arroyo and he’s not going anywhere, so i don’t really see how he’s a fit for us.

    if he takes the place of leake, chapman, or bailey there’s a pretty decent chance he’s a downgrade.

  15. @TC: i’m not sure how you mean. the numbers i’ve seen have been around $4mil, which is cheaper than what cordero was looking for.

    have you seen somewhere that wood wants more?

  16. Wood earned $1.5 million last year. Yeah, he was underpaid, but I don’t think he’s going to get the money Coco’s asking for.

    But…Heyman reports that it might be Madson instead.

  17. @al: You know, you may be right, as insane as the market is right now. I’d sign either for $3-4 million but both have been offered 2 year contracts for $7 million a year this offseason. They should both fire their agents.

    • They should both fire their agents.

      Ha, good point.

      Madson would be a nice option I think, as long as we’re not talking 4yrs and $40mil. Hopefully he’ll take less now that his market is drying up.

      Last I read, the Marlins, Rangers, and Phillies were all still in on Madson, but none of them need closers. You would think that if the Reds made him a decent offer, he would take the opportunity to close for a contender over going back to being a setup guy.

  18. I’d sign either Corder/Madson (preferably Madson and you know how much I like Cordero) and still one more reliever. Wood would be nice.

    The left field situation can only be addressed properly by a trade at this point.

  19. @TC: another reliever too?

    closer (i hope madson)

    that’s 7 by my count. you i don’t know that wood is that much of an upgrade over any of them that i would want to shell out for him.

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