Cleaning up some loose ends from the last couple of days; here’s this, from Mark Sheldon:

Longtime organizational man Mack Jenkins had never heard of the job of assistant pitching coach in the big leagues before, certainly not on the Reds. But when the role was offered, he was more than happy to accept.

“I’m excited to be a pioneer in the position,” Jenkins said on Friday after his promotion was announced.

Now part of manager Dusty Baker’s coaching staff, Jenkins will work under pitching coach Bryan Price. He has yet to find out if he will be permitted to be in the dugout and in uniform during games. There are limits to how many coaches are allowed on the bench. A few teams around the league have assistant hitting coaches, who are not permitted to be in uniform during games.

“I was told the position would evolve, it’s never been done here before,” Jenkins said. “I talked to Bryan about some ideas like helping prepare for series and freeing him up from the tedious stuff so he can get a rapport with the new guys. I’ll be the tedious guy.”

Jenkins, 46, is entering his 23rd year in the Reds organization and he spent the previous six serving as the Minor League pitching coordinator. Before that, he spent the other 16 seasons as a pitching coach at multiple levels of the farm system, including Triple-A Louisville from 2002-05.

Also, the Reds signed eight players to minor league contracts, but invited them to spring training as non-roster players:

They are right-handed pitchers Sean Gallagher, Chad Reineke, and Kanekoa Texeira, left-handed pitchers Jeremy Horst and Clayton Tanner, catchers Brian Esposito and Corky Miller and outfielder Daryl Jones.


Spring training is right around the corner. Getting excited yet?

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  1. Kurt Frost

    I am getting excited. My wife was talking earlier about getting some tickets to fly out to Arizona for spring training.

    • BubbaFan

      I am getting excited.My wife was talking earlier about getting some tickets to fly out to Arizona for spring training.

      Have you been there before? If so, where do they hold the pre-game workouts and minor league spring training games?

      Szymborski posted the Reds ZIPs projections today. He’s not impressed with the likes of Sean Gallagher. He thinks the Reds will have to add more starting pitching. Cueto and Latos are projected to be very solid, but everyone else…oy.

      Last year, ZIPs really liked the Reds’ starting pitching. Cueto was much better than expected, Leake performed more or less as predicted, and the rest fell way, way short. Maybe ZIPs is a crock. Or maybe you can never have enough pitching.

      Szymborski suggests the Reds go after Edwin Jackson or Roy Oswalt, or if they’re out of the Reds’ price range, Paul Maholm or Jeff Francis.

  2. TC

    Clayton Tanner is an interesting signing, but he was in Louisville for one day (September 4thlast year) where he pitched 3 innings in long relief, gave up one hit, and struck out four. After that? Poof!

    He’s young (24), a 3rd rounder in 2006, and has pretty good numbers. It looks like he was put on the 40-man to protect him during the Rule 5 this past winter, then they had to move him back off to get someone up. In the shuffle, the Reds came in and swooped him up.

    I do not know anything about him, but a casual glance he looks like an good signing and a lefty starter at the Louisville level somewhere just behind Matt Klinker on the depth chart. 😀

  3. TC

    Correction, he was released in August to bring up the Giants top pitching prospect. He cleared waivers so the Giants released him, with the intent of resigning him (seems odd) but he got away.

    I don’t blame him for getting out of there. He landed in Louisville, then the season ended before he could get back out there.

  4. MikeC

    The practice fields are at the same complex as the playing field in Arizona. The stadium has no bad seats. there is only a single level of seating. We were in Arizona two years ago and the only game we could fit into the schedule was Aroldis Chapman’s first start. Figuring I was only going to see one game, I bought the most expensive tickets. Turns out those seats are along the 3rd baseline and cost more because they are covered. The shade wasn’t very useful that day, as the temperature was in the high 60’s. Later in the game we moved into the sun in the next section behind the dugout where the tickets were cheaper.

  5. Jason Linden

    @BubbaFan: Except for Leake, I pretty well agree with ZiPS. Latos and Cueto are good. Homer is about average. Arroyo is a serviceable #5. What Leake did, other than have a very solid season that xFIP liked a lot, to deserve such a downgrade is beyond me. I’d peg him somewhere near or just above league average.

    It’s interesting to look at ODDIBE in the projections (basically the odds of a player being excellent, very good, average, etc.). The system really seems to have no idea what to do with a lot of the Reds’ hitters as many percentages are spread pretty evenly across the spectrum.

  6. BubbaFan


    I actually have been to Goodyear before. I was there for other reasons, though, and didn’t have time in the mornings to check out the practice fields. I looked at the map at the city web site, and on Google Earth, and the Goodyear sports complex is immense. How do you know which field(s) they are using? And is there anywhere fans are allowed to park? (The main stadium parking could be quite a schlepp.)

    I usually sat along the third base line last year, in the box seats, but I didn’t think they were that great. Probably not worth the high price tag unless you want to try to talk to the players or get photos or autographs. IMO, Goodyear Ballpark is not well designed. The sightlines are bad in the front rows, and the cant of the floor is too low. If anyone leans forward in their seat, your view is blocked. There’s also a camera that blocks your view of the batters, and an ugly cable (holding up the net) that runs over the dugout at view level. Usually seats over the dugout are my favorites, but not at Goodyear.

    My favorite spring training park so far: Bright House Field, the Phillies’ spring training home. Now that’s a well-designed ballpark. Very steep cant, so even little kids won’t have their views blocked by the person in front of them, and good sight lines – you can lean forward without blocking your neighbor’s view.

  7. BubbaFan

    How much do you think it would take to get Oswalt? I think we need another starter. Probably more than we need Cordero.

    He supposedly wants a one-year deal, so he can prove last year was a fluke. Even if he has another year like last year, he’d be more valuable than any of our starters last year not named Cueto.

    Plus, it would keep him away from the Cardinals.

  8. Furniture City Red

    Yeah, starting to get excited about 2012….Think maybe we can get Tebow to play left field? 😉

  9. MikeC

    Sorry, I can’t help you with figuring out which training fields they are using ahead of time at Goodyear. My only visit so far was for the one game.

    Attendance wasn’t that high for the game I attended (it was early spring and cool and overcast that day), so I didn’t notice the seating cant problem.