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Reds sign Texeira!

Okay, it’s not what you think:

According to multiple sources, the Reds have added right-handed pitcher Kanekoa Texeira.

Texeira posted a 2.84 ERA in 6 1/3 innings with the Royals last season, but his WHIP was an astronomical 2.526. He allowed 13 hits and 3 walks in those 6 1/3 innings. Small sample size, but in a larger sample size – 67 2/3 innings over two seasons with the Mariners and Royals – his WHIP is still 1.685, which is far from stellar.

It is what it is. Bullpen depth.

5 thoughts on “Reds sign Texeira!

  1. “once a kinda sorta relief prospect kinda sorta”

    sounds like “Bullpen depth” = guy who gets cut in spring training, or guy who comes in when it’s 9-2 because Arroyo has given up another four bombs.

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