In a press release from the Louisville Bats, they announce this year’s coaching staff:

Manager: David Bell
Hitting: Ryan Jackson
Pitching: Ted Power

No mention in the press release of where Rick Sweet will be in the organization, but Redszone is reporting that he’s going to be a roving instructor.


10 Responses

  1. Ethan D

    Ugh. I bet Sweet is getting a mlb-gig

    • Ethan D

      Ugh. I bet Sweet is getting a mlb-gig

      Haha I was way off

  2. Bill Lack

    Mark Sheldon is reporting that Rick Sweet will be the Minor League catching coordinator, which I don’t believe that organization has had in the previous few years.

  3. al

    fay is speculating that the reds want to see if bell is ready for the big league job, with dusty’s contract running out after this season. he says bell is a rising star, though not why.

    i have no idea whether buddy bell’s son is a good manager, i don’t really have that much faith in jocketty at this point, and this is clearly his move. that said, i have hated dusty baker as reds manager from day 1, and it has only gotten worse.

    he is, without a doubt, the most frustrating manager i have ever watched. fans from around the league pity us for having to suffer it. i am ready for dusty to be gone. i am ready to have a manager who has any interest in common sense, even, and especially, when common sense goes against baseball orthodoxy.

    i think most minor league managers could do a better job than dusty right now, and if this move is a step towards replacing him, then i’ll call it a step in the right direction.

    • CKeever

      i am ready for dusty to be gone.

      I second that motion. Time for a manager who doesn’t let the players make all the decisions. Time for a manager who has instincts. Time for a manager who knows how to manage his pitchers. I’d like to see Sweet get a chance/

  4. SFredsfan

    OK, gaming the situation. Sweet is major league ready so relieve him of the anchor that is managing to learn the major league players so if the toothpick screws up you can move. Further covering your a@@, you have young Bell at triple A to give you an option. Thoughts?

  5. earl

    That sounds about right.

    I think Dusty is probably an Ok dude, but I think the guy coasted on Bonds and Kent to really build his rep as a manager in SF. Doesn’t take a lot of genius when you got two HOF players in the heart of your order.

  6. zblakey

    Doug over at speculated that Bell was likely offered another AAA job and the Reds matched it in order not to lose him. Makes sense.

  7. TC

    Not really a Dusty hater, but Sweet as the Red’s Manager one day sounds pretty sweet to me. 8)

  8. TC

    The more I think about it, the more disappointed I will be if David Bell is one day the Red’s Manager. I’d prefer Rick Sweet.