Happy Thanksgiving all, from your friends at Redleg Nation.

As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly:

Use this as an open thread all day, to discuss what you — as a Cincinnati Reds fan — are thankful for today.

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    Who was hotter, Jennifer or Bailey? I vote, Bailey, she smoldered underneath, Jennifer was hot, but just a little bit plastic. Yeah, I know, I’m a sexist pig.

  2. earl

    Bailey was a nice looking lady. It’s cool they had her hook up with Johnny Fever later on in the show.

    Could you imagine someone doing a show now with that many overt drug references? That was pretty edgy for it’s day. “I got a monkey on my foot.” Heh. That and the one with the bomb scare are up there with the thanksgiving 😮 episodes on that show.

    I live in the KY and I often think of the theme song hitting the I-75 bridge heading into downtown, especially with the Marriott with that total 70s style right at the bridge which is very evident in the the intro of the show.