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If you haven’t been to Redsfest, you need to go. Period.

We’ll talk more about it later, but I urge you all to go buy your tickets to Redsfest. It’s a fun event, and the Reds just announced the list of attendees. If you’re into autographs, it’s great…but I don’t care anything about getting anyone’s autograph, and I still had a blast when I went two years ago.

Our very own Spotlight Player, Tucker Barnhart, will be one of the featured guests. Go to Redsfest, talk to Tucker, mention RN. A good time will be had by all.

4 thoughts on “Redsfest

  1. Can’t wait, though I haven’t found someone to go with yet. You would think that someone as crazy about baseball as me wouldn’t have problems finding another Reds fan among my friends, right?

  2. I have made the pilgrimage from North Carolina to Cincinnati the past two years and have enjoyed the event tremendously. A great place to get autographs as well as purchasing Reds’ memorabilia. On Saturday last year, it was an absolute zoo though and it was just hard to navigate through the crowd of people.

  3. @icee82: @icee82: I agree, it was terrible the Saturday last year. The middle of the day, it was packed and it wasn’t fun dealing with the tight spaces. Hopefully it’s a little less crowded this year.

    But yeah, it’s a great time other than that. Tons of people selling stuff (some good deals too), you can get a lot of autographs, and it’s overall a fun weekend to get out and do something different.

  4. I have not been in about 4-5 years and passed last year because I figured coming off the division title it would be packed. I hope to go over this year on Sat and get in early and see things and get out. The one person I wanted to get an autograph from doesn’t look to be attending (Billy Hatcher) as I have a 90 WS bat I would love to get him to sign…

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