No official word from the Reds, but LHP Matt Maloney has tweeted that he is now a member of the Twins organization.

I always liked Maloney; he seemed like a good guy who worked hard. I don’t know what his ceiling is as a pitcher, but the Nation wishes him the best in Minnesota. Hope he turns out to have a productive career.

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  1. Sultan of Swaff

    I hope we get a AA reliever-type with a good K rate. That would seem fair. Maloney has the ability to give some team 175 innings of replacement level pitching. That’s not nothing.

  2. Travis G.

    They actually lost Maloney to a waiver claim, as they cleared three spots on the 40-man by designating him outrighting Jared Burton and Daryl Thompson. They added Denis Phipps to the 40-man, exercised Phillips’ option and declined Cordero’s. Let’s hope they let him walk.

  3. jrob45601

    While we are on the topic of transactions, the Indians declined their $9mil option on Grady Sizemore. Anyone else on board with a gamble on his health? With our lack of production from left field, and lack of contact from center field, this will be a low-risk, high-reward situation for some team, depending on what it would take to sign him. He has been injured pretty much all of he past 3 seasons (5 surgeries), but is still only 29. And was an MVP candidate before. A minor league contract would be a no-brainer, but he would have to be a better way to spend $3-5mill than another year of Ramon Hernandez or another Renteria type. Thoughts?

    • jrob45601

      Where would Grady play?

      I know that we seem to have a surplus of underperforming outfielders, but if he is healthy there can’t be anything bad about adding someone like Sizemore. If they still don’t like Heisey, Alonso, Sappelt, whoever else is left field, or if they fear Stubbs K-rate will continues to climb, it would certainly be worth looking at.

      But again, it depends on the cost. The Reds can’t afford to pay him $6 or 8 million if he isn’t totally healthy, where as a team like the Yankees or Red Sox could do so and simply hope that he is. The more I think about it, he may be a good fit with the Cubs as well.

  4. pinson343

    Much bigger news has broken: the Reds have declined Cordero’s option. I’m happy to hear this. WJ said it bluntly; “It’s too much money.”

    Hopefully the money isn’t spent on another closer. The Reds can get by using pitchers from within (such as LeCure or one of the surplus starters) until Boxberger is ready.

  5. CP

    Maloney in Target Field will be A LOT better than Maloney in GABP…that’s for sure!

  6. Dave Lowenthal

    @pinson343: If you actually read the article on Fay’s blog, Jocketty sounds one slight step above stupid. That is, he’s figured out Cordero isn’t worth 12 million. It’s a start, I guess.

  7. pinson343

    @Dave Lowenthal: I did read it. Jocketty: “We didn’t want to bring him back at that salary, …”