The 2011 Sporting News All-Star teams were revealed on Thursday, with one member of the Reds making the cut.

Second baseman Brandon Phillips was named to the NL squad by the magazine after a vote by 55 front offices members from around the big leagues.

Phillips is a first-time honoree on the Sporting News NL All-Star team. Reds first baseman Joey Votto was on the list in 2010. Before that, no Reds had made the team since Ken Griffey Jr. and Felipe Lopez in 2005.

It’s only a matter of time before the Reds make it official and pick up BP’s option for 2012. The only question is whether they’ll announce an extension at the same time.

4 Responses

  1. pinson343

    Congratulations, BP. Since he was the obvious choice, I don’t think this will affect the negotiations.

  2. OhioJim

    Interesting that in Fay’s chat a couple of days ago that he said to expect some moves by the Reds when the World Series ends. Duh, on the surface, that seems to be obvious; so, I’d guess he meant expect something rather quickly. The Cordero and Phillips options/ possible extensions would seem to me to be the most likely things to be announced that quickly.

    Another interesting tidbit from that chat session was that Fay indicated per his sources that Dusty had been the one pushing the hardest for significant moves leading up to the trade deadline; and, Walt was the one that decided to stand pat. Of course Walt’s hands could have been tied by budget constraints.

  3. OhioJim

    @OhioJim: Forgot to say that Fay sidestepped answering directly a question about the apparent disharmony between Dusty and Walt by saying that Castellini liked them both.

  4. Bill Lack

    I sure can’t see budget constraints effecting trading Ramon Hernandez, I can’t for the life of me figure out what the Reds were thinking on that one.