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  1. CP

    +1 to what Doug said. The small ball is killing me though.

  2. BenL


    I am feeling a bit torn. I’m also watching to root against the Cardinals… but they just brought Arthur Rhodes into his first WS… I would love to see him do well… So confused…

  3. ArkansasRedsFan

    I am. I grew up going to a lot of Rangers games. If I have to root for an AL team, its the Rangers. I also want to see the Cardinals fail, but they are hot, and I have a feeling that I will be very angry after this World Series. They are the luckiest freaking team in baseball.

  4. CKeever

    I watched because I love baseball. I’m as big of a Reds fan as they come, but for some reason I find myself pulling for the Cards even though I talk smack about the whiners all year. I watched them play so much this year I feel like I know their team really well. I wouldn’t mind seeing them win because they’re in the NL Central either. Maybe when the Reds play them next year and have to hear “defending champs” all the time it might get under their skin enough to motivate them.

  5. littleleo1

    Because I love the game of Baseball

  6. Ethan D

    No. But I have 2 good reasons. 1) I don’t have a TV. 2) I don’t I’m capable of watching the Cardinals win games or seeing Carpenter’s face without going sinking into depression

  7. ARFoskey

    Because although I am a Reds Fan I also am a NL Central fan. Also, I am glad the cardinals made it so NOW THE REDS HAVE TO MAKE MOVES so their fan base doesn’t disappear for another decade. Plus watching Albert Puljos one last time in a cardinals uniform is a bittersweet thing!

  8. earl

    Heck no. I feel sick enough that the Cards made it to the series, I don’t want to see those bums win it all as that is pretty much the ultimate middle finger back to all Reds, Brewers and Cubs fans over their hatred of them.

    Eh…I feel queasy just typing this out.

    No matter what happens those bums got a laugh on us Reds fans for now.

  9. earl

    Pujols isn’t going anywhere. I don’t see him leaving. The Cards are making money and they will make it happen.

    Carpenter…eh, maybe not.

  10. ArkansasRedsFan

    Go Rangers! They tie it at 1 and head back to Arlington. Although, it kinda made me sick to see how the Rangers won the game. 2 sac flies scored their 2 runs. I could count on one hand how many runs we scored off sac flies this season.

  11. Jason in Toronto

    Because I love baseball, the Rangers are a good team, fun to watch and I want to watch the Little Whiny Bitches get beaten!

  12. pinson343

    @ArkansasRedsFan: I had the same thought. Once the Rangers got the runners to 2nd and 3rd with 1 out, I knew they were going to win, because Hamilton and Young were going to at least hit sac flies.

    After the game they both said they were going for sac flies. Hamilton got the right pitch for that, and Young had to drive a tough pitch.
    The Rangers lineup has speed, power, and yes – situational hitting. I love watching them play. More than speed, they have smart and alert baserunners.

    When the Reds have a runner on 3rd with less than 2 outs, only Ryan Hanigan is reliable at getting the run in.

  13. JustChill

    I am watching solely for the opportunity to see yadier and carpenter cry

  14. Dave Lowenthal

    @pinson343: Is there any truth to that, or is this just your impression? Are there numbers to back up this claim?

  15. Dave Lowenthal

    And, by the way, the Rangers are dead team walking. You folks continually underestimate the Cardinals.

    • Myles

      And, by the way, the Rangers are dead team walking.You folks continually underestimate the Cardinals.

      Not sure, depends on the next three innings.

      Assuming it ends up 2-2, the Cards have Carpenter and Garcia to win it in six. But then it’s relying on Lohse’s smoke and mirrors in game 7 of a world series? Not sure I’m buying that.

  16. ArkansasRedsFan

    And the Rangers tie it up. Great game by Holland tonight. Hopefully the Rangers can go back to St. Louis up 3-2. If not the Cards win it in 6.

    • Myles

      And the Rangers tie it up.Great game by Holland tonight.Hopefully the Rangers can go back to St. Louis up 3-2.If not the Cards win it in 6.

      So it really comes down to our least favorite pitcher, Carpenter.

  17. ArkansasRedsFan

    @Myles: I’d love to see him go down tonight. At least the game is in Texas so we don’t have to hear the WLB fans boo every time he throws one in the dirt and its called a ball.

  18. ArkansasRedsFan

    And the Rangers go up 3-2. What a game tonight. This has been one fun World Series.

  19. pinson343

    @Dave Lowenthal: You mean numbers to back up the claim about the Reds not getting runners in from 3rd base with less than 2 outs ? I did see the numbers for that in mid-August or so. Ryan Hanigan was 11 out of 12, Votto was well over 50%, the other numbers – for starters – were 50% and below.

    I did have the impression that Joey’s success rate in that situation fell in September, but I would think remained above 50%.

    I’d be happy to see updated numbers.

  20. pinson343

    Carpenter yelling at Napoli for no reason ? What else is new ?

  21. pinson343

    This has been an outstanding World Series, I don’t know why a baseball fan would want to miss it.

  22. pinson343

    I really like the Rangers. A deep lineup with power and speed (which is a good thing, with smart and alert baserunners). Outstanding defense, especially on the left side of the IF and the OF. Good bullpen. Not such a strong starting rotation.

    They still might lose this, but I like them.

  23. pinson343

    @Dave Lowenthal: I don’t underestimate the Cardinals, they’ve been a good team since the July trades. They still have a good chance to win this. I know you’re not a Cardinal fan, but congrats in any case on predicting they’d make it to the WS so early on.

    You seem to underestimate the Rangers. No reason to call them a dead team walking.

  24. Dave Lowenthal

    @pinson343: Looks like you’re right and I’m wrong…so far. Thanks to LaRussa. Good lord, did you guys see his explanation for why he left Scrabble in to face Napoli? I could not understand it, and then I especially could not understand it given he brought in Motte after the damage was done. If you’re willing to bring in Motte, I figure, bring him in to face Napoli!

    Well, he said in the postgame, he wanted to, and told the pen to get Motte warmed up to face Napoli, but, get this…THE BULLPEN COACH MISHEARD HIM AND WARMED UP LANCE LYNN INSTEAD. I’m serious. I simply cannot believe it. This is the world series, and you lose a game out of sheer incompetence?

    Hell, I’m in favor of it, but man.

    The Cards sure blew that game, leaving about 435 runners on base and running into outs like they were the Reds.

    • Matt WI

      running into outs like they were the Reds.

      Yes… it was especially fun to see them send a runner in front of Pujols. That was very Dusty-esque, completly ignorning the intentional walk that would come to Votto, and in this case, Albert.

  25. pinson343

    @Dave Lowenthal: Still not over, of course. I’ve always felt that LaRussa is overrated, at least in terms of in-game management.

    I was totally baffled by the Lance Lynn thing. The Fox tv guys such as McCarver tried to make sense of it by saying that LaRussa was stalling for time.

  26. Jason in Toronto

    I love how La Russa got so much praise for the game one win, and has simply overmanaged the rest of this series. I don’t think he’s any more blessed than any of the others. I think of it like Bill Belichick, who is some sort of savant all of a sudden after being a huge wash-out in Cleveland. Managers and coaches don’t necessarily win championships, but guys like Norv Turner, Wade Phillips, Dusty Baker, Lou Piniella, Art Howe, Marty Schottenheimer et al can lose championships.

    Ron Washington, Joe Maddon, Mike Scioscia…they’re not geniuses, they just know in their current clubhouse how to get the most from their players.

  27. MrSaturdayNite

    I’m watching just because I want to see Carpenter cry when they lose.

  28. pinson343

    With Freese and Pujols standing right next to him, it was stupid to have Lewis bunt, a good bunt is a sure DP.

    With the way Garcia is pitching, the Rangers should have more than 2 thru the first 2.

  29. pinson343

    Another big drop by Holliday. Another RBI for Napoli.

  30. pinson343

    Michael Young is just awful at 1st base. Hard to believe he used to be a SS.

  31. pinson343

    Holliday picked off 3rd. I have never seen so many blunders in one baseball game. Still, the Cardinals pick up a run without a hit, again.

  32. pinson343

    @pinson343: Actually there was an infield hit this time. The Cardinals haven’t hit the ball into the OF since I can remember.

  33. pinson343

    Third deck for Nelson Cruz. The Rangers can hit.

  34. ArkansasRedsFan

    No way the Rangers lose this.

  35. pinson343

    Hey there, Arkansas. Glad to have some company. LaRussa’s really cussing now.

  36. ArkansasRedsFan

    Yeah, I love how Fox still played that clip when they knew he dropped a GD. Rangers still piling it on. Come on Rangers!

  37. ArkansasRedsFan

    Washington needs to ride this one out with the Dutch Oven. The Cardinals haven’t been close to hitting him this series. OF course, have a short leash if he starts blowing up.

    • Myles

      Washington needs to ride this one out with the Dutch Oven.The Cardinals haven’t been close to hitting him this series.OF course, have a short leash if he starts blowing up.

      After the homer, left him in there and really dodged a bullet… and gives the big boppers one more go-round in the 9th.

  38. pinson343

    Holland is impressive. The guy can pitch, run the bases, and field his position.

  39. pinson343

    @ArkansasRedsFan: I would definitely stay with Holland. But Washington said something about going with Mike Adams in the 8th, no matter what. Don’t know why a manager would think like that.

  40. ArkansasRedsFan

    Yeah, he is good. So did we just see Pujols’ last at bat in a Cardinals uniform?

  41. pinson343

    Maybe, very hard to say. Whether you like or dislike the Cardinals, it’s hard to imagine Pujols in a different uniform.

  42. ArkansasRedsFan

    He sticks with him. 5 more outs. Man I wish this could be us this year.

  43. ArkansasRedsFan

    @pinson343: Yep I agree, and as I type Allen Craig just smashed a ball.

  44. pinson343

    Good, Holland still out there. I guess Washington was misquoted. Of course, Dusty would put in Masset in this situation to blow the 3 run lead.

  45. ArkansasRedsFan

    @pinson343: Yeah no kidding, I’d love to see Masset in any uniform that does not say Cincinnati on it next season.

  46. pinson343

    Tying run at the plate. Just this situation in Game 6 of the 1975 WS, and Bernie Carbo homered.

  47. pinson343

    PS Hopefully Adams does better here than Rawly Eastwick did.

    Aagh, that should have been the 3rd out !

  48. ArkansasRedsFan

    Dangit. This is the kind of crap the Cardinals always pull off. Get the out at 2nd, Elvis.

  49. pinson343

    Andrus has a brain camp, another blunder.

  50. pinson343

    Whew. The Rangers defense has given the Cardinals so many opportunities, and 2 gift runs.

  51. pinson343

    Furcal not the hitter he used to be.

  52. Myles

    Would love to see Cruz go deep again.

  53. ArkansasRedsFan

    @pinson343: Yeah, those 75 WS references are WAY before my time. I know what you are talking about, but I wasn’t even a thought at that point haha.

  54. pinson343

    @ArkansasRedsFan: I will never ever forget the Carbo HR, which came after a walk and an IF hit. I had a feeling it was coming. One weakness of the BRM was that Eastwick was a postseason choke.

  55. pinson343

    Two run lead doesn’t feel so comfortable.

  56. ArkansasRedsFan

    @pinson343: Not at all. Especially when Pujols and Berkman are coming up. A 2 run bomb would be nice here.

  57. ArkansasRedsFan

    Well, possibly the conclusion of one of the best World Series in a while.

  58. Myles

    If the Cards scored two and it goes extra innings LaRussa’s got no pinch hitters left.

  59. pinson343

    Feliz better keep his cool here. I don’t want to watch Albert tie it up, or Berkman hit a walkoff.

  60. pinson343

    @Myles: Right. And yet in an All Star Game, he saved Albert for extra innings, rather than give him a chance to win it for the NL with the bases loaded in the 9th.

  61. ArkansasRedsFan

    Yeah, La Russa wasted Jon Jay earlier. HUGE strikeout there.

  62. ArkansasRedsFan

    Dangit, I know Pujols would get a hit there.

  63. ArkansasRedsFan

    A 4-6-3 wouldn’t be a bad thing here.

  64. ArkansasRedsFan

    Leave it to Cardinals fans to boo a called strike down the middle.

  65. pinson343

    Fools Craig on a mistake pitch. Two down.

  66. Myles

    wow. one of the biggest choke jobs ever in history.

  67. pinson343

    OMG, I thought that was the 3rd out. Cruz should have had it.

  68. ArkansasRedsFan

    Extras. Absolutely fitting for this series.

  69. Myles

    Hamilton for the win. That’s what I’d like to see now.

  70. pinson343

    They’re saying that was over the head of Cruz. It wasn’t, the ball went just to the right of his glove.

  71. ArkansasRedsFan

    Yeah, Cruz played that terribly. Of course it doesn’t happen if Feliz can find the strike zone.

  72. pinson343

    This is one of the most bizarre, amazing games I’ve ever seen, and more to go.

  73. pinson343

    It can’t be called “one of the greatest WS games” though, because of the horrible defensive play.

  74. pinson343

    Again a 2 run lead to protect. It shouldn’t be as hard this time. Who is the Cardinals best hitting pitcher ?

  75. pinson343

    I like going to Oliver. I say he saves it.

  76. ArkansasRedsFan

    It is still one of the best series’ I can remember in a long time.

    • pinson343

      It is still one of the best series’ I can remember in a long time.


  77. Myles

    now sacrifice and the big guys get one more shot.

  78. pinson343

    A dying quail, can’t believe it.

  79. pinson343

    That was a strike, Lohse never pulled the bat back.

  80. pinson343

    Great bunt by Lohse and play by Andrus.

  81. pinson343

    Theriot’s a pain in the neck, Albert up next, not good.

  82. Myles

    now you have to worry about Pujols hitting a three run dinger even if you get Theriot.

  83. ArkansasRedsFan

    I can’t believe this. Can the Rangers just warm up Nolan Ryan?

  84. Myles

    putting the winning run to pitch to the guy hitting .409 in the series… but that’s Pujols for you.

  85. ArkansasRedsFan

    Here we go. Please get freaking Berkman out.

  86. ArkansasRedsFan

    @Myles: ABsolutely. Washington would have been crucified if he had pitched to Pujols and lost the game.

  87. Myles

    Has this ever happened in series history? A team blowing two two-run leads in the last two innings?

  88. ArkansasRedsFan

    Cards are winning it all. They can’t lose elimination games.

  89. Myles

    well this does give Napoli a chance to earn that MVP award. 😆

  90. pinson343

    With the no doubles defense against Berkman, the Rangers actually played for a tie (rather than risking a loss on a double). Highly questionable.

  91. pinson343

    So now the Cardinals have been down to their last strike twice.

  92. ArkansasRedsFan

    @pinson343: Yeah, Hamilton catches that ball and the Rangers are celebrating if they are at normal depth.

  93. earl

    This game is totally insane. I’m glad I’m not a Rangers fan. I’d be dead living and dying on this one.

    I really don’t care about the Cardinal fans, they can go eat beans.

  94. pinson343

    @Myles: Not that I know of. Definitely not in an elimination game.

  95. ArkansasRedsFan

    Well at least Westbrook sucks.

  96. ArkansasRedsFan

    Thank goodness Berkman is the slowest outfielder since ‘Nam.

  97. Myles

    And Washington stays with Feldman. Bizarre.

  98. pinson343

    They just flashed it: Cardinals frist team ever in WS game to come back twice from the 9th inning on.

  99. ArkansasRedsFan

    @Myles: Nope. I wish he would’ve stayed with him, though.

  100. pinson343

    Should have let Feldman stay in.

  101. ArkansasRedsFan

    This sucks. I have to be at work at 5:45 tomorrow

  102. ArkansasRedsFan

    Cards win in 7. No way Texas comes back from that tomorrow. Luckiest team in baseball.

  103. pinson343

    Of course. Bringing in Lowe was like Sparky bringing in Pat Darcy to pitch to Fisk. Only Sparky didn’t have a choice when he brought in Darcy. Bringing in Lowe was just not necessary, and just plain stupid.

  104. earl

    Krazy…Freese has been a beast in the playoffs.

    I hope it doesn’t catch on and have him finally live up to that potential next year.

  105. Myles

    There doesn’t seem to be any way Texas recovers from this. But I guess that’s why they play the games.

  106. ArkansasRedsFan

    Gosh I hate the Cardinals so much.

  107. pinson343

    Just reviewed the hilites. On Freese’s game-tying triple with 2 outs in the 9th, Nelson Cruz backed off from hitting the wall. And to catch the ball, he didn’t even have to hit the wall.

    Of course, there were a whole lot of worse defensive plays than that in the game.
    But if that play is made, game and series over.

    Coulda shoulda …..

  108. pinson343

    Not looking good. The pitch to Molina, that was called ball 4 to walk in a run, was just called a strike about 4 times in that inning for Carpenter.

    It was called a ball to Molina after his theatrics on an obvious strike 2.