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I have a couple of new submissions for our RN Around the World feature (I hope to get those posted soon), but I wanted to go ahead and post this one.

Many of you know that I have a brother who lives in China. Yesterday morning, he emailed me a couple of pictures. First, this one:

His email:

You’re going to love this.

The picture attached, that’s the TV host introducing “Mr. Baseball” this morning on a local channel while the NLCS was on ESPN.

I’m convinced they think it’s a China logo.

A little later, he emailed me another one:

Unfortunately, he didn’t get any screen caps of Tom Selleck’s mustache in “Mr. Baseball.”

4 thoughts on “Reds Around the World

  1. If our Reds could get on the tube over there and also become their Reds that could be the end of the small market days??? 😀

  2. Reminds me of when Nikita Krushchev visited the US in 1961. The Reds were playing against the Yankees in the World Series. That amused him a great deal.

  3. Seriously, we have a foothold. I am sure we can find someone in China who plays at least as well as say, Paul Janish. (Sorry Paul)

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