As if you needed another reason to pull for Milwaukee as they begin the NLCS today (the fact that they are playing the Whiny Little Redbirds should be reason enough), there’s this:

The Brewers evidently despise the Cardinals as much as the Reds do.

Funny how everyone has the same complaints about the Cardinals that Brandon Phillips espoused last year. It’s everyone else’s fault, according to Tony LaRussa. As Jim Bouton would say: Riiiiiiiight.

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  1. Jello

    Anybody else hoping for the Tigers in the AL? It’d be nice if one of Sparkys teams won a pennant the season after his death wearing a patch for him.

    Saying Carpenter has a phony attitude is spot-on. But, how is supposed to explain that to his kid?

  2. Matt WI

    The Brewers are kind of a frat boy team:
    LaRussa, he’s a dead man! Molina, Dead! Carpenter? Dead.

    Right. psychotic, but absolutely right.

    Go get ’em Brewers.

  3. Steve Mancuso

    Go Brewers!

    I honestly didn’t care much that the Cardinals beat the Phillies because I’m always happy to see teams that spend as much on salary as the Phillies do lose early.

    But I’m unconflicted this round.

  4. MikeC

    Brewers take the first game. Go Brew Crew! I was hoping for a Brewers-Rays series. I don’t know if I could stomach watching Hamilton lead the Rangers to a championship.

    Matt WI, what city do you live in? I am in Oconomowoc.

  5. De_Here

    can’t root for either one…I hope the earth opens and swallows miller park next game

  6. Myles

    After the Reds are out of it I usually pull for the teams with the longest suffering fan bases… so anybody but the Whiny Little B*s would be fine with me, really.

    Brewers are in their 41st year in Milwaukee, no championships.
    Rangers are in their 40th year in Texas, no championships.
    Tigers last won it all in 1984.

    So that’s how I’d rank ’em in order of preference, I think I’d rather see the Brew Crew win it all. NL Central, represent.

  7. pinson343

    I’d like to see the Brewers and the Tigers, but the Tigers are already in trouble with the injuries to their OFers. I didn’t mind so much the Cardinals beating the Phillies, as an all NL Central NLCS appeals to me. Early this season I heard how the WC was expected to come from the NL West, then it was the NL East.

    LaRussa is a nut case, but his teams are always well-coached (not just Duncan) and they don’t fold under pressure. They shocked the Mets in 2006 and now the Phillies in 2011.

  8. OhioJim

    @pinson343: The NL Central hardly ever gets any love from either coast and because the Cubbies usually are bottom feeders, the natural media center of the area doesn’t really build the division up either.

    Compare this to the situation on the AL side where presence of the Tigers and Twinkies seems to draw a lot of attention to the division.

  9. Redsfanx

    Pulling for a Brew Crew – Tigers Rust Belt/Great Lakes W.S. Not popular with the Media Moguls, but who cares?

  10. brm7675

    To me it all comes down to one thing…Winning and like him or not, Tony L’s teams win. I would rather have a manager I didn’t like but our team wins then have a manager I like and our team sucks or as we have now a manager I can’t stand and our team is bad.

  11. wildwestLV

    Been doing more than eating Johnsonville Brats & Palermo Pizza, while washing them down w/ High Lifes. Won’t wear any Crew gear, though my plaid shirt yesterday was navy blue & gold striped. As much as I can’t stand Morgan, I relish seeing him, in particular, stick it to the Birds. I would love nothing more than a walk off hit/run by Morgan to seal the deal in the deciding game (hopefully in a sweep).

  12. Dave Lowenthal

    As the Brewers choke this game away, I seriously doubt the series will come back to Milwaukee. (I predicted Cards in 5, after all.) Roenicke should get on the umps more—it does work: see Larussa and Duncan. I just flipped it on to see Weeks ground into an inning ending, based loaded DP where he was well safe at first base but called out. No argument that I saw from Roenicke. Larussa would have gone bat you know what.

    Carpenter vs Gallardo game 3, I like the Cards chances there; followed by Wolf vs Lohse, and Wolf has struggled lately; then Garcia vs Greinke and Garcia’s at home this time. I know what all you guys want, but I don’t believe you are going to get it.

  13. pinson343

    @Dave Lowenthal: When you talk about the pitching matchups, they do favor the Cardinals. The Brewers need a big game from Gallardo in game 3, or they’re in trouble. Garcia loves pitching at home and Greinke chokes on the road.

    That call at first base on the Weeks DP was terrible, Roenicke should have gotten into his face something fierce. As Leo the Lip said, “Nice guys finish last.”

    I didn’t realize Morgan was such a flawed CFer, he helped the Cardinals a lot tonite.

  14. Dave Lowenthal

    @pinson343: I love how the Cards media implied that Pujols was kind of a choker in the postseason (recently). Guess they’ll forget that one tonite. What’d he have, 10 RBIs? (I’m exaggerating, but not by much.)

    The Brewers just are not a good defensive team.

    As to your point about Gallardo, I’m not sure a big game from him is enough. They’re going to need to hit Carpenter. That might not be such an easy task.

  15. Matt WI

    @Dave Lowenthal: Last night was just a speed bump for the Brewers Dave, just a speed bumnp. Carpenter used up his magic against the Phils. They’ll slap him silly.

  16. dn4192

    Interesting how both “big pitchers” the Brewers added in the offseason have not really shown up to well in the playoffs…

  17. dn4192

    Looking more and more like a Ranger/Card series. Albert is doing his best to force St. Louis to break the bank and resign him….

  18. pinson343

    Big win for the Crew. Early on it looked like an easy win for the Cards, but then Lohse finally reverted to form in the 4th inning.

    Great slide by Hairston Jr.

    The Brewers scored the 2 deciding runs on ground balls with a runner on 3rd and 1 out. Wish the Reds hitters did that more often. Braun has awesome power, yet shortens his swing with 2 strikes. Wish more Reds hitters did that too.

  19. pinson343

    After the way the Brewers played, I wouldn’t want to see them represent the NL in the WS.