The brutal 2011 season ends today, just as it started: with Edinson Volquez on the mound. No, the Reds aren’t playing for anything, but I’ll take a win all the same.

It’s your last chance, so ignore your work, tell your boss to take a hike, and discuss the game here. Go Redlegs.

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  1. Chad Dotson

    One of the most frustrating seasons I’ve ever had as a Reds fan…but despite that, I’m kinda sad the season ends today. Gonna miss baseball.

  2. Steve Mancuso

    One thing I’ll be watching for today is to see if Baker leaves Volquez in for 99 innings so he can reach 200 IP.

  3. Ethan D

    Man I hate the last game of the year. Even if the Reds are good or bad I don’t like it.

  4. Ethan D

    So does Votto go deep today to bring his season total to 30? I bet he is swinging for he fences every time up today.

  5. brm7675

    I wonder how many teams this season have the same pitcher pitch their opening day game and their final game of the season?

    With my Colts doing their version of Bengal football this season, it is going to be a long cold winter until the boys report come next March…

  6. brm7675

    Things that make you go hmmmmm..

    Manager A: Has 3 out of 4 losing seasons, but will be back for a 5th.

    Manager B: Has 2 WS titles in 7 seasons for a team that had not won a WS title since Woodrow Wilson was President I think, how many division titles and his team is in the hung for the playoffs again this season and he is gone at seasons end if they don’t win the World Series this year?

    Whats wrong with that?

  7. brm7675

    Did Reyes get hurt? I mean he gets a single and then is pulled? This wouldn’t be a manager trying to help his player win a batting title would it?

  8. Matt WI

    Wow… just tuned in. So Baker really left BP out so he could end the season at .300. But of course. Good call RiverCity if you see this.

  9. Dave Lowenthal

    @Steve Mancuso: You’d better be careful. If someone is eating and read that comment of yours, they could laugh so hard they could choke, die, and their heirs could sue you. That was hilarious.

  10. Matt WI

    So I think Marty just gave a back-hand slap to Dusty. He’s talking about Ozzie Guillen and his straightforward approach to managing and making players accountable. Then he says “Maybe if you have a manager who’s making excuses for you, you don’t worry about it much.” — Uh, waiting for the summer months to heat up anyone? Too old for 3rd?

  11. Dave Lowenthal

    I’m sorry, but how many MLB teams are going to be laughing at the Reds for giving a multi-year contract to a “stopper” who’s 36 years old and has 5.4 K/9 and 2.8 BB/9. I’d say it’s going to be close to 30. I.e., even many in the Reds organization will be laughing at Jocketty. It just boggles my mind.

  12. Matt WI

    Well, if we’re lucky, the season will go full circle with Volquez giving up some homewruns on Opening Day but the team coming back in the 9th to win it.

  13. Prime

    Anyone watching the game and willing to fill us in on what Chris Welsh was saying about Votto’s unique approach? Right as he started to talk about it crapped out on me.

  14. Ethan D

    Volquez is infuriating. Dusty is infuriating. Walt and Bob are infuriating. The End.

  15. Matt WI

    Oh wait… one more way to make this season full circle: I can’t believe we traded Josh Hamilton for Volquez. Ah, memories.

  16. mike

    for the few of you who will watch the playoffs despite the Reds not even being close to making it, who are you pulling for?

    I think I’m pulling for the Brew Crew

    • Myles

      for the few of you who will watch the playoffs despite the Reds not even being close to making it, who are you pulling for?

      I think I’m pulling for the Brew Crew

      Brew Crew, Tigers, Diamondbacks. Can’t bring myself to root for the Rangers unless they were playing the Phils or Cards I might.

  17. mike

    since the seasons been over for the Reds since the end of July I haven’t paid close attention to what’s been going on.

    I just noticed that a Red had the best September of any other NL position player!?!?!?


    Phillips did that this month?

  18. gosport474

    A fitting way to end the season for the Redlegs. Rooting for another D-Backs/Yankees World Series just like ten years ago.

  19. Matt WI

    @mike: Oh yeah, I’ve got no qualms with the Crew. They pushed in all their chips and made a go of it. Good for them. Alright, living an hour from Milwuakee maybe helps a bit… but I used to live in Cleveland during the mid 90’s teams and I couldn’t stand them or the fans, so proximity isn’t everything.

  20. GeorgeFoster

    @Matt WI:

    I just noticed Josh Hamilton’s similarity score on B-Ref. So, based on every player ever, coming in at #1 is …. wait for it …. Joey Votto. Of course it is.

  21. brm7675

    Hoping for that Tiger/Brewer TV…Bud will just love it except for the horrible tv ratings it would draw.

  22. mike

    the last 10 Reds position players with a single season WAR of 6 or greater

    6.7 Votto (2011)
    7.3 Votto (2010) – MVP
    6.2 Larkin (1998) – 0 MVP votes
    6.8 Larkin (1996) – 12th in MVP voting
    6.6 Reggie Sanders (1995) – 6th in MVP voting
    6.1 Larkin (1991) – 17th in MVP voting
    6.5 Larkin (1988) – 0 MVP votes
    7.2 Eric Davis (1987) – 9th in MVP voting
    9.3 George Foster (1977) – 6th in MVP voting
    6.2 Joe Morgan (1977) – 0 MVP votes

    to help put this in perspective
    6 pitchers this year in baseball have 6 or more WAR.
    Halladay, Sabathia, Verlander, Kershaw, Lee and Haren

    the last Reds pitcher to have 6 or more WAR was Rijo in 1993

    • GeorgeFoster

      9.3 George Foster (1977) – 6th in MVP voting

      Foster won the 1977 MVP award.

  23. mike

    and one more season ending set of #s
    last 11 Reds 2B with 5 or more WAR

    5.9 Phillips (2011)
    5.1 Phillips (2007)
    5.0 Bip Robers (1992)
    6.2 Morgan (1977)
    10.1 Morgan (1976)
    11.4 Morgan (1975)
    9.2 Morgan (1974)
    10.0 Morgan (1973)
    9.8 Morgan (1972)
    6.1 Rose (1965)
    5.3 Lonny Frey (1943)