Bronson Arroyo will make his final start of the 2011 season, and your beloved Redlegs will try to win the final series of the year today.

Discuss the game here. Go Redlegs.

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    • brm7675

      That Jay Bruce, with his 32 HR and 97 RBI, is a bust.

      Well depending on whom you speak to, there is that camp out there that says Bruces numbers don’t reflect really the quality player he is. If you look at his numbers month by month there are some huge gaps there where he just didn’t produce and if not for his great May and a week or so strong week in Aug I think, his numbers are a little less flattering. I think he will continue to improve, but he really needs to be more consistant and also cut down on his strike outs.

  1. Jason1972

    I think he struck out with the bases loaded two or three times this season, so I doubt he will ever amount to much.

  2. Jason1972

    So if we take away his most productive stretches and only count everything else, he doesn’t look as good? The hell you say!

  3. LVW

    Gonna make sure BP hits .300 so he can command even more money…………..makes sense. 🙄

  4. hoosierdad

    So DB lets BA bat because he wants to give the guy every chance to get win #10. Even though by batting him, the team has less of a chance of winning. DB showing once again that he cares more about individual stats than team wins. What lesson does THAT give to the young guys? In his pregame, DB told Marty the young guys needed to have a desire to win, not just be glad they made the big show.

  5. Sergeant2

    I would include Bruce in a trade for starting pitching in a New York Minute. With Bruce cementing his reputation with every at bat that he’s just another Adam Dunn/Dale Murphy type player his value will never be as high as it is now.
    For those interested its Cards 4 Astros 5 top of 4th Westbrooke started gave up 5 runs in 21/3 inn. scratch that score tied 5-5 top of 4th. Braves losing to Philly 7-0

  6. joeypop

    Could someone explain why Stubbs attempted to steal third? (Watching gamecast)

  7. hoosierdad

    @joeypop: Because DB told him to pad his stats for a better contract?

  8. OhioJim

    @LVW:I think he did something to his leg when he was going 1st to 3rd on the Stubbs double earlier. From the way he was holding it at the time I was surprised he stayed in at the time..

    Marty just said he left with a quad injury

  9. Sergeant2

    How good the Reds are going to be next year is anybody’s guess.

  10. John

    @Sergeant2: I’m pretty confident that they’ll be just as bad or worse, and that the damage DB and WJ have done will take 5 years to overcome. Am I the only person who remembers the optimism of 1999, and the subsequent years of futility?

  11. Sergeant2

    @John: I’m afraid you could be right. Bringing Dusty back tells me that ownership would rather endure another losing season then pay Dusty to sit at home.

  12. hoosierdad

    Why not trade DB? Maybe they can send a bunch of cash along and get a case of balls in return.

  13. crypticphrasing

    Coco! It’s better to be lucky than good!

  14. Dave Lowenthal

    Cordero is the greatest stopper in the history of baseball. It doesn’t matter how you get the save, just that you get it. Even if you walk 4 guys in an inning with a 1 run lead, and get your three outs on a caught stealing and a lineout double play. Because predicting going forward, those kind of things will happen again in the future. If you can do it once, you can do it again.

  15. hoosierdad

    Would you rather be good or lucky? Two outings in a row Coco backs into a save. 23 pitches, just 6 strikes, 4 walks, and a balk in a one run game and he gets a save????

  16. wildwestLV

    Even CoCo can’t believe what just happened. Never seen him in such utter shock and disbelief at at a save.

  17. Dave Lowenthal

    @wildwestLV: Pick up that option, because there’s no doubt he’ll be able to turn these magic tricks again next year! A BABIP of .216? No problem! Houdini saves with 4 walks and balks and caught stealings and lineout DPs? No problem! It’s all repeatable! No doubts here. No need for using his money on a guy like James Shields, because there’s no doubt Chapman will be a 200 inning ace next year.

    (This post is not directed at you, wildwest)

  18. hoosierdad

    PLEASE WJ and BC, do NOT pick-up Coco’s option. Pay him the $1M buyout and let him go. There is a time to cut and run.

  19. Dave Lowenthal

    Braves/Cards now in a tie. For their final act, the Braves will lose to the Phillies even when they start Joe Blanton in a game they don’t care about.

  20. hoosierdad

    How about pay Coco $1M NOT to pitch for the REDS and DB $3M NOT to manage! That’s still $8M LESS than if they pick up Coco’s option.