Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 3
Pittsburgh 4

W: B. Lincoln (2-3)
L: T. Wood (6-6)
S: J. Grilli (1)


–The entire 2011 season has been one big negative.

–With the loss tonight, the Reds have clinched a losing record for 2011.

–I don’t know what else we can say about this team. When the Reds lose tomorrow, they will have been swept by the Pirates. I’m tired of the losing. I’m exhausted by the season.

I love this franchise, but this has been a very difficult season. These guys have been the least exciting Reds team in a long time. Coming on the heels of the uber-exciting 2010 season…well, it’s just bad.

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  1. hoosierdad

    All the more reason to look at who is in the clubhouse hurting this team the most. I vote for DB. Nothing hurts a team more than losing and DB just doesn’t do a good enough job of in-game managing. Maybe they keep him on as a special scout/encourager. lol

  2. OhioJim

    Pretty much all year long the Pirates have beaten the Reds because it seems like they have just wanted the games more. So the Reds will finish up even against the Brewers and a winning record versus everybody else in the division except the Pirates.

    Not sure yet just what I think that means but since the dye was pretty much cast for all of these intra divisional results while the season was still competitive, there is probably a lesson to take from it.

    One positive tonight is that two guys from the gasoline gang pitched an inning each with neither allowing a run.

  3. pinson343

    Bad bad hitting against mediocre pitching. Often the complaints about not getting hits or advancing runners with RISP are unwarranted, but last nite it was critical. Lots of runners in scoring position with 0 or 1 out. Lots and lots of Ks in those situations. Only Votto and Renteria, the whipping boy of this web site, came thru with hits in those situations.

    Stubbs once again can’t bunt and he can’t hit either. I wonder if Stubbs has set the all time major league season record for striking out looking, two more last nite. Heisey was just as bad. Francisco hit the 2 doubles but he also strikes out on a wild pitch.

    I of course have no problem with Mesoraco getting lots of playing time, but the Reds do miss Hanigan.

  4. pinson343

    @OhioJim: Let’s also not forget that since losing that 19 inning game, the Pirates have been horrible. The Reds are about the only team they can beat.

  5. pinson343

    Positive: this season is almost over.

  6. pinson343

    @OhioJim: The gasoline gang pitches OK when the Reds are behind. It’s when the Reds are tied or ahead that they pour on the gas.

  7. JerBear

    The Reds need a legitimate #1 or #2 starter this offseason. Maybe it’ll cost them 3-4 prospects, a couple pretty good prospects and Homer Bailey, but you look at the innings pitched and the only guys approaching 200 innings are Arroyo and Leake…and Leake is only at 167.

    I tend to look at the everyday eight, but baseball is still mostly about a team’s Starting rotation and it’s back end of the bullpen.

    I probably can’t name 3-4 Arizona Diamondback everyday players, but they have 3 starters who’ve gone over 200 innings and have really good ERAs.

  8. OhioJim

    @pinson343: Agree 100% about the GG pitches well when behind but can’t hold a tie or lead. Along with the stats for relievers being a small sample size they don’t weigh game situation enough for relievers.

    If you did not hear it, Dusty was very pointed about the situation with Massett and Ludwig on the game winning hit Friday. He said Ludwig was a known low ball hitter and that pitch should have never been thrown to him. Went on to say that Meso had called for a high fastball and been shaken off. Added something about the kid trying to follow the scouting report but….. It was about as close as I have ever heard Dusty come to throwing a player (Massett) under the bus on the public record.

  9. icee82

    I am really glad that this season has about come to an end. It has been one of the most emotionally draining seasons that I can remember. I guess it was just the combination…we came into this season with an intoxicating high with all of this great starting pitching and all of these great hitters that we thought we had and we are winding down watching uninspired baseball. We thought Paul Janish was going to take the job and run with it. We were fooled. We thought Jonny Gomes would start off so hot that it would bring back memories of George Foster. We miscalculated. We thought that Scott Rolen would put up similar numbers as last year and remain healthy. That did not happen. We thought that Drew Stubbs was going to get close to 200 hits and steal 75 bases constantly putting himself into scoring position. He did lead the league with 200 but it was 200 strikeouts. We thought that our catchers would return and put up 2010 numbers. That did not happen. We thought that we have we rich with pitching. We wound up the season quite poor in starting pitching and DB wore out the bullpen but that was not his fault. With that being said, Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips, and Jay Bruce did not really disappoint. We would have like to have seen better clutch hitting from all three but I can say that I am not disappointed in what I saw with these three. Hopefully they can build on it and improve next season even more.

    • Tom Diesman

      We thought

      You need to have a talk with this “We” guy, because he really mislead you on lot of those items. 🙂

  10. Tom Diesman

    Last nights loss also clinched that Dusty Baker will finish this season with a losing record in his 4 years as the Reds manager, despite last seasons 91-71 record. He entered this season with a 243-243 record as the Reds manager and is now at 319-325 with 4 games left to be played.

  11. Tom Diesman

    Walt Jocketty took over a 9-12 Reds team on 04/23/08. He is currently 310-313 as the Reds GM, despite his 91-71, MLB Executive of the Year, season.

  12. Redsfanx

    Nothing more to say. Unless Jocketty uses his 37 years worth of baseball smarts to shake up the Reds, it will be a repeat of 2011. At least we have a ways to go to catch the Pirates 19 or 20 straight years of losing seasons.