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  1. Myles

    Wood doing a Volquez impersonation tonight. 4-1 Pirates in the 3rd.

  2. George Culver

    Reds pitching? Contradiction in terms? Reds have no pitching at this point.

  3. mike

    this would make a good trivia question
    Votto just hit his 40th double of the season

    it’s only the 24th time in Reds history a Red has hit 40 or more doubles

    who was the last Red to hit 40 doubles in a season?

    I know, nobody’s watching or reading/writing in the game threads anymore but I wanted to celebrate Votto’s 40th 2B

  4. RedLeg75

    That would be Sean Casey, with 44 in 2004.

  5. OhioJim

    @mike: Dave Parker @ 42 in 1985? My best guess since Davis or Dunn never did it.

  6. mike

    I’m a little surprised that only 24 times has a Red hit 40 or more doubles

    Pete Rose is 5 of those 24 times
    and the only other Reds to do it more than once were Casey and McCormick

    I’m surprised Bench and Robinson didn’t do it more than once

    and while looking at these #s I saw that
    Phillips is 29th on the all-time Reds doubles list
    and Votto is 36th on the all-time Reds doubles list

  7. Sergeant2

    The Reds starting rotation for next season:
    1. Cueto
    2. Leake
    3. ?
    4. ?
    5. ?

  8. hoosierdad

    With as much money as Arroyo is making you KNOW he is going to be a starter. 🙁

  9. hoosierdad

    I say you let Coco walk. You need his money and a couple of good trade guys to get a #1 starter. Maybe Grandal, Alonso and some bucks to get a #1.

  10. George Culver

    Cueto then Leake then pray the rest of the week.

  11. OhioJim

    @hoosierdad: The way Meso is (not) hitting so far, it would be a pretty big gamble to let go of Grandal. Top catchers are too few and far between to let one go prematurely just because another similarly rated prospect is a season or less ahead in coming down the line.

    Imagine how Reds history might be different for the worse if somebody had decided to trade Larkin as a prospect because they had Kurt Stillwell already there (a year sooner).

    • mike

      The way Meso is (not) hitting so far, it would be a pretty big gamble to let go of Grandal.

      you can’t make any judgements at all based on a rookie’s first 38 plate appearances
      he’s started, what, 10 games?

      that’s why I wish, when he was called up and the Reds were out of it he got 90% of the starts. Instead, Dusty screws the future by not giving one of our top prospects enough playing time for the team to make any decisions

  12. hoosierdad

    If I can get a #1 for Grandal and Alonzo who neither one have proven they can make it in the big show I make that trade yesterday!

  13. OhioJim

    @hoosierdad: And would you make it if the cost was Meso instead of Grandal? If not I rest my case because as far as he has progressed Grandal has shown as much or as Meso showed at the same levels plus he is a switch hitter and has a deeper track record with his NCAA D1 experience at the U.

  14. OhioJim

    The catching situation is on my mind because on the radio tonight during the beat reporter segment, Marty said he expects the Reds to either sign Hernandez or offer him arbitration. His take is that the org prefers to have Hernandez around next year to be the #2 and Meso’s mentor over having Hannigan in the same role. Fay countered with “but Hanigan is already signed” to which Mary countered “which should make it easier to trade him”.

  15. hoosierdad

    @OhioJim: I would prefer to trade Grandal over Meso at this point because Meso has a better arm. But I would trade either one for the right #1. NEITHER has done anything in the big show yet. Give this team a #1 with Cueto, Leake, Arroyo (sadly) and Bailey or Volquez or preferably Chapman and I think the bullpen gets a lot better by not being overused.

  16. OhioJim

    @hoosierdad: So we are not in such a different spot on this except I would lead with Meso and give up Grandal if I had to to do the deal and you would do the reverse.

    I strongly value Grandal’s college experience and the way he has climbed the latter since. I understand that Meso started pro ball straight out of high school but the length of time it took him to (seemingly) come around is going to worry me until I see enough at the MLB level to be comfortable that the last two years for him were not a flash in the pan.

  17. OhioJim

    @OhioJim: Actually I should restate a little bit. I’d try to get a top of the rotation guy without giving up either Meso or Grandal but would do as I said above if it were going to require giving up one of them.

  18. hoosierdad

    @OhioJim: I would much prefer to give up neither. They are both the same age. They are both about the same size (Meso 1″ shorter but about 10 lbs. heavier). Meso has a little better footwork and a little better arm. Grandal is a switchie which is rare for a catcher. Really hard to say which, if either, will make it in the bigs. Most scouts would give a slight nod to Meso. But, if either one is going to start with the REDS next year, that would be Meso based upon his AAA experience. Arroyo said some awfully good things about Meso the other day. But, a #1 is a #1 and, if absolutely necessary, I would give up either one for a #1.

  19. hoosierdad

    Let’s face it, this team is NOT where they are due to the catching tandem from this year. It’s the pitching that is pathetic and I could live with Hernandez and Hanigan next year. REDS need a good answer at 3B (Francisco or Frazier) for all the games Scotty will miss. REDS need a good answer in LF. They have some POSSIBLE in-house candidates there. They also need another arm or two in the bullpen (I’d let Coco walk for the money he’s going to want). Might want to think about moving Stubbs due to his high K rate. You can’t K 200+ times in 600 ABs and only hit 15 HRs.