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Johnny Cueto’s Season Over

From John Fay:

Reds ace Johnny Cueto wanted to resume throwing.

“I feel better,” he said. “I talked to doctor. I want to throw, but he said no.”

He is dealing with a strained lat muscle. He’s six innings short of qualifying for the ERA title and .01 behind Clayton Kershaw of the Los Angeles Dodgers. But he took Dr. Tim Kremchek’s advice in the stride.

What a year for Johnny Cueto!

2.31 ERA and has lowered his ERA every year he’s been in the big leagues. In addition, how’s that for responding to signing a big contract last off season?

In a season full of low-lights for this franchise, Cueto’s been one of the few positives. Thanks for the highlights, Johnny.

4 thoughts on “Johnny Cueto’s Season Over

  1. Johnny Cueto has had an outstanding season and has improved in each of his big league years. Here’s something that needs to be considered, though….all along, the scouts’ “knock” on Cueto has been his smaller size and potential lack of durability due to his smaller stature. After the last couple of seasons should he be entered into consideration as the next closer for the Reds?

    He’s been so outstanding as a starter and has been our ace this season. But, can he continue long term in that role? My guess is the Reds give it another season to see how his arm holds up as a starter, but it’s something that Kremchek and others need to monitor. I wouldn’t make a bullpen move yet, especially with the struggles our rotation had this season…but, he may make the best long term candidate for that role.

  2. @Steve, My gut reaction was “absolutely not.” After further evaluation I’ve upgraded it to “please, no.” If Cueto expresses an interest in moving to closer, maybe you explore it, but otherwise I don’t see any reason.

    Let’s assume he his small size IS a problem. It’s completely reasonable to assume at least 7 more years out of him averaging at least 160 innings. Maybe you get 13 years out of him at Cordero’s average of 65-70 innings per year. He makes a much bigger impact in each game he throws in and he throws more as a starter. I just don’t see any benefit to a move, especially since depth in the rotation continues to be an issue with no solution in sight.

    In other news, Jocketty says he plans to keep BP around. I really hope they work out a favorable extension over the $12m option for next year. What does it take?

  3. I say let Cueto go as long as he can as a starter. Using an extreme example, Greg Maddux was 6′, listed weight 180, and he was not as stocky as Cueto. he seemed to do ok. 😆

  4. Exceptions are not the rule….that’s why they’re exceptions.

    Anyway, by age 25 Maddux had hurled 1174 innings, including seasons of 249, 238, 237 and 263. Cueto has pitched 687 total and never more than 185 in a season.

    the danger with allowing Cueto to keep going 160 innings per year, IF he is REALLY at risk (as the scouts say), is that he won’t get 160 innings per year. He’ll get less and less and then will be done…too late to convert to another role.

    I’m not saying I’m right—I don’t know enough about the physiology. I’m just bringing up what scouts said about him from the beginning; that is, he wouldn’t be able to hold up.

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