Reds and Brewers again tonight. Only 11 games remain in the 2011 season. A disappointing year, and the most uninteresting Reds team in years.

Discuss the game here. Go Redlegs.

12 Responses

  1. George Culver

    Crickets chirping? Funny. Seasons over but like a car wreck I still watch. I’m afraid I need psychoanalysis.

  2. mike

    @George Culver: I was almost going to post so there wouldn’t be a game thread with no posts!

    that and I’ve been thinking about how great Alonso has looked at the plate and started to wonder, what other late season call up rookies have the Reds seen make such a big splash. Alonso has crushed the ball.

    • Chad Dotson

      I’m not surprised at the apathy. After all the fun of last year, it makes this season THAT much more disappointing…and frustrating.

  3. RedLeg75

    Volquez looked good for the most part. The HR he gave up to Yuni was up in the zone, can’t do that. He kept the ball down the rest of the time, mixing in the good changeup. 3 walks. 117 pitches. Not terrible, not great.

  4. lookatthathat

    @George Culver: I’ve been listening to the game and refraining from comment because I was uncomfortable posting on an empty board. Don’t feel bad.

  5. hoosierdad

    Couldn’t go to the game tonight due to back surgery this week. How’s the crowd?

  6. lookatthathat

    Shoot. Adding insult to injury.

  7. nightwingv

    Been a diehard Reds fan since ’61. Many ups and downs and far too many seasons of broken-heartedness. It wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t have a lick of talent as has happened at times over the years, but we do have the talent. A load of it. Yes, it was and always will be a boneheaded decison to give away a rare talent such as Josh Hamilton and get basically a dud end of that trade. We could live with that if we had a managerial staff that knew what to do with the talent we do still have. I told everyone when I heard the announcement a couple of years ago that Dusty Baker was named manager. Nice guy…a truly nice guy and great ball player when he was a major league player. Yet, as it proved itself out in San Fran and again in Chicago he could not win the big one when he had all the talent in the world during his tenures there. If one was to look just at this year alone (without blinders on here) getting the most out of his players, how he handled them and knowing how to develop the very best out of them Dusty once again has shown an definite inability to do those very things…Is it ‘all’ his fault? No, but motivation (of the players) is seriously lacking along with the other things mentioned above. If you think I am wrong here just watch the body language and effort many times over the last several weeks…

  8. George Culver

    Would this season had been different if the Reds had traded for Grenike and Marcum?

    I say yes. Walt’s fault. Dusty after that.