Johnny Cueto trails Clayton Kershaw by mere percentage points in the NL ERA race, if that sort of thing matters to you. I’d like to see Cueto finish up on top, if for no other reason than to validate the brilliant season he’s had.

Even better than that, however, is that a good start by Cueto today will beat the Cubs. That’s always great.

Discuss the game here. Go Redlegs.

14 Responses

  1. Kyle

    What happened to Cueto? Just saw he got taken out after 45 pitches.

  2. BigC in TampaTown

    Seriously, what happened to Cueto??!?
    Turned away to order a pizza and comeback and they are all like I hope this young man is okay???

  3. SirRibShack

    According to Fay Bob says Dusty will be back next year. I’m not sure if I can do another season of Dusty.

  4. Kyle

    Fay reported strained right lat on twitter

  5. BigC in TampaTown

    Thanks Kyle!
    did he pitch long enough to get the win?

  6. Tom Diesman

    Nope he only pitched 3.2 IP so no win tonight. He allowed no runs so he lowered his ERA for the season to 2.31. But what is really concerning is that he now has 156 IP, which is 6 IP shy of qualifying for the ERA title at the end of the season should this injury keep him from pitching again this season. So hopefully he can get out there again for six more innings before the season ends to have a shot at the ERA title.

  7. earl

    It’s kind of funny that Renteria finally started to hit after the season was pretty much done. He should slide Dusty a $20 for helping to pad his stats, as someone will see him hitting .265 for the year and think, eh, maybe he wasn’t that bad.

  8. earl

    Considering how bleh his second half has been, I don’t quite get why Drew Stubbs starts pretty much every night. I know Dusty sees him as the starter, but it isn’t like he is winning the job night in and out.

    Heisey can hit .245 too, but I guarantee he will give you more extra base hit pop for the same at bats.

  9. CP

    Stubbs has indeed taken a step back. Finishing with a sub-.700 OPS would be very disappointing.

  10. earl

    I don’t think Chris Heisey will be a star, but I would like to see the Reds give him a season with 500 at bats before they probably give him away. I think Heisey has less holes in his batting approach than Stubbs and the guy crushes way more pitches.

  11. gosport474

    Francisco is looking really good at 3B. Time for Dusty to sit him for a series. 🙄