Let’s recap today’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 7
Colorado 12

W: A. White (2-1)
L: M. Maloney (0-2)

–Chris Heisey went 3-4 with two homers, two RBI, and three runs scored.

–Heisey’s second home run came in the fifth inning. Joey Votto and Jay Bruce promptly homered after that, giving the Reds their first back-to-back-to-back homers since 2006, and tying the game at 7. The back-to-back-to-back sequence encompassed only nine pitches.

–On the night, Votto was 3-4 with a double, in addition to the homer. Juan Francisco also homered.

–Bronson Arroyo was awful: 1+ innings pitched, seven hits, six runs, 3 HR allowed. Those three homers permitted Arroyo to tie Eric Milton for the dubious claim of “most homers allowed by a Red in a single-season.” One of the worst records a player can hold.

–Cincinnati used eight pitchers, and no one really stood out. Matt Maloney, Sam LeCure, and Aroldis Chapman were particularly bad.

–Well, that was a crazy game.

–Last back-to-back-to-back homers by the Reds, back in ’06, were hit by Juan Edwin Encarnacion, Adam Dunn, and Rich Aurilia.

–I listened to just a tiny bit of today’s game. Part of the reason is that I spent all day putting together a basketball goal in the driveway. Mostly, however, it was the fact that the game wasn’t on TV, and Jeff Brantley was on the radio broadcast.

Cowboy makes my ears bleed. I just avoided the game rather than listen to his schtick.

–I expect Edinson Volquez to throw a no-hitter tomorrow, thus earning the 2012 Opening Day starting assignment.

16 Responses

  1. Y-City Jim

    Dusty must have been in heaven with a bottomless bullpen to play with today.

  2. wildwestLV

    @Chad Dotson: No, I think that, the ACC just stinks. Period. My Hokies barely escaped humiliation from East Carolina today. Our conference just sucks. I fully expect Volquez to be in our starting rotation next year. Completely. No surprise. Opening Day? Sure. Yep.

  3. Truman48

    I’m sorry IU is so pathetic they will just give it right back to UVA before ot. Unbelievable. Chad, don’t ever think you have it that bad as a UVA fan. Trust me.

  4. Matt WI

    Just wanted to give props for the Brantley comments. I hate that Marty apparently loves him, because he’ll never go away. It’s sort of parallel to Dusty’s love for his veteran SS. Either the higher ups must intervene or Brantley will have to lose his voice.

  5. Chad Dotson

    @wildwestLV: @Truman48:

    IU pulled off a UVa-style choke job. Two bad teams playing tonight.

    And I agree about the ACC. Tech certainly looked awful today. Probably didn’t deserve to win.

    • Truman48

      @wildwestLV: @Truman48: IU pulled off a UVa-style choke job. Two bad teams playing tonight.And I agree about the ACC. Tech certainly looked awful today. Probably didn’t deserve to win.

      I agree with what you said except it is Indiana that already had the “__-style choke job” saying trademarked a long, long, long time ago.

  6. I Voted Votto

    Hey Chad! Jaun Encarnacion didn’t play for the reds in 06, he was with the cardinals that year. Jaun played for the reds during the 02 season. So i assume you mean Edwin?

  7. OhioJim

    The Reds will be a better team next year if they just pay Arroyo and Rolen to sit and watch and mentor and don’t let them on the field. The cost is already sunk why make things worse by spending PT on them when there are better internal options even if trades aren’t completed

  8. teresaliz

    I was at the game today in Denver. The Reds did not make use of a gift the Rockies tried to give them 1st inning by 2 errors. They should have gotten more than 1 run out of it. It was also frustrating to see Arroyo give up homeruns or hits after 2 strikes. That happened several times. I don’t think Chapman threw 1 strike. I wanted to hide in a corner when he threw a wild pitch that brought in a runner home. The homeruns by the Reds were fun to watch except I got the feeling the Reds just tried hitting home runs instead of just connecting with the ball for a hit after those homeruns were hit. The Reds just seemed to hit a lot of long fly balls that were caught. I’m going to the game tomorrow. I would love to see Edinson Volquez throw a no-hitter tomorrow, as long as the Reds win. 🙂 I can’t remember the last time I went to the game and the Reds won. I did not go to Friday’s game.

  9. nvilleredsfan

    @Brian Erts: That’s a great article. Now Bronson will make himself feel better by saying that he’s given up less in a season than a hall of famer.

  10. LVW

    My school had our most dominating game vs a non conference school in our history:
    Arkansas State 47
    U of Memphis 3