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September Callups

Tomorrow is September 1st, the time of year for young players to get a “cup of coffee” at the big league level with a chance to catch the GM’s or manager’s eye and hopefully get themselves an opportunity to win a big league job in spring training.

Since the Reds are out of the playoff hunt (and everyone seems to know this except the manager) and the AAA Louisville Bats aren’t going to the playoffs this year either, there is an opportunity for the Reds to get a look at some players in September.

These are the players currently on the Reds 40 man roster in the minor league system.

Jared Burton
Carlos Fisher
Juan Francisco
Yasmani Grandal (AA)
Jeremy Hermida
Jeremy Horst
Matt Maloney
Kris Negron
Jordan Smith
Daryl Thompson
Chris Valaika
Edison Volquez
Travis Wood

In this AM’s Enquirer, Jocketty said, “It’ll be quite a few”, so…

I think with the recent struggles of the bullpen, that Fisher, Burton, Horst, and Smith should all get called up. Burton is an interesting decision. They’ll need to decide if they want to see how his arm is or whether they want to allow him to recover more over the winter and see how he is in spring training. He’s on a one year deal and, I believe, would be arbitration eligble (if it’s offered), so that would probably influence whether he’s called up or not.

I don’t see them calling up many starters. It’ll be interesting to see if they call Volquez back up and what they do with him if they do. I think this could give a clue as to what the team sees as his future. Start him in September and see if he’s learned anything in AAA. If he performs well, is his future here or as trade bait?

They might call up Maloney or Wood, as they could probably work out of the pen and/or take a spot start if the team needed one.

Position player-wise, I think Hermida and Francisco will absolutely get called. I think Valaika should, and probably will.

But I don’t think that ends the list.

Devin Mesoraco (.289/.372/.486/.858) should be an obvious call up, but he’s not on the 40 man roster. You might might even want to reward players like Neftali Soto (.274/.328/.580/.907), who leads the Reds minor leagues in homers or Denis Phipps, who has had a breakthrough season (.339/.385/.525/.910 at 2 levels).

So, agree? Disagree?

What about Mesoraco? If you want him up, who do you take off the 40?

Who would YOU call up? Who WILL they call up? Who SHOULD they call up?

26 thoughts on “September Callups

  1. Kris Negron isn’t good. I see no reason for him to be on the 40-man roster. In fact, he’s terrible. Devin can have his spot.

  2. I think Fisher, Valaika, Hermida, Horst, Francisco, Maloney, Wood, Volquez for sure gets the call. Mesoraco better be called up as well. I’d let Burton rest and I don’t think the club needs Smith up with all the others coming up. I would love to see Phipps get rewarded for the amazing season he has had too. I wouldn’t be surprised if Negron got called up too, just for more SS depth, and he is beyond awful, just the type of player Dusty loves…

  3. The only players I really want to see up is Wood, Volquez, Francisco, Burton, and Mesoraco.

    Personally, I would have put Rolen on the 60-day DL. It’s going to be hard to get a meaningful look at Alonso, Francisco, Sappelt, or Frazier with him back in the lineup everyday. And we already know that someone is going to have to pry the lineup card out of Dusty’s hands to write in Alonso’s name.

  4. Jocketty says ‘quite a few’ will get call ups in September. That’s all well and good assuming you’re on the same page as the manager.
    Does anyone think he’s deliberately forcing a showdown with Dusty?

    • How many spots on are open on the 40-man? I know when they released Valiquette that opened up one more spot.

      I’ve been trying to figure out the 40 man roster since Valiquette was released. I think Burton took his spot when he came off the 60-day DL. I agree with CP that Rolen should have been placed on the 60-day DL, but I don’t think that’s possible now.

  5. In my perfect world, I’d see Wood take Arroyo’s spot in the rotation, Volquez try being a setup man, Mez taking all of Ramon’s starts, Alonso/Sappelt splitting LF 70/30, and Frazier splitting time w/ Rolen when he gets back.

  6. @Sultan of Swaff: No, you don’t force a showdown with a subordinate.

    @BJ Ruble: There is either 1 or 0. Valliquette still shows up on a lot of 40 man rosters. I still don’t understand why they’d release him when Negron is still on the 40 man, maybe some personal reason or something. You’d think some team would be interested in a LHP who pitches in the upper 90s.

    • @Sultan of Swaff: No, you don’t force a showdown with a subordinate.

      @BJ Ruble: There is either 1 or 0.Valliquette still shows up on a lot of 40 man rosters.I still don’t understand why they’d release him when Negron is still on the 40 man, maybe some personal reason or something.You’d think some team would be interested in a LHP who pitches in the upper 90s.

      Valiquette was released. But the Reds website shows 40 men on the 40 man roster.

  7. I’m for calling up any of these players if we have a good reason to do so, and that means playing time. One complicating factor is we already have several young players on the roster (Alsono, Frazier, Sappelt) who need time on the field.

  8. Why bother bringing all of these guys up, as Rolen goes back to 3rd next week when they activate him, leaving Yonder with no chance to play(maybe a night off for Joey V) Heisey will be back in LF in a platoon with Lewis(not that I dislike Heisey at all, but why they continue to play Lewis when you are 14 games out continues to baffle me!)

    Maybe they’ll use a couple of pitchers in long relief to mop up the continued messes of Arroyo, but why bring up anyone else, when they MAY be a late inning replacement in 1 or 2 games!

  9. @CP: Your assumption is that Dusty is a subordinate. He may have the backing of Castellini, which could be why he doesn’t feel the need to play the kids Walt gives him, make Renteria play third, etc.

  10. Trust me when I say this, Castellini is no big fan of Dusty’s. If the Reds had not won the division last year, he DEFINITELY would not have been given a contract.

  11. @Bob Purkey: Am I the only person who is infuriated that Rolen is not being given the rest of the year off? Why in the world are the Reds putting him back on the field, even if he is close to healthy?

    • @Bob Purkey: Am I the only person who is infuriated that Rolen is not being given the rest of the year off?Why in the world are the Reds putting him back on the field, even if he is close to healthy?

      Year? I’d be trying to talk to him about retiring….

  12. @Dave Lowenthal: I wouldn’t say I’m infuriated…mostly just frustrated and resigned to it.

    Great article on information technology and baseball:


    So why aren’t more teams approaching defense the way the Rays approach it? Because some of them are still stuck in a time warp, that’s why.

    “You have to be willing to use the information,” Maddon says. “There’s active and passive information. I know there are other teams that are getting a lot of good stuff. But then, are you able to utilize it during a game? Are you willing to utilize it during a game, or even prior to the game?

    “I think there are so many old-school tendencies or advocates that are unwilling to go in this direction that at the end of the day, I don’t even think they know why they’re really unwilling to do this … Quite frankly I don’t know why every team wouldn’t want to do it, because the information’s there.

    “I guess it just depends on organizational philosophy. Are you comfortable with the haphazard, ‘I-think-this-is-going-to-work’ approach, or the ‘this-is-what-happened-in-1987-and-it-worked-then’ approach? If you are, that’s fine.”

    But if you are, you’re a member of a species that’s on the verge of becoming as extinct as the Whooping Crane. And if you’re still strictly managing by The Book, because that’s how Connie Mack did it, we now know conclusively you’re using the wrong book.

  13. @CP:

    I just can’t imagine Dusty is embracing all of these technological tools. It concerns me that this is contributing to the Reds lack of success.

  14. @MikeC: Price is quoted in the article and we know Votto is a big believer. Still, I’ve seen very little evidence that the Reds use all the tools defensively but perhaps the Reds are just less aggressive than other teams. It’s clear that Dusty is using SOME data…but data is just a tool. With Dusty I can’t help but imagine the scene from The Simpsons Movie where Homer carefully lines up his hammer to strike a nail then hits himself in the eye. 😆

  15. @Bob Purkey: That opinion doesn’t jive with his two year deal. If the owner really disliked him but didn’t want to tick off the fans, a one year deal w/ an option would seem more in order.

  16. @CP: Great article. Does anyone remember the Reds employing a shift this season more than a couple times?

  17. Gotta love twitter! Reds DFA’d Hermida and he was claimed by the Padres. Mesoraco is free to come sit on the Reds’ bench and watch Hanigan/Hernandez show him how the game should be played. 😀

  18. @Dave Lowenthal: I want Rolen to play quite a bit from here on. The surgery was to clean out some bone chips, not something major like a torn labrum. (I have bone chips myself.) Rolen may well have one good year left, playing 110-120 games, and September gives them a chance to find out whether, if healthy, he still has some ability. And if he can’t play, then I have enough respect for Scott Rolen to believe that he will accept that he can’t play at his level and retire. If you sit him, then you don’t have that information, and Rolen will gear up to play for sure next season.

    Plus, Rolen is the one guy in which the Veteran Presence notion, usually hogwash, may have some validity.

  19. @Dave Lowenthal: All I said was that Rolen may well decide to retire, if he thinks he can’t be up to snuff. I’m all in favor of his returning next year if he can play effectively. But if I remember right, Rolen restructured his contract so that he got another year but some of his previously-agreed pay was deferred to 2012, the new year. If he does retire, then he should be paid what he had agreed to, before restructuring, so it wouldn’t be as if he were walking away from the full check by retiring. And he’s got to have $40 million in the bank.

    Having pain from bone chips is not the same thing as having a irrettievably bad shoulder, and I agree that he will likely play next year. But I don’t think it’s a given.

  20. @CP: Fred Lewis also got sent to AAA this morning after clearing waivers (no complaints here), so that clears up left field playing time for Sappelt and Alonso. Meso should probably be playing 4 or 5 days a week from here on out, just to warm him up heading into next year.

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