Our friend, John Fay, believes Joey Votto merits consideration as this year’s MVP:

His big day yesterday — he was 5-for-7 with two home runs and four RBI in the doubleheader — put him in the lead in on-base plus slugging. That’s what I look at first as an MVP voter. He’s at .992. Ryan Braun is second at .985.

Votto also leads the NL in average with runners in scoring position at .435.

Again, I don’t expect him to repeat, but his numbers warrant consideration.

What do you think?

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  1. TC

    Not a chance. MVP has as much to do with the situation of the team as anything else. Also, I believe his AB in LA last year won him the MVP.

    That situation has not materialized this year. But, he was good enough to be considered.

  2. mike

    @TC: if these cliche’s of how the voters vote for MVP hold true then Halladay is a shoe in.

    of the 6 most valuable players (as of this moment)

    Votto, Tulowitzki and Kemp play on teams out of the playoff race. Well there is a small chance in hell for Colorado but not really

    That leaves Upton, Victorino and Braun. Nobody would vote for Vicotrino on a team with the best record and 3 of the top 4 pitchers in the NL.

    Upton or Braun??

    right now my vote would go to Votto with Halladay 2nd

  3. Matt WI

    @mike: What about Prince? Myabe he and Braun will split the Brewer ticket and Votto will sneak in there? No… he should get his due recognition in votes, but he is not your winner this year.

  4. mike

    @Matt WI: I don’t think Prince has been as productive as the others mentioned.

    If you include Prince I think you have to include Reyes, McCutchen, Holliday, Kershaw, Lee and Hamels

  5. John

    Anything’s possible. Remember Andre Dawson?

    Of course, Votto would have to go on a monumental tear toward the end, maybe get player of the month for September or something. That’d probably do it.

  6. Jason Linden

    I think Votto is the best hitter in baseball not named Bautista, but he’s not winning he MVP. My guess is he finishes between 3rd and 5th.

    • RiverCity Redleg

      @Jason Linden:

      My guess is he finishes between 3rd and 5th

      Wouldn’t it be easier to say you think he’ll finish 4th. 😀

  7. Matt WI

    @LVW: Yeah, I saw that today… a good article. I like Passan.

  8. Aaron Lehr

    As I said in yesterday’s game recap, Votto has certainly made a case. In my opinion, his performance warrants it as much as anyone elses (he leads the NL in fWAR). Whether he gets it is another issue. Considering he’s not near the top in HR or RBI indicates to me that he will not win. I know the voters have come a long way in some respects (i.e. Felix last year) but I don’t see it in this instance. If a hot September gets him in the top 5 for HR and RBI that might do it.

  9. redbucwildcats

    If you are in the camp that says that valuable is more than the best player, then that is even more reason to vote Votto MVP. Joey is smoking the NL in Win Probability Added (WPA) According to Fangraphs, Votto leads the NL with 6.68 WPA. The next two are Fielder at 5.62 and Kemp with 4.25.

  10. pinson343

    If the NL MVP winner is from the Central, it’s Braun or Fielder, for the obvious reason that the Brewers will win the division. If the stats are comparable, small differences don’t matter, it’s about which team won the division.

    Joey deserved the MVP last season, but the reason it was not even close between him and Pujols (only a single first place vote for Pujols, from a St. Louis writer) was that the Reds won the division.

  11. Jason1972

    Small sample size, but Votto’s recent tear, the Reds 5-3 record, and the relatively bigger success of the offense have all come since Dusty moved Phillips from the four to lead off.

    Small sample size I know and possibly just coincidence, but we cant get the 120 or so games back where Dusty insisted on batting 2 of his worst hitters in front of Votto because that’s how it was done back when he played with Aaron.

  12. RiverCity Redleg

    @pinson343: There’s no question that winning the division weighs heavily in the voting. Votto will really have to seperate himself if he’s going to win (which is completely possible).