1. RedBlooded says:

    I’m not sure what that means or what to hope for. If it came down to a choice between Walt and Dusty I would choose Walt, hands down. But if Walt is not renewed, then I would expect whoever came in would not want a lame duck manager and if they have any sense, they would want their own guy. If they keep Dusty and extend him, we would know right away that they picked the wrong GM for sure. I wonder if Walt has waited to extend because they are talking about extending Dusty or letting him go. I’m guessing, but it is possibly wishful thinking on my part, that Walt has been insisting that for him to extend Dusty has to go and Castellini, el al have not been ready to make that decision while the Reds still seemed to have a chance for the title. That horse has left the barn, so we may find out fairly soon what it means and how it is going to play out.

  2. Python Curtus says:

    I agree mostly. I do think if Jocketty is not renewed and the Reds have to restart their program in the front office, Baker might be replaced a year early. The thing is, Castelini is a fairly loyal guy—-there are still people from Dan O’brien’s time still holding the same jobs, plus, Castelini and Jocketty go back to their days with the Cardinals. I do think Jocketty has made a few bad decisions on contracts. I don’t think I would mind him being replaced. But the bottom line is, Baker is not the right manager for this team and if it means he gets replaced, I’m OK with Jocketty leaving

  3. RedBlooded says:

    I’m just sort of OK with Walt leaving. I think he’s been pretty good. He has retained a lot of potential. I think it was a reasonable decision to go with what we had to see if it could sustain the gains of last year. As it turns out that did not happen. Partly some key guys have failed to step up and don’t forget there have been a number of injuries. At least he hasn’t made some catastrophically bad deals. He seems to have failed to pull the trigger on some deals that should have made lately (Hernandez, Cordero, etc.) But we don’t know if there was anything worthwhile in return that he turned down. Everything else I think reasonable men can honestly differ on. A few head scratchers but some have worked out (Cairo, Rolen for one year anyway, I think on balance -especially lately – Renteria has been OK for the role he was hired for) and some have not. He is the devil we know at this point. You have to say Walt as opposed to who? There are few certifiable geniuses out there. Especially ones that would want to take on the real life constraints that are on the Reds – budget, etc. So we don’t know who we would get, better, worse or more of the same.

  4. Furniture City Red says:

    Well, right up front, I don’t know what it means….For me, Jocketty has been a mixed bag. I could take him or leave him really….But Dusty…Oh Dusty! He simply is not the manager you want to have for a ‘young team’.

  5. RedBlooded says:

    Yes, I think we all agree. Dusty has to go. ASAP.

  6. JerBear says:

    I think you definitely need to keep Walt. This year has been very dissapointing, but the Reds aren’t the Yankees or Red Sox. This year almost seemed like a trial year. Their success last year really kind of put them in a difficult position this year. If the Reds struggled again next year then I think it’d be time for Jocketty to go. But I think he deserves at least another year.

    His track record has been successful. I’m not sure starting over again would be a good thing. They definitely need to make some roster changes and probably a managerial move.

    The hardest part is going to be deciding what directions Jocketty wants to go. Go with the youth, or trade those guys for established veterans? I’m not sure right now. They’re so inconsistent. It might be easier to make decisions if the Reds were worse.

    I guess you have to applaud the Brewers. They really went for it this year, but then again they may get swept in the first round of the playoffs.

  7. Jeff says:

    Walt has been good for the Reds. I would hope a new contract will be worked out in due time. He has put a good team together that will hopefully will take it to the next level next season (though we all wished this season would be a big one). I am glad there hasn’t been media about this. No news is good news.

  8. Myles says:

    Show Them The Door

  9. vared says:

    So glad Walt didn’t do pricey trades just to appease the fans and/or just for the sake of doing trades. Don’t know what Pittsburgh and San Francisco gave up, but they are perfect examples of how these thing can backfire so easily. The Reds were going nowhere this year with or without a trade.

  10. Sergeant2 says:

    Makes me wonder if the reason the Reds didn’t make any trades at the deadline is because Mr. C. wanted to wait until the new GM takes over hmmm and the plot thickens.

  11. brm7675 says:

    Walt and Dusty are going no where. Walt will ink a new 2-3 year deal and they will let Dusty know he is secure, but no extension will be offered.

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