The public voting for the Reds Hall of Fame has started.

The Nominees:

Jeff Brantley
Sean Casey
John Franco
Danny Graves
Hal Morris
Paul O’Neill
Reggie Sanders
Scott Sullivan

You can vote for no more than 3.

12 Responses

  1. dn4192

    I went with Casey, O’Neill and Sanders

  2. Rich_Watson15

    I did a rotating mix of Casey, Brantley, O’Neill, and Morris. Couldn’t cut it down to three. Sad I know…

  3. cliff

    if you dont vote for danny graves, you’re a communist.

  4. Y-City Jim

    Franco, Graves (with some hesitation), and Sullivan (the dude was a warrior).

  5. Matt WI

    Casey, Franco, Morris. Thought about Sanders.

  6. Bill Lack

    Couldn’t bring myself to vote for Graves (high ERA) and O’Neill was just not that good as a Red, Casey and Morris were better.

  7. doctor

    Franco, Sullivan, O’Niell. I agree with Y-City Jim on Sullivan, he was a rubber-band arm for about 4-5 years, a one-man bullpen, absolutely amazing.

  8. Python Curtus

    Very hard to decide who to vote for. Sullivan deserves recognition if for no other reason than those midrelievers almost always get overlooked. Morris and Casey are practically the same player—-lefty first basemen who hit .300 almost evry year. Casey had a bit more power. And Reggie Sanders was severely underrated in his time. The others deserve it as well, probably, but I’m more inclined to pick them later