Defending Adam Dunn

6 thoughts on “The Least Exciting Player Ever

  1. At least as a DH he can only be bad on offense. 😉

    I hope he gets it together. Is South Chicago where Reds players go to die?

  2. I think he came back too quickly from appendectomy. I had abdominal surgery earlier this month, and I don’t see how/why he was playing just a couple of days later.

    He may also just be having a rough time as full-time DH? It’s been described as pinch hitting 4 times.

  3. Speaking of least exciting player…
    Which person do you think will be the first to hit a home run in a Reds uniform this season?
    Edgar Renteria
    Paul Janish
    Zach Cozart
    Juan Fransisco
    Mike Leake
    Bronson Arroyo
    Devin Mesoraco
    Yonder Alonzo
    or Dontrelle Willis

  4. Dunn is 1 for 53 against LHP this year. 😥

    His one hit was an infield single. 😯

  5. Dunn was far from “the least exciting player ever” with the Reds. A lot of game winning monster HRs. But big guys with big swings don’t generally age well.

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