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Open Thread: Reds vs. Yankees (2011.06.21)

Game two of this epic rematch of the 1976 World Series takes place tonight at Great American Ballpark. Unfortunately, the Reds have already lost more games in this series than they did in 1976.

Oh well, time to get back on the winning track. Johnny Cueto is scheduled to start, after having his regular day in the rotation pushed back because of a sore neck or something. Cueto hasn’t allowed an earned run in his last fourteen innings, over two starts. Let’s hope that streak continues deep into today’s game.

Here’s your game preview. Go Redlegs.

UPDATE: Game has been rained out. Day-night doubleheader tomorrow. Use this as an open thread to discuss whatever you like.

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  1. Kind of surprised they called the game so early. I live about 30 minutes from the park and had been on the road about 10 minutes when I heard on the radio the game had been postponed. A few minutes before that the same radio station, WLW 700, had a weather forecast where they said possibly a few sprinkles in the first couple innings, but clear after that. And the sky here now is very bright. When they called the game off it was dark downtown, but this clearer weather was moving that way. I’m sure they have the best forecast. But it wouldn’t surprise me if it turns out the weather would have been fine to play.

    I certainly can’t think of any reason (cough, cough, to give Jonny Cueto’s neck one more day of rest, cough, cough) they would want to delay the game otherwise.

  2. It looked bad (on the Cincy radar looking from way up here in Indy) earlier in the afternoon. There’s a little cell over Cincy right now, but there’s an awful lot of clear space behind it. Seems a little hasty to me.

  3. I’d rather they call it than play thru off and on rain. Hate that.

    This is the one game where the Reds have a big starting pitcher matchup advantage, so they didn’t want one of those off and on games where the starting pitchers have to exit early. Fine with me.

    If Cueto’s neck had something to do with it, fine with me too. It’s better than our having some backup pitcher warming up for a small window (now who would do that ?).

  4. @Steve: They called it off quickly before Dusty got outmanaged like in the Cards game.

    Also, good news: Now Arredondo gets an extra day of rest.

    OK, sarcasm off.

  5. Well they are playing in Louisville. Through five, Homer has allowed 3 runs on 8 hits. 1 walk; 2 K’s; 93 pitches, 63 strikes. He’s been maybe nickelled and dimed a bit but all runs have scored (2 in the 3rd, 1 in the 4th) with two outs which makes one wonder about his endurance at this stage.

  6. Homer came out and threw a strong 6th. Gave them nothing picked up an additional K. 103 pitches, 71 strikes. 3 runs all earned on 8 hits. 1 walk; 3K’s. Chapman now on to pitch the 7th

  7. Sounds like Homer is right on track. That his shoulder feels normal is far more important than how he does against those AAA hitters. Can’t wait for him to start his next game for the big league club. I’m sure he’s anxious to do that, too.

    Thanks for the report Jim.

  8. More AAA;

    Chapman goes an inning (7th). 13 pitches, 7 strikes.. 1K. nothing allowed.

    Game is 3-3 in the 8th. Francisco has 2 solo HRs. Sappelt doubled to score Cozart who opened the game with a single. The Reds could use some back to back action like that

    • M

      More AAA;

      Chapman goes an inning (7th). 13 pitches, 7 strikes.. 1K. nothing allowed.

      Now that the Reds are out looking to trade for a starting pitcher, it’s too bad we don’t have a hard-throwing left-handed pitcher, maybe Cuban, in AAA we could call up.

  9. Phillies just tied St. Louis in the seventh inning. They had runners at first and second, two outs, behind 1-0 and Roy Halladay (97 pitches) was due to bat.

    No chance that Dusty Baker would pinch hit for the pitcher here, wanting to win over his friendship.

    Charlie Manual feels secure enough in his relationship with Halladay to pinch hit for him. The pinch hitter singles and drives in a run tying the game.

    Let’s hope (for once) that the Phillies win.

  10. This McClellan drives me nuts. 1 run in 7 IP, but 5 hits, 4 BB, 2 K. The guy just can’t keep it up.

  11. And Greinke won a game, 1 ER in 7, 10K, 0 BB. The guy is amazing. He’s the anti McClellan I guess. Finally got the ER to match how well he’s pitching. He must be about a 10 to 1 K to BB ratio now this year.

    The Crew really does have a great chance to win the Central.

  12. @Dave Lowenthal: Do you really think the Brew Crew can win consistently enough on the road to win the division? I have my doubts.

    I was just telling someone today that I see the NL Central Division this year being a lot like the BigTen (football) back in the mid/ late 1990’s when Northwestern got to the RoseBowl. If the Bucs can hang close, I could see some convoluted happenings pushing them by everybody at the end just like Northwestern that one year in the BigTen.

  13. Eh I think Chapman would be just as shuffling as a starter. His ERA was almost 5 last year in L-ville before moving to the pen.

    I’d think Oaktown or the Chisox would maybe be clubs that have some excess starting pitching that might be willing to deal for a bat or prospects.

    Speaking of the Southside, boy Adam Dunn is making Jonny Gomes look pretty good. I hate to see the Big Donkey flubbing that bad, as White Sox fans seem to have a love for some softball type sluggers. I hope Dunn isn’t hitting that big man wall like Richie Sexton hit hard a few years back about the same age. That said on the same club, Paul Konerko has had a really nice career and seems to just keep on keeping on. He’s probably going to hit 400 HRs this year, which is something the Reds probably never figured would happen when they dealt him back in 1998.

  14. @renbutler: I listened to the carnage on my car radio. I turn it on and the Cards lead 2-1. I listen as LaRussa goes thru pitcher after pitcher. 5 pitchers, 5 singles, 4 walks, 2 HBP, 9 runs.

    In the meantime, Grenke shuts down the Rays.

    It becomes more and more clear who we have to beat to win the NL Central.

  15. @OhioJim: I don’t see the Pirates winning. Not the Cardinals either. And the Reds have to get their act together or the Brewers are going to run away with the NL Central.

    • @OhioJim: I don’t see the Pirates winning. Not the Cardinals either. And the Reds have to get their act together or the Brewers are going to run away with the NL Central.

      Nor do I think the Pirates will win the division but it is shaping up as the kind of whacky year where that could happen.

      More realistically it is probably looking like a rerun of 2006. I have already cast the Reds in their 2006 role but haven’t decided yet if the Cards will play the 2006 version of the Cards or whether that will be the Brewers with the Cards playing the role of the 2006 Astros. Which is not to say that any of the teams might not get on a 15-5 run and avoid an offsetting plunge and thereby emerge as the winner.

  16. I wonder if that was Chapman’s last rehab outing. I’d keep him at AAA longer.

  17. @pinson343: Chapman: Think they are out of rehab time on him and would have formally option him down, which is not to say they won’t do so.

  18. Pirates don’t have the arms or the clean up bat to really contend. That said, I think they have some talent. McCutcheon is going to be a nice pickup for the Angels or the Red Sox or Braves in a couple of years.

  19. @OhioJim: Do they have to? The Cards are the class of this division except that their team is on the DL. It pains me to say it but them’s the facts. Our team ain’t getting it done. The Crew might be able to win the division while being a crappy road team.

  20. @earl: The Pirates are done. They were a two month wonder that put up ERAs that were way below expectations based on peripherals. That’s my take, anyways.

  21. I cannot get over the unbelievable season Greinke is having, especially at home. Get a load of these numbers at Miller Park.

    5 wins, 0 losses; 4.23 ERA, 52 K’s, 2 BBs.

    Where to start? First, it’s an anomaly that the guy is 5-0 given a 4.23 ERA. But again, it blows me away that the guy has a 4.23 ERA with 52 Ks and 2 BBs. I’ve never seen anything like that from a starter. It’s Eck like, but Eck was a reliever. (For you young folks, Eck had 73 Ks and 4 BBs as the A’s stopper in 1990, but he couldn’t get the feared Billy Bates out in the World Series!) And Eck’s ERA was 0.61; granted, he gave up only 2 HRs, but still…

    • @Dave Lowenthal:

      It’s Eck like, but Eck was a reliever.(For you young folks, Eck had 73 Ks and 4 BBs as the A’s stopper in 1990, but he couldn’t get the feared Billy Bates out in the World Series!)

      OR Joe Oliver.

  22. I’ll defintiely be happy if the Reds don’t see Charlie Morton again. That guy seems to have their number now.

    Pat Maholm is Ok as a starter. He’s a guy definitely better than his career record.

    Their bullpen is a bit better.

    That Walker guy at 2nd is pretty decent.

    McCutchen is the guy though…he’s a cool ball player that can work the glove and the stick.

  23. Considering how bad the Reds starting pitching has been, they are in a good spot. Pretty much they get hot for a week, they are in 1st.

    I’m not writing them off at all. I’d like to see Votto go blotto and hit like 9-10 HRs in July (and JB getting some fastballs and following suit).

  24. @OhioJim: In 2006 the Cardinals won the division with 83 wins. It will take better than that to win the division this season. Houston won 82 and the Reds 80. Hopefully the Reds are better than a .500 team.

    The Reds started out 2006 very hot, 36-24, and slowly went down the drain due to a horrible bullpen. Don’t know why you keep comparing the 2011 Reds to them.

  25. Fred Lewis will be leading off in today’s Game 1. Stubbs has been dropped to the 6 hole.


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