The Evil Geniuses at MLB Advanced Media have done a lot of amazing things – most recently the MLB At Bat mobile app.  But the one thing they never allowed – unlike virtually everyone else online – was embedding of their videos.  They’re still excluding their brand new videos and some archive stuff, but you can now embed some videos.

Here’s Adam Dunn, just because.

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  1. Uh, I think they’re missing the point of embedding. You click the video and it takes you to their site. C’mon MLB.

  2. Dunnner!! Ugh. That 80’s themed Dunn bobblehead was ridiculously bad. I’m thinking of lighting up the one I have on Fourth of July weekend. Should I go for it, or is that going too far?

    I smiled in that video though when he hit a grand slam off the Cardinals lol 😀

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