An educated guess: Edinson Volquez to AAA or to the disabled list. Matt Maloney to the majors. Maloney or Sam LeCure will get the start when Volquez’s spot comes up again. (My guess is that Maloney gets the nod.)


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  1. Kyle

    I think and hope it will be Lecure. I think there are better options than Maloney to bring up. I don’t think Leake should be on his way back but it would not surprise me to hear him brought up either.

    I do agree that Volquez will not start in 5 days. You can’t make the quote he made today when you are pitching this poorly. I hope the wake up call works.

  2. Ethan D

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Dontrelle get the call.

  3. pinson343

    I don’t see a better alternative than LeCure as a 5th starter.
    Maloney did not pitch well with the Reds and has not pitched well at AAA.

    Dontrelle got hit in the leg by a line drive this week and was removed from the game, don’t know what his status is. In any case I hope he’s not called up.

  4. secondguessingfanbase

    Well hopefully this awful prediction never comes to fruition. If Volquez is taken out of the rotation for being about as bad as Jay Bruce was last year in July and August, Willis should get the call.

  5. Travis G.

    I think it’s time. I’m a big fan of Volquez, but I think he needs to spend some time refining his mechanics at AAA. Hopefully the results will be similar to what we’ve seen from Bailey and Cueto.

    And I’d like to see LeCure take his rotation spot for the time being.

  6. Dave Lowenthal

    The Reds can’t even catch a break on Tuesday. It was supposed to be Blanton, who’s hurt, so it’s Vance Worley. Worley is pitching well at AAA this year.

    Come to think of it, they should have flipped the rotation and thrown Volquez today, when they are facing Hamels and his career 1.07 ERA vs the Reds.

  7. Dave Lowenthal

    Another prediction: Adam Wainwright is soon walking through the Cards clubhouse singing “Gomes is gone, Gomes is gone!”

    • AnnapolisHoosier

      Another prediction: Adam Wainwright is soon walking through the Cards clubhouse singing “Gomes is gone, Gomes is gone!”


  8. Big Ed

    Does Volquez have any options left? I thought I had read where he was out of options, the Reds’ having used his last one up on last year’s demotion. And I don’t see how they can pretend he’s hurt and put him on the DL, because his arm appears fine. Maybe they’ll just trade him, as he does have some trade value to a team that thinks it can straighten him out.

    I guess his rejecting that multi-year contract offer wasn’t such a good idea.

  9. Matt WI

    @Big Ed: It’s been said here that Fay verified Volquez has an option left.

  10. Sultan of Swaff

    Over at Redsminorleagues, someone posted that Frazier got the call and will join the team in Philly tonite. I sure hope that’s the case, especially if it means they DFA Gomes. If it’s simply a swap for the mouthy Volquez, it tells me they’re married to Gomes for the long haul. That would suck.

  11. Steve

    Frazier’s call up could be the first step in the demotion or DL of Volquez. Frazier could be on the bench for three games until Volquez’s spot in the rotation comes up. Or maybe they have decided to give Volquez’s spot to LeCure.

    On the one hand, I doubt the Frazier call up is related to a position player move – surely not DFA Gomes, Renteria or Lewis – on the other hand, it’s not like Baker to leave himself short-handed in the bullpen.

    My guess is this is a temporary (but welcome) move.

  12. Big Ed

    Matt, thanks for the clarification on Volquez’s options; I’ve been away. They should have put him in Louisville weeks ago, if he had an option left.