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Titanic Struggle Recap: SWEEP!!!

Let’s recap today’s titanic struggle….

St. Louis 7
Cincinnati 9

W: T. Wood (3-3)
L: C. Carpenter (1-3)
S: F. Cordero (7)

–I’m not sure what happened in the second inning, when he gave up two runs on three very hard-hit balls, but Travis Wood was excellent otherwise. Six innings, two runs allowed on seven hits. A good start, especially since St. Louis had their ace on the mound.

–Ramon Hernandez had two more hits, including yet another homer. He’s hitting .349/.393/.627. That’s just unreal.

–Drew Stubbs (.282 /.371/.468) had two more hits. Jay Bruce had two, including a double. Scott Rolen had two, including a triple (!). Chris Heisey entered as a late-game defensive substitution, and hit a homer.

–Brandon Phillips had a huge bases-loaded double that scored two runs and drove Chris Carpenter from the game (and he scored two himself). BP also led the league in big smiles and dugout dances today.

–Logan Ondrusek and Jose Arredondo (in his Reds debut) pitched excellent innings of relief.

Francisco Cordero won't take any crap from anyone (The Enquirer/Joseph Fuqua II)

–Well, you know where this is going. The Reds had a 9-2 lead going into the ninth, when Aroldis Chapman entered the game. Four walks, four runs, and one out later, the game was suddenly more interesting. Nick Masset came in to face one batter, and surrender one hit before CoCo shut the door.

That shouldn’t have been as nerve-wracking as it was.

–Sweep! It was Cincinnati’s first home sweep of the Cardinals since 2007, and the first time they’ve beaten Carpenter since 2006.

–It just seems like the Reds got several monkeys off their collective backs this weekend, doesn’t it?

–Cardinals arrive in Cincinnati 1.5 games up. They leave 1.5 games back. Life is sweet.

–I had no issue whatsoever with the decision to bring in Chapman in the ninth. Aroldis had had two rough outings, but he’d been the best pitcher on the staff before that. He’s still the most talented pitcher on the roster. There is no reason not to believe that he can’t do the job there, and if you can’t trust a pitcher in a 9-2 game, they need to get rid of him.

Perhaps you can argue that Dusty Baker left him in the game a hitter or two longer than he should, but it was not a poor decision by Dusty to bring him in. Oh yeah, and the “fans” that were booing Chapman as he left the field are idiots. Period.

–I’ve never seen an organization with less class than the St. Louis Cardinals. I’d be embarrassed to be a fan of that team. To wit:

Francisco Cordero hit Albert Pujols with a pitch in the ninth inning. Pujols was the tying run, the count was 0-2, the lead had been cut to 9-7…yet the Cardinals stood in the dugout and screamed at CoCo as if he had intentionally hit Pujols. A Little Leaguer would know that no one would hit a batter on purpose in that situation, but then, the Cardinals are dumber than most six year-olds that I know.

Clutch Man Monie is ON FIRE

After the final out, a bunch of Cardinals stood at the railing, jawing at CoCo. It was a joke. CoCo stood his ground and yelled right back at them, which was kinda awesome. Then, after the game, Cordero said this about St. Louis pitching coach Dave Duncan, who was leading the dugout whining (I’ll use the paraphrasing left in the comments by Loyal Citizen Jason1972): “He doesn’t even play, he just sits there. Like I would put Pujols on and bring Holliday to the plate. Be smarter”

That’s great.

(For what it’s worth, one of the St. Louis beat writers — who is generally reasonable, even if he’s said some nutty things this week — tweeted this: “Cardinals are overreacting to Pujols getting hit. I don’t think it was intentional. Why intentionally hit Pujols there? Makes no sense.”)

–In 14 games at home this season, Ramon Hernandez is hitting .489 with a .520 OBP, 5 HR, and 12 RBI. Wow.

–Paul Janish has no business batting second, but he made a great defensive play today.

–When is everyone going to realize that Aroldis Chapman needs to be in Louisville preparing to be a starter? He has no business being a relief pitcher. What a waste of a wonderful talent.

–Wow, St. Louis may have the worst defense in the league. That’s a big difference between these two teams.

–I could not be happier. There are very few things which bring me more joy than watching the Reds sweep the Cardinals. Outstanding.

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  1. @RiverCity Redleg:
    Until this season at AAA, in the past 4 or 5 years, he has never been better than below average for more than 2 appearances at a time. More often than not, he looked somewhere between what Volquez and Chapman have looked, trending more towards Chapmans last 4 outings.

  2. @RiverCity Redleg:
    But hey, if they put a train animation on the scoreboard to go along with some audio and the smoke stacks going for when he enters games, he can be my long reliever. (provided Dusty would use him in the traditional definition of long man, and not in the 9th inning.)

  3. @ChicagoCardinal: This part is obviously directed at me:

    “PS – to the guy who got on me for the UP and IN comments. You didn’t read my post very well. I was clear that the ball from Cueto was not what I considered UP and IN. I also said that the Cards should have had little/no beef with that.

    And as a mea culpa… it appears as though there was evidently barking from the Cardinals side. IMO, unwarranted. I gleaned this from the article below.”

    I just re-read both of your posts, and you make it clear that you did not think Cordero (not Cueto) tried to hit Pujols. You don’t say anything about whether or not you considered it to be up and in (which discussion only came about in your second post), let alone that the Cardinals should not have had an issue. You did say the following:

    “Cordero hit Pujols. Fact. NO ONE thinks he hit Pujols on purpose. I certainly don’t, nor does anyone who gives it rational thought. But when your (200+ MILLION DOLLAR) man gets hit, you react. Period. As would have (I believe) the Reds, if Votto had taken one off the wrist. I can’t prove that, so we’ll call that just my opinion.”

    Saying that they react, and that you would expect the Reds to react as well, does not seem to be the same as saying that the Cardinals should have “little or no beef” with him getting hit.

    Thanks for insulting my ability to read, though. (And for admitting there actually was barking from the Cardinals dugout.)

  4. @ChicagoCardinal: It was a good read until this: ” But just once I’d like to see the Reds react to a victory as if they’d actually won something before.”

    I’m sorry, but A) What is he talking about? B) Who won the division last year after spanking the month of August after the fight? C) Does acting like you know how to win sound like this: “I think they didn’t rub the baseball correctly?” “Arroyo might be cheating.”

    Once again, whatever the Cardinals do is class, whatever other teams do is bush. Check and check. Sort of undoes the advice about shutting up and just winning.

  5. @jdm00:

    Dude. Everyone on here is pretty cordial. And I’ve gone out of my way to be. You only want to try and incite. I’m not taking the bait. However, I will point out, for the benefit of everyone else, so that they understand your research abilities, for future conversations.

    Since you “re-read both of my posts”.. and according to you, I “don’t say anything about whether or not I think (the pitch to Pujols) was up and in”… Well, let me cut and paste the portion, that you missed, evidently… twice.

    “Tony LaRussa is NOT against pitching inside. He IS an advocate for pitching inside… and also, regardless of what he (or Dusty) may say, they both advocate the retaliatory hit.
    What he is AGAINST, and this is what he says ALL the time, is the HIGH AND INSIDE pitch. As a Cardinal fan, I can attest… and they cover it… and the announcers showcase it. When a Cardinal pitcher goes high and inside… legitimately !!!!!!(which was not overly the case with Pujols, and I wouldn’t claim it to be)!!!!!… LaRussa literally burns a hole in the soul of that pitcher, immediately, from the dugout.”

    I threw the !!!!!’s in there, just so you wouldn’t miss it a third time.

    My point is that all it takes is one ESPN writer to get it wrong, the blogger posts it, you drink the kool-aid, and then suddenly Tony LaRussa is against pitching inside. It’s just not true.

    I won’t “insult your ability to read” anymore, although I never felt that I did. You have taken care of that for me. Twice.

  6. Yes, that line is in your second post, which I pointed out is where you discussed the “high and inside” pitch. My apologies for not picking out that parenthetical. Mea culpa. (I note that saying it was not “overly” up and in doesn’t clarify it much for me. Was it up and in, just not excessively up and in (as overly means “excessively”), or not up and in at all? Still not clear from your post.)

    Look, if you don’t think I’ve been cordial, I apologize. If you want to call me an ESPN “Kool-aid drinker” (oh, if you only knew) and making a grand statement that the rest of the board should disregard my “research,” feel free. It goes a long way toward your self-declared stance that you aren’t here to incite anything, which is pretty clear from your statements that the Reds need to “act like they’ve won something before,” your chastising Reds fans about Cueto, or your statements about the end of the game on Sunday. But don’t hold yourself up as the dean of civility who is not inciting anything, because there’s nothing but incitement in that post.

  7. @ChicagoCardinal:

    I apologize if you don’t think I’ve been cordial, or am trying to incite something. Life is too short for internet message board arguments. I will just agree to disagree with some of your points and leave it at that, and get back to talking baseball.

  8. @jdm00:


    I did not make the statement “act like they’ve one something before”. Show me where I ever murmured that. You’ve got to stop missing full sentences and inventing things. You have to live here and you’re doing yourself no favors in the credibility departed. Your skimming and reacting.
    Matt WI pulled that quote from an article by Bernie Miklasz, that I posted, and said that the article was a good read, except for that line.

    But as far as everyone else is concerned… you are the ONLY person that has come to me with beef from comment one, and I’ve done my best to remain cordial with you. You want a fight. I want a conversation. You attack. I deflect/diffuse. I am certainly not the Mayor of Cordialville or whatever you called me. That is funny though. (PS – you win. This is Reds forum and I’m a Cardinals fan. Do you really think I operate under the illusion that I could come out ahead in the court of public opinion here? No, man. So… you win, if that helps.)

    The Cardinals, by and large, are a classy organization, as are, I presume, the Reds. I love Jocketty.
    I love that both teams have players that like to agitate, and that both teams have the mentality of being combative as a response.
    I don’t hate Reds fans or the Reds… but it sure makes for some good baseball and theatrics.

    I stated my peace about Cueto and was more than satisfied with the legitimate responses that were given by the posters here.

    I respectively wish the Reds well, and wish for all that it is a 1 or 2 game race when the Reds head to STL. Big series are fun series. That’s what it’s all about.

  9. My mistake in attributing Miklasz’s (sp?) comment to you.

    Really, I have no worries about my “credibility” as you keep bringing up. It is a message board, after all.

    Like I said, my apologies if you felt I was not being “cordial” to you. Other than that, as I said in my last post, life is too short for arguments on the internet.

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